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Bang of Brothers

Tom Bradford
Pacific Sun Entertainment  
Adam Gervay , Arpad Majoros , Attila Rajnay , Daniel Kilmer , Frantisek Dvorak , Ivan Rasilov , Massimo Ferzetti , Norbert Somlay , Pavel Nemec , ,
Euro-Muscle GuysMilitary

Bang of Brothers

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Daniel Kilmer leads the Bang of Brothers

Reviewed by on - 4.0 Out of 5 Stars

After making his directorial debut with two noteworthy films for Sarava Productions entitled Ambassadors of the Ice and Legion of Vengeance, Tom Bradford's latest offering reinforces the notion that he is an inspired coordinator of gay porn talent.

Bang of Brothers, Bradford's third Blue Dolphin Film production and the first distributed by Pacific Sun, is an enticing display of many of the ripped Eurogods observed in Borbely, Kazan and Handsome flicks, but clearly orchestrated here with Bradford's unique flair.

Borbely, who I have previously tagged as "The King of Trick-fucking," never ceases to amaze with the infinite number of positions he contrives for accomplishing the 'ole in - out. Handsome is certainly the body-worshipper's answer to prayer, given his penchant for finding the most artistically perfect close-up angles to capture the magnificent lines of the Euroboys' bodies, as does Kazan on a regular basis.

Undeniably, Bradford has learned from his predecessors, but has also coaxed some of the most eager and intense Eastern European performances seen on film. Watch, for instance, his incredible coupling of Roberto Giorgio and Daniel Kilmer in Legion of Vengeance. They generate non-stop, almost indescribable energy. Wow!.

Attila Rajnay and Norbert SomlayWatch VOD
Attila Rajnay swallows Norbert Somlay

Employing a paramilitary theme, Bang of Brothers is a must see for Roberto Giorgio fans. Featured in three separate scenes, Giorgio is thrilling and at his very nastiest. Unlike Borbely, who shuns dialogue in favor of moans and howls, Bradford cuts Giorgio loose to talk his Hungarian trash, and subtitles it for our benefit, to boot. Hot very hot!

In Scene 1, Arpad Majoros and Pavel Nemec are the first of Giorgio's prey. The scene opens with Giorgio dropping his camouflage pants and grinning slyly as he beckons Majoros to come love his meat. Majoros, a muscleboy bottom who gives it up for Kilmer in the first scene of Ultimate Warriors, is quickly becoming a favorite. The tall, dark and masculine Nemec is most probably a natural top, but is not spared the rod here as he and Giorgio serve it up to each other after both have banged Majoros big time.

I initially thought that Norbert Somlay, (aka Ted Colunga, Fred Fele, and Giovanni Floretto), would steal Scene 2 from Kilmer and Attila Rajnay. As a serious Colunga fan, and one who is accustomed to seeing his upper torso ripped and smoothe in films by directors such as Borbely, Handsome and even Roland Dane (Down On The Farm), Bradford's lens beholds the the hirsute beauty of these magnificent models. Colunga is nothing short of gorgeous any way we get him, and would most likely continue to be even if covered in mud from head to toe!

However, Rajnay and Kilmer hold their own in this sequence. Both radiate animalism from the start of Scene 2 to its finish. Switch to slow-mo and watch Rajnay's facial expression as he lifts his massive thighs skyward in anticipation of simultaneous rim and blow jobs!

The third scene is the weaker link in this chain. However Rick Bauer fans will no doubt find it satisfying. Topman Frantisek Dvorak (one of only two actors who escape a good screwin' in this flick) and Bauer both pump Ivan Rasilov - the baby-faced blond bombshell. Rasilov, who was last seen getting gang-banged in Borbely's Total Deception, retains his twinkish appeal here in spite of putting on just a little bit of weight.

Fasten your seat belts, folks! Here comes Scene 4! It would truly be a tough task to hone in on just one of Giorgio's numerous masterful performances and proclaim it to be his best, but this one ranks up there near the top. Among those that come to mind immediately, and with the certainty that this list is far from all inclusive, Roberto absolutely swelters in films such as Jackhammered, Down On The Farm, Lumber Jocks, Blazing Waters, Part I, and Legion of Vengeance.

Bang of Brothers' ecstatic finish

Fasten your seat belts, folks! Here comes Scene 4!
In the final segment, Giorgio and dark-skinned megastar of longstanding fame, Massimo Ferzetti, are all over each other in a frenzy so ecstatic you can almost smell it. I've been a Ferzetti devotee ever since he threw his first spectacular ride in front of Handsome's camera on the set of Uncut Memories, appearing there as one of the 3 identified Attila's.

Switch to slow-mo and zoom at differing levels when, flat-on-his-back, Giorgio pulls back those mouth-watering legs tautly, and serves up that delicious hole in ultimate submission to Ferzetti's hungry tongue. If you're a thigh and ass freak like me, it just doesn't get any better than this, men.

Go to slow again when Giorgio, up against the wall and stretching for the ceiling, arches his back and perches his left foot on tiptoe to angle up for Ferzetti's ultimate penetration. Then watch Giorgio exact his revenge on Ferzetti when it's time to switch roles. Even Borbely would be proud of a couple of these positions.

The electricity between these two boys crackles throughout the scene, but is so highly powered during the last loving sequence that precedes their respective explosions, one is almost inclined to duck lest the charges jump from the screen to shock you. Dudes that don't work up a sweat watching these horny musclegods work up theirs might need to check to make sure they still have a pulse!

Featured on the cover, a very chiseled Adam Gervay is paired with Roberto in the closing scene. This is Gervay's gay porn debut and is clearly designed to break the ice for him. Frankly, he doesn't do much, but he's so pretty that it is still fun watching Giorgio service him.

With only three films under his belt to date, it is already safe to say that Bradford is a winner. Blue Dolphin Films. Keep an eye out for them for sure, friends! Would I lie to you?

To each his own!

-Texas Dude

Bang of Brothers Photos:

Jose GanattiWatch VOD
Massimo Ferzetti aka Jose Ganatti
Rick Bauer fucks Ivan RasilovWatch VOD
Rick Bauer pumps Ivan Rasilov; Frantisek Dvorak below

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