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Bare Adventure

Vlado Iresch
Bare Films  
, Chris Rosso , David Owen , David Satty , Eric Miller , Jack Roys , , Jeff Lord , Paolo Totti , , Sanchez Viva , Steve Rives , Thomas Lee , Tomas Piers
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Bare Adventure

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Cameron Jackson's weekend leads to bareback adventure.

Reviewed by on - 4.0 Out of 5 Stars

These guys don't just have jobs, they have bare adventure! The film captures six slick and slidy non-condom romps over a Summer weekend, whose participants will ultimately take away unforgettable souvenirs of intimate male bonding and stomach fulls of sweet ejacula.

As will the viewer, who most certainly will ejaculate during the course of watching this movie, but still reserves the right to eat their own cum.

Jack Roys bare adventureWatch Now
Jack Roys between Sanchez
Viva and Robert Driveman
Czech boy fans will recognize a perceivable take off from Dan Komar's earlier movie Bareback Adventure, which even poached Cameron Jackson and Robert Driveman. Bare Adventure also appears to be filmed in the same general area. Are these European producers thumbing their nose at Komar?

We can only speculate. Still, Bare Adventure is extremely worthy on its own. Director Vlado Iresch keeps the outdoor on-location shots crystal clear. The pacing is well edited, and the storyline extras are not just throwaways. The movie even has a very catchy opening and closing musical theme from Felix Tau.

The film begins with cute as a button Tomas Piers following the more mature, ponytailed blond Jeff Lord from the beach to a secluded shack. A used condom on the ground arouses Lord's hot cock into a full erection, which he plunges into the mouth of Piers. Naturally, Piers agrees to take it in his ass. Lord hammers him on the ground, which draws the attention of passer-by Steve Rives (Bareback Twink Street.

Lord casually pulls out, shoots a splashy money shot, thanks the guys and exits. Rives takes the opportunity to jack off Piers, whose cum he uses to lubes up his own dick, drilling the bottomboy in a hot sequence of sloppy seconds. Bleached blond today, Rives totally opens up the bottom's boyhole with his thick club.

And in a hot finish, Rives coats Piers's hole with cum and slides himself back inside.

Jack Roys' Ass-Splitting Bare Adventure

Steve Rives uses some cum to lube up his dick for sloppy seconds fucking. Meanwhile, back on the beach, twink favorite Jack Roys (Bare Skaters) leaves his fag hag girlfriend behind to go cruise for cock in the changing rooms. A highly energetic and aroused Robert Driveman leaps into Roys's room accusing him of being a spy. Driveman has him suck his cock, and their noise attracts the attention of a park maintenance specialist (porn star Sanchez Viva), who was taking a cigarette break outside.

At this point Roys just needs to raise the white flag and surrender. Viva brings with him the same ballistic missile-sized phallus from Raw Recruits, and Driveman can use his stiffie to drive nails into wood.

Driveman fucks him doggie style really hard, ultimately pulls out and shooting his jism on Roys' buns. Like in the previous scene, he thanks the guys and exits, leaving Viva for a session of sloppy seconds. Making loud cries of pain/pleasure, Roys sits on it. Viva literally appears to be splitting this doughboy right up the middle. Roys does not take his cock as fully as Casey Prince in Bare Balls, but the twink gets an A for effort.

Viva shoots a heavy flowing load at the end.

Later that night, Piers takes his friend Chris Rosso (Raw Fix) to his tent, where he seduces him by relating his hot hook-up experience from earlier. With little effort, he coaxes Rosso to pull down his pants and open up his ass. In a nice sequence, Piers screws his friend sideways, and later, they switch with Piers taking his buddy's cock up his ass.

In another nice touch, the outdoor sounds of the night can be heard over their whispers. Spontaneous campfire sex has rarely been captured so well, and unlike many other similar scenes, this was not filmed on a set.

Rosso jacks off his friend and eats his load.

Newcomer Eric Miller rescues David Owen from drowning. Once he's giving him mouth to mouth resuscitation in private, the spiky haired cutie gets a full erection in his speedos. Naturally he's blowing his lifesaver's cock, and getting his ass plowed doggie style showing off his hot butt and legs.

Miller thrusts into him rapid fire, flips him, plows some more and cums in his mouth. The lifeguard then returns the hot favor by sucking off Owen.

Jay Renfro Enjoys a Bareback Adventure

Next Jay Renfro drops his friends so that he can go play with the wieners of sausage vendors David Satty and Thomas Lee. Both blonds appear to have a great time knocking their wurst into Renfro. With relish, they top him on a picnic table culminating with a double delight stuffing of Renfro's tasty white buns.

The movie finishes with Renfro's friends enjoying a tender campfire three-way that starts with some guitarplaying and beer, and ends with nice combinations of bareback anal sex. Both Cameron Jackson and Paolo Totti happily hump bottomboy Rosso, who by this time has enjoyed a wild weekend of Bare Adventure.

And the adventure continues....

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Bare Adventure Photos:

Sanchez Viva takes Jack Roys on a bare adventureWatch Now
Robert Driveman, Jack Roys
and Sanchez Viva
Tomas Piers and Jeff Lord enjoy a bare adventureWatch Now
Tomas Piers opens for Jeff Lord
Paolo Totti and Chris Rosso have a bare adventureWatch Now
Paolo Totti cums on Chris Rosso
Cameron Jackson underneath

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