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Max Lincoln
Movie Series
Ako , Ben Hunter , Darian Hawke , Ian James , Jason Peo , Kilyan Nicoletti , Kyle Martin , Reece Richards , Shaun Philips , Sherman Ash , Zack Jones
Bathhouse / Sex ClubOrgyTwinks, InternationalCum EatingMen of England / British Guys


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Reece Richards shakes things up as the BarBoy

Reviewed by on - 4.0 Out of 5 Stars

This snappy movie starts with star Reece Richards shaking up colorful cocktails that immediately make the viewer lick their lips. However this is just a taste of the plentiful libations that flow from the eleven hung boys, who move through the Eurocreme movie Bar Boy. In seven rollicking scenes, Richards proudly shares his personal experience of becoming a London barman (colloquially called a bartender in the States).

His journey starts while making a backroom delivery one day, where blonde Shaun Phillips ends up receiving his package. They explode into lusty kissing and groping. Out pop two hefty uncut cocks. After sucking, Richards slides right on down Phillips' long ramrod.

Phillips is a pale skinned cutie with a stud in his eyebrow. He loves plugging away at his newly found, well-hung friend. Their bodies visibly shake and squirm with excitement as they screw in the close quarters of this bar's backroom. Standing doggie, Richards blows a big load while the barman is still inside him.

Setting Up for the Day

Next, Richards relates a story of how he and fellow restaurant employee Zack Jones would find some tender moments while setting up for work in the morning. Once again, the models ignite, ravenously eating each other's meat like this was their first meal of the day. Jones breaks his fast by jawboning Richards' man meat, followed by Richards sliding Jones' own thick tubesteak out of his jeans.
Reece Richards and Shaun Phillips Watch on Eurocreme or Watch VOD
Reece Richards kisses
Shaun Phillips
Ako in BarBoy Watch on Eurocreme or Watch VOD
Ako in the toilet
Jones, a Eurocreme regular (and a hot bottom in Spyboy 2), is one of the hottest big-dicked bottoms to watch. They shag on a well-appointed couch, just next to a rich-looking wine cabinet. The two tall, lean models screw until Jones' zero-fat torso is smeared in hot jizz.

I Went to a Garden Party

Next, Richards describes his first cooking job, an outdoor barbecue in a garden. The theme of the party is military style, and the three other guests happily snap to attention. Richards hooks up with Sherman Ashe (from the bar orgy in SkaterBoy), topping him on a massive white replica of a human hand. Next to them rutting is another couple, the fair haired Jason Pao and brunet Kilyan Nicoletti.

Pao is a fresh-looking newcomer with bedroom eyes. The camera loves showing him bottoming for Nicoletti. The scene is augmented by a special, dreamlike musical accompaniment. The music flows around their moans of pleasure, egging their ass grinding on. At the climax, Richards shoots a lot of his white cum onto Ashe's black shirt. However the scene stealer is Pao, who takes a big load in his mouth from Nicoletti, after which he wins the Copious CumShot Award of the film spraying a seemingly unending gusher of seed.

After this, the viewer gets to breathe a little easier. The viewer, along with Richards, watches another eyebrow pierced hottie, Kyle Martin, beat off his sweetmeat in a dark area of the bar. Following this pleasant interlude, Richards goes to shoot some pool with his mates, blond Ben Hunter and dark haired Ian James.

The game turns into groping for the sticks hanging between their legs. They start their sexplay with lots of their clothes still hanging off them; Hunter sporting a sexy pair of Ben Sherman underwear. The three are joined by Eurocreme powertop Darian Hawke for a fourgy on the pool table. Here, Hawke pairs up with Richards, who eagerly slides right down onto Hawke's skyscraper-sized pillar. Hawke pounds him within an inch of his life, as Richards, a vivacious bottom works it from his end just a hard. Next to them, the energy is only slightly less volcanic as Hunter throws a hot screw to the sultry looking James.

Hunter and Richards also show off their top skills in the hot British twink video Boy Meets Boy from First Crush studios, a new subsidary of Eurocreme.

Toilet Tensions

The movie then heads to the loo. Mohawked youth Ako steps up to the urinal to whizz. He is approached from behind by Richards, who moves up behind him to hand jack him off. This tearoom hookup is wonderfully shot to highlight the gorgeous looking Ako, his beautiful erection, and the silent tension of a wordless sexual encounter in a public john.

Bravo for this innovative hands on sequence, which leaves Ako's seed resting comfortably on the tile floor.

The BarBoy Orgy Finale

As usual, the movie ends with a signature Eurocreme boyorgy finale. The star takes off after a night's work to go visit a maze of a sexclub. He finds the models from earlier in the film united in lust. The highlight is j/o boy Ako from earlier in a three way with Phillips and Martin on a stairwell. They sit on each other, with Ako taking it from Phillips, who gets his ass worked over by Martin.

They are cum, including Martin taking Phillips' nut in their mouths. If that was not enough, Richards gets royally fucked while sprawled over a black Triumph motorcycle by the blond Hunter. More happens as well including the return of Pao and Nicoletti on a bootshine throne, and Richards getting screwed by James as he takes Hawke's huge tool. Everyone finishes with another round of high flying loads. All in all, the guys end up getting a piece of everyone else. Another fun and wild Saturday night in London.

Director Max Lincoln once again takes this charming British cast, and motivates it to energetic, riveting performances. The tone, look and feel are a completely unique product that is offered today. And it should be noted that the music in Eurocreme films are always great.

Little wonder this studio draws world-wide interest.

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BarBoy Photos:

BarBoy Four Way Watch on Eurocreme or Watch VOD
Kilyan Nicoletti tops Jason Peo (fore)
Sherman Ashe sucks Reece Richards
Reece Richards and Darien Hawke Watch on Eurocreme or Watch VOD
Reece Richards blows Darian Hawke (fore)
Ben Hunter tops Ian James
Ian James and Ben Hunter Watch on Eurocreme or Watch VOD
Ian James licks Ben Hunter
Reece Richards fucks Sherman Ash Watch on Eurocreme or Watch VOD
Reece Richards tops
Sherman Ash

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