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Bang That Ass (Monster Bang 11)

Michael Brandon
Raging Stallion Studios  
Alexy Tyler , C.J. Knight , , Marcos David , Max Schutler , Michael Brandon , Sky Dawson , Tim Kruger , Tyler Dawson
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Bang That Ass (Monster Bang 11)

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Max Schutler Throws a Sex Party

Reviewed by on - 4.0 Out of 5 Stars

Once again, Raging Stallion's producers take a nifty concept, and develop it into a hot little film.

Tyler Dawson and boyfriend Max Schutler, the stud who appears on the box cover of the Bang That Ass DVD, throw an afternoon sex party in their home for their buddies. As in many of Michael Brandon's movies, the men of the cast all effortlessly move from friendship to sweaty sexplay. And as in good sex party form, the hosts have invited an interesting cross section of guys.

Dawson, makes his memorable movie debut here. His on-screen lover, Schutler, is a smooth butch bottom of German ancestery, whose powerbottom performances are electric. Viewers will almost certainly demand to see more of him in future films.

Marcos David and Max Schutler Watch on RagingStallion or Watch VOD
Marcos David tops Max Schutler

Tumblr: Tim Kruger: Bang The Ass Slowly

The hosts also happen to be very good instigators, taking the lead of moving the guys from a little less conversation to a lot more action.

Breaking out the lube and condoms, Dawson produces a sizable dildo to open up Schutler's ass. The anal warm-up proves to be a hot appetizer, as the view of Schutler on his back, legs held back by his own hands will become a frequent sight in the movie, and an extremely arousing one.

Fans of sex toys will enjoy this sex toy episode. Both models know what they are doing, resulting in turning on everyone. It turns Schutler on to the point that it brings him to the first of this three orgasms in the film.

Bang That Ass proceeds to capture the guys' sex as it movies through the house orgy-style. This is the same kind of thread that was so well filmed in Raging Stallion's Nexus back in 2003, except this time the guys aren't all in a dark dungeon.

The guests react to their hosts' behavior by gathering in the living room and engaging in an all out suck fest. C.J. Knight turns out to be quite the cock hound. He chows down on Carter Longway's big dick (aka Jarod Steel). And after everyone gets a taste of everyone else, they use Knight as their cum rag.

Tim Kruger's money shot practically steals the show. He ejects a heavy, milky load out of his fat cock, taking its time throbing before the camera and standing tall.

Viewers barely have enough time to catch their breath because the movie cuts to Schutler getting his ass drilled by a very focused Marcos David.

The latin stud bangs the bottom hard with his fat, curved cock. Amazing underside footage captures David's relentless pounding showing every moving detail as well as the top's down turned face and furry chest.

C.J. Knight turns out to be quite a cock hound. Schutler getting fucked combined with Allen fucking makes a fantastic combination. Both guys finish by shooting their loads.

This does not slow David down one bit. The power top sits on the living room couch exploring the Longway's butt. Longway sets himself down for a long, eye opening ride. David soon flips Longway to pound him hard on his fours.

As this is a sex party, it's customary to share and share alike. Don't be stingy! The next sequence shows Alexy Tyler sitting in David's lap. Tyler, who has been drooling over the sight of David's top skills, takes a wild ride in the Spaniard's lap. Ultimately, David gets off by shooting all over Alexy's chest. (The director wisely used both Tyler and David together in his subsequent auto mechanic frolic Tailpipes.)

Non-Stop Fucking around the House

The movie by this point has moved to non stop fucking around the house. Tyler plows Knight's ass doggie style. Knight, a true blue ribbon sex pig, turns himself around giving his ass up to Kruger. All three guy seal their bond with another round of money shots.

After this, the action moves to the bathroom. Knight gets seriously rear-ended here by Longway. It is such a satisfying thing to watch a hot, hung bottom morph into a sexy top. Using the mirrored vanity as a grip, Knight holds on tight as his ass gets rimmed and plowed by Longway. Longway next takes host Dawson's bubble butt for a spin.

And to finish, Tyler wanders into the bathroom soon to find himself in the same bent over position standing before the mirrored vanity, experiencing Longway's long dick thrusting inside him.

What happened to Schulter during his own party? He hasn't moved from his starting position in his bedroom. By film's end, the determined bottom has been discovered by Kruger, who drills him at length. Schutler, with his cute uncut dick hard and shaking from his backside pounding, truly is one of the hottest models to his the scene in 2007.

Kruger's screwing him caps off the orgy, and the film, on a great note.

Bang That Ass, true to its name, delivers continuous non-stop sex, this time in a well photographed sex party environment. Whether it be the tops or the bottoms, viewers will find a favorite player and enjoy seeing him have his fun throughout the course of the film.

DVD Extras: No other reviews, including the press notes from Raging Stallion, have written about the very good scene tacked onto the DVD Extras. It is described as the "entire" scene showing Michael Brandon and Sky Donovan in their jacuzzi coupling from the movie Terms of Endowment. Not only does Donovan take a heavy hammering from Brandon's monster cock, but they flip-flip. Michael Brandon bottoms. Now that is something you do not see every day!

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Bang That Ass (Monster Bang 11) Photos:

Tim Kruger bangs that ass Watch on RagingStallion or Watch VOD
Tim Kruger bangs that ass
Bang That Ass Three Way Watch on RagingStallion or Watch VOD
Tim Kruger, C.J. Knight, Alexy Tyler
Carter Longway and Marcos David Watch on RagingStallion or Watch VOD
Carter Longway above
Marcos David
Carter Longway fucks Alexy Tyler Watch on RagingStallion or Watch VOD
Carter Longway tops
Alexy Tyler

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