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Bang Bang!

Chi Chi LaRue
Mustang Studios   MVP072
, , Jagger , Jason Crew , Kris Anthony , , Randy Gunz , , Tag Adams
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Bang Bang!

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Tag Adams and Dean Monroe take in a double gang bang

Reviewed by on - 4.0 Out of 5 Stars

Note: Check out the enjoyable predesessor to Bang Bang!, Mustang's
fifty-ninth video pack, Bang

Tag Adams wants to play. Be warned - this isn't gentle Chet Roberts, the 90s Falcon model who starred in the Cinderella story Billy's Tale.

No, indeed. Reborn as Tag Adams, he has re-exploded on the porn scene, working for several illustrious directors and studios, all the while making quite a little piggie of himself. In Bang Bang! he puts out the call for other like-minded dirty boys, making himself, along with the devilish Dean Monroe (Heaven To Hell), the centerpiece of a 2-hour long orgy.

Porn Star Jacob SladerWatch on
New Top on the Block: Jacob Slader
The fair mistress of all things porn, Ms. Chi Chi LaRue, made a brilliant choice pairing an exquisitely nasty bottom (Adams) with an equally nasty - and aggressive - top, Jacob Slader. Not familiar with Slader's body of work? Check out [2]: For The Taking, one of his more spectacular performances, and a basic primer in Slader's unique style.

Blessed with a prick that's a work of art, Slader wastes no time putting eager mouths and holes to work. Forcing guys to gag on his meat has become his strange and marketable trademark. It's no surprise, then, that when Slader and Adams team up in the opening sequence of this flick, Slader's already fully engaged in his cock acrobatics, swinging wildly from a chain and bouncing his crotch off Adams' face.

There's no denying that Jacob Slader has a beautiful prick, its beauty only enhanced by a crisp, white jockstrap and gleaming silver cockring. Flipping between color and grainy black and white filmed sequences, Adams is in hog heaven, his face flushed with the effort of pleasing his top. With his lower jaw, neck and collarbones slathered in his own spit, Slader eventually strips his boy to the waist and chains him up tight, binding his wrists and suspending him from the ceiling. He then brings Jason Crew (Big Rig) and Jagger into the conclave.

All three aim high-pressure shower heads at Adams' exposed armpits, chest and back. It's not really water torture well, maybe torture lite. LaRue pulls out all her cinematic tricks and soon this sequence puts the viewer in mind of the waterlogged stripper from Flashdance.

Someone takes pity on Adams and releases him. And with the high-pressure shower now a torrential downpour, all four models lose their pants and dive into whatever crotch or asscrack is directly in their line of vision. It's lovely, wet sex which includes some fantastic views of Jagger's scrubbed, pink asshole and Crew's mammoth dong. Adams once again takes center stage, dropping to his knees on the slick concrete and feverishly working over the three gentleman in the room.

The sequence contains plenty of aggressive interchanges, models verbally challenging one another to raise the bar. When Adams plainly says, "Okay guys - I'm ready for your loads in my mouth," you wonder if he might actually take a few cumloads, much like he did in Pokin' In The Boys Room. But instead, each model in turn approaches a prone Tag, slips on a condom, and drops their load within the safe confines of the rubber. They then strip their condoms off and dangle the filthy, jizz-filled rubbers over and inside Adams' mouth.

Each model then cums a second time, this time spraying Adams with their respective loads. Adams paints a pretty picture, slumped against the wall, the very tip of his tongue peeking from between his lips. Jagger literally bursts when he gets off, showering Adams in cum.

The next chunk of film begins with Dean Monroe relaxing inside the confines of a sling, Markus Ram perched between his legs, flicking his tongue against Monroe's rosebud. Ram works up quite a sweat working on Monroe's hole. One by one, he eases his digits into the tight, warm cavity, his eyes locked on Monroe's for much of the time. They fuck like dogs in heat, Monroe stopping only momentarily to slick Ram's cock up with spit before he re-attacks.

The anal sex is most spectacular when Dean Monroe slides his pucker down the entire length of Ram's black monster without so much as a whine or whimper. Monroe keeps a hearty stiffie while he's getting fucked, using Ram's prick for his own pleasure rather than to please his top.

Tag Adams bang bangs Dean Monroe

The final montage seemingly pits Tag Adams against Dean Monroe, but in a sexy, competitive way. Along with several of the models we've already seen, several more come out of the woodwork and join the party, including Randy Gunz, Kris Anthony and the supremely wicked Shane Rollins. Not since Hole Patrol has Ms. LaRue managed to get such an enthusiastic performance from Rollins. Don't get me wrong - Shane Rollins rarely fails to raise an eyebrow or two, but Chi Chi has the magic touch where he's concerned. Rollins has one of porn's most eatable/fuckable asses, and in the hands of the right director, he sets the screen ablaze.

Featuring a wonderfully diverse crew of models, including two impressively built black men (Ram and Gunz), this orgy bursts at the seams. The focal point, of course, is always Adams and Monroe, but if the viewer can keep his finger off the fast-forward button (always a temptation for single-setting sequences), there are some nice surprises hidden in the corners.

Like Rollins sucking off a very happy Randy Gunz - both are oblivious to the master orgy table with its pile of fuck flesh. Another treat for the horny viewer is when Adams and Monroe lie flat on their backs and let their heads hang heavily over the edge of the table. This is a cocksucking position that not everyone can handle. There's a lot of trust involved and a mastery of the gag reflex is required.

Circling the duo like hungry animals, the other men engage in some heavy-duty skull fucking, a thrilling sequence that continues on for several minutes. This group bang ends with some luscious fucking. Thankfully, Shane Rollins takes a spin on someone's cock before the film comes to a close.

Bang Bang! is not likely to make the list of one of the all-time great orgy flicks. Films like The Other Side of Aspen: Part Five, Stock Released and Class Reunion are hard to duplicate in this regard. But there are a few spit-soaked moments that are more than worth the price of admission. And here, Tag Adams continues to solidify his image as one of gay porn's biggest cock whores. Chet Roberts, may he rest in peace.

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Bang Bang! Photos:

Markus Ram inspects Dean MonroeWatch on
Markus Ram inspects Dean Monroe
Kris Anthony behind Tag AdamsWatch on
Kris Anthony behind Tag Adams

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