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Chi Chi LaRue
Mustang Studios   MVP059
Daniel Reed , , Jordan Gage , Luke Sabre , Marco Mancini , Shane Rockford , Talvin DeMachio , Yuri Breshnev


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Luke Sabre enjoys a gang bang

Reviewed by on - 4.0 Out of 5 Stars

Bang sounds off with a powerful shot. A storyless sex flick from Falcon's Mustang line, the entire film is filmed simply in an empty room with cement walls. The stark, bunker-style background serves nicely as an anonymous sexroom. Despite its minimalism, everything here works: A sexy cast of models go at it whole hog from beginning to end.

Maybe I always have low expectations for Mustang, but I often enjoy these more then their higher-budget counterparts from Falcon.

Bang has a very attractive cast, including a number of hot latinos like Enrico Vega and Talvin Demachio. Vega sports a go-tee and a very hot uncut dick with a black cockring. Vega also talks a lot during the sex too. Woof! After getting his ass eaten, blond bottom Luke Sabre sucks the latin off so that he actually cums twice. Just oral sucking here, but it's hot, and there's plenty of good anal action dawning on the horizon!

Enrico Vega samples Luke SabreWatch on
Enrico Vega samples Luke Sabre
Next up, Shane Rockford appears sporting a muscular frame and wearing a studly black leather vest. Daniel Reed, a slim dark-haired guy, spends ample time worshipping Rockford, licking his entire body. The leather apparel, lightly sprinkled around the cast, adds a touch of heat to the scene. Viewers often enjoy watching the models wearing bits of clothing in their sexscenes, and Bang!'s creative team accomplishes this nicely.

Rockford uses his long ramrod to screw Reed. The two perform do some energetic doggie-style screwing. And Reed shoots big spurts of cum up past his face.

We Found an Orgy!

The next component of Bang! is the thirty-five-minute orgy. Once again, the actors begin draped in sexy clothing. Talvin Demachio slaps his hard abs with his hand.

In a high moment, when all the men get down on their hands and knees in a long chain, and rim the ass in front of them. They all lap bootie eagerly, making a very memorable visual, particularly since the models have really nice tasty-looking asses.

Vega gets three of his fingers up Gauge's ass before he tops the fuzzy reddish-blond, still with that masculine, chatty style. Sabre and Reed get then screwed by DeMachio and Yuri Breshnev.

Marco Mancini, who is a real Italian hunk, tops Sabre. Mancicni's roles were few, so enjoy it while it lasts. Across the room, Gauge bottoms for Rockford, who himself gets it up the ass by Breshnev. Later, Reed and Gauge are worked over with dildos by Mancini and Breshnev. Then Sabre and DeMachio replace them and keep shoving dildoes into the boys.

All in all, Bang packs a nice punch. All the actors are turned-on sexually. Chi Chi LaRue can assemble hot films just by putting some hormed-up guys together in a bare room. Impressive.

Note: Mustang released in 2005 a tantalyzing follow-up to this movie, curiously titled Bang Bang! Okay, you shot me down, bang bang... you hit the ground bang bang. These boys will shoot you down.

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Bang! Photos:

Daniel Reed sucks Shane RockfordWatch on
Daniel Reed sucks Shane Rockford
Marco Mancini in Bang!Watch on
Marco Mancini gets some ass as the bottoms kiss
The cast of Bang!Watch on
The cast of Bang!

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