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Bare Balls

Vlado Iresch
Bare Films  
Bill Lewis , Bob Oldman , , Casey Prince , Ernesto Filipy , , Kody Camel , Lev Dumak , Miguel De Sanchez , , Sanchez Viva , Santos Ribisi , Thomas Lee , Veno Gould
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Bare Balls

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Jay Renfro's Paintball Adventure

Reviewed by on - 4.0 Out of 5 Stars

The Czech to English language translator gets a workout again in Bare Balls, a story not about bare naked testicles. The title refers to playing paintball, which the models enjoy in between their sexual episodes. The best part of the movie is that the models, who by now have appeared together a number of times, all put in some memorable performances, making this twink bareaback flick worth a look.

The movie's finest moment comes with the very first scene, in which handsome porn star Cameron Jackson and bandana wearing Casey Prince get their bare holes stretched to the absolute limit by the humongous blatino hard-on of Sanchez Viva. Viva's anal exploration of Jay Renfro in Raw Recruits has landed in the annals of porn history.
Jay RenfroWatch VOD
Jay Renfro

Watching the big, dark and lanky Viva take on a fresh pair of asses is just as exciting. At one point, Jackson hangs onto the couch as Sanchez pumps his girth in and out, while Prince lays underneath running his tongue along Viva's pumping cock.

Watching Prince take Viva's cock on his back, legs splayed far back, is no less arousing. Prince is so into it, he inadvertently shoots his sticky cum onto Jackson's upper forehead. However Cameron doesn't miss his aim for Prince's mouth. Viva then adds his own big spray to Prince's cum-soaked face.

The opening scene is arguably worth the price of admission alone!

After this, Bob Oldman and Ernesto Filipy move their paintball game inside to a secluded building. Removing their trousers, out spring two eye popping fleshy erections! Filipy, who must have moved from hard times on Bareback Twink Street, still is as cute as a button, and watching the smooth youthful twink take it up the ass is incredibly hot.

Oldman's cock is very long with a slight bend at the head, so the underside close ups of their screwing is fantastic. In fact the only quibble with this episode is that the name Oldman is really a poor and misleading choice for a pornstar. It ends with Filipy slurping on Oldman's cum-drooling cock.

Next, Veno Gould and Kody Camel take a break from their game, having lost their opponent Miguel de Sanchez. They repair to a shed so that Camel can get on his knees and blow Gould's long, upturned cock. Conveniently, de Sanchez makes some noise, and Gould splats him with the paintball gun, all without Camel having to miss a slobbery beat.

Sanchez Viva takes on Cameron Jackson's fresh ass. de Sanchez joins them for a full round of blowjobs. After that Gould systematically gets a crack at both of his buddies' butts. Gould looks much like an older brother of fellow RAW/TWINKZ tradey top Steve Rives, except Gould has hairy balls. Gould does blow a big spurting money shot into Camel's mouth.

de Sanchez is a hot brunet whose potential hopefully will show up better in future movies.

After this, crafty Lev Dumak plays some Russian Roulette with fellow blond Bill Lewis. Actually, Dumak removes his paintball ammo when he's not looking. Somehow, this takes them into a private blue tiled bathroom where they kiss and suck on each other's dicks.

Dumak, who bottomed bareback in Raw Fix, takes the topman role here, an interesting choice as he's the smaller body type. Nevertheless, Dumak is a hot little sparkplug, giving a full throttle bareback reaming to Lewis, who is almost leaning out the window. Lewis gets a mouthful of his buddy's cum, too.

Veno Gould's Bare Balls

After this, coverboy Jay Renfro ends up losing his contest with the returning Veno Gould. Gould is so hot for Renfro's ass, he pulls off his fatigue pants and pounds his butt outside in a field. Renfro rides atop his full sized staff, easily taking him down to the balls. As always, the bodacious blond bottom can take just about anything that any top can dish out.

As is many of his films, Renfro gets off while riding the top. Gould unloads his cum is Renfro's mouth.

Robbie Masters' Sexy Three-Way

Bare Balls ends on a high note: a rollicking three-way with a trio of smiling hotties. Robbie Masters and Thomas Lee get to share Santos Ribisi, who is one of RAW/Bare Studio's hottest megabottoms. Ribisi sports nice wavy hair, a tattoo on his arm and a necklace.

Watching his easy-going, masculine physique get fucked is a total pleasure. His mates are clearly into the action, as there is lots of kissing and foreplay before Ribiso gives up his ass. To end it all, Masters shows off his outstanding topman skills, working him over until he blows a big creamy load all around the bottom's asscheeks.

The final message of the film: That's paintball in the Czech Republic.

Bare Balls contains many hot moments, the most unforgettable being the fantastic plowing of Jackson and Prince in the first scene.

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Jay Renfro

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