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Bar Trade

Chad Donovan
Studio 2000  
Ben Campezi , Bryson Richards , CJ Madison , Damon Phoenix , Jason Harley , Julian Vasquez , , , Troy Moore
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Bar Trade

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Who knew that being an on-duty go-go boy was such an emotionally treacherous occupation?

Reviewed by on - 4.0 Out of 5 Stars

Who knew that being an on-duty go-go boy was such an emotionally treacherous occupation? And it seems the workaday life of a stripper serving a gay clientele is especially daunting if you are straight. Such is the plight of the star of Bar Trade, Jason Harley (Driven). But don't feel too bad for this doe-eyed honey; between the dollar tips and lavish attention for adoring audiences, Harley somehow manages to make it through his grueling on-stage chores.

This is one gay-for-pay stripper, however, that could benefit from a little Stripper 101. Thank goodness for Damon Phoenix (Manhunt 2.0), here, in one of his first on-screen performances) a gay pal who's eager to see his stripper buddy succeed.

He tells Harley that shaking your money maker during the private, one-on-one shows in the club's backroom is where the real money is made, something Harley, not the sharpest tool in the toolbox, didn't catch onto when he took the job for tips.

Whether driven by a lust for cash or something else entirely, Harley heads to the back where some of his coworkers (Bryson Richards and CJ Madison - Ari's Place) are earning a living the hard way. Harley finds them in the midst of "entertaining" a couple clients (Ben Campezi and Troy Moore).

Damon Phoenix and Rafael AlencarWatch Now
Damon Phoenix sucks
Rafael Alencar
The fourway fun really gets its biggest boost from Madison, a looker who has his go-go boy moves down cold (see the opening credits). If nothing else, Madison knows how to eat ass, chowing down on all three men while they're piled up, one on top of the other like so many life-sized rag dolls.

Taking it all in from the sidelines is an intrigued Harley. Man-sex is starting to look pretty damned good, especially once blond Moore offers up his lean butt for all takers. After enjoying some aggressive fucking, he volunteers to be the group's cumrag, laying prone while the other studs unload onto his torso.

Rafael Alencar gets fucked

With a little more encouragement from Phoenix, Harley is ready to take a few baby steps on his way to big bucks. He heads to the backroom with a client (Julian Vasquez) to test his own limits, seeing just how far he's willing to go with another dude. Submissive Vasquez is all too willing to get between Harley's legs and enjoy some straight trade. Eager to see what it's like to be rimmed, Harley coyly flips around, inviting Vasquez to take a taste of his hole. Their encounter is fairly tame, ending with Harley blowing his load on Vasquez's upturned mug. Not bad for starters!

Meanwhile, Phoenix works out some of his pent-up frustrations with Rafael Alencar. Not willing to jeopardize his friendship (and possible romance) with Harley by settling for a quick lay, Alencar becomes a more than suitable substitute. Their lovemaking is exquisite and director Chad Donovan has the good sense to capture some graphic snapshots of the men swapping blowjobs.

Even more fun that watching Alencar perform as a top is watching him get fucked. Youthful Phoenix may not be the most believable bottom in the porn biz, but it doesn't make much difference; from the beginning of their encounter to the end, all eyes are on Alencar. They eventually flip-flop, Alencar fucking his buddy aggressively. Watch closely for some dick-stiffening footage of Alencar teasing Phoenix's hole with just the tip of his long, dark prick.

A short twenty-four hours later, Harley is now an old hand at turning tricks in the backroom. While a heartbroken Phoenix watches from his seat in the audience, Harley tramps backstage with Rod Daily, a model blessed with a sexy straight boy swagger. What a difference a day makes – Harley is now sucking cock and bending over for his customers, even going so far as to let Daily spray his load onto his taut stomach.

The finale has Harley confessing some deeper feelings for Phoenix, which Phoenix is more than happy to reciprocate. Harley unleashes himself, doing things that a straight dude would never do, the best of which finds the pair locked tight in the 69 position, rimming one another's beefy butts. Phoenix is quite the eager beaver, panting and moaning when Harley throws an impassioned fuck his way, but it really gets interesting when they switch roles. Now that Harley has found his inner butt slut, there's no stopping him.

Spicing up the disc's content are trailers for other Studio 2000 flicks and a blooper reel that must be seen to be believed. The models' gaffes are both sexy and comic, with the film's centerpiece, Jason Harley, coming off even sexier than in the main feature.

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Bar Trade Photos:

Bar Trade Four WayWatch Now
The Bar Trade Four-Way
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Damon Phonix spikes Rafael Alencar

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