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Bananas from Brazil (Volumes 1, 2 & 3)

Alexander Pictures  
Antonio Bello , Antonio De Capos , Antonio Galluam , Antonio Torres , Darien Leon , Diego Lozano , Diogo Da Syllua , Felipe Herroro , Gaspar Farao , Gomez Aguilar , Leonardo Carcia , Llopo De Brito , Manoel Velho , Rafael Ferreira , , Richard Pene , Rodrigo Jacques , Rodrigo Lobo , Ruy Lopez , Simao Fogaca

Bananas from Brazil (Volumes 1, 2 & 3)

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Mouthfulls of Brazilian Bananas

Reviewed by on - 4.0 Out of 5 Stars

The ever-curious Diego Lozano visits a neighborhood bar an hour before they open for business for the day. His motive? To see for himself whether their hunky, always shirtless bartender Ramon Mendez really has a big penis.

Of course, this is really just an excuse for sex, because Lozano, and the rest of the world, knows that all Brazilians have big bananas. And that's why director Alexander's movies from the Amazonian republic continue to be the pick of the bunch.

Bananas from Brazil is a fruity three volume set, five scenes each, all filmed in and around urban areas of Rio de Janiero. Many of the models, like the stunning Antonio de Capos, appear in Alexander previous series Brazilians Do It Better and Brazilian Cum Ons.

For this series the director has improved his video filming style, capturing these guys in their sexual grasps even better than before.

Volume One: Ramon Mendez's big dick

So does bartender Ramon Mendez have a big dick? You bet he does. Pulling down his dark jeans, it's clear that Mendez puts the banana in the term banana republic. Lozano is not an expert deep throater, but he does an admirable job with the curved organ before him. And considering when Mendez lightly slaps his meat against Lozano's cheek, and that the head of his cock can almost reach across to his ear, this guy lives up to his reputation.

Lozano takes his meat up his ass like a true champ. The bottom's face reveals a little bit of pain, but his hard cock wags between his legs hard as he grips onto a wooden barchair.

Ramon Mendez Ramon Mendez Richard Pene Richard Pene
Mendez drops a big load of white cream onto Lozano's backside. Lozano leaves his love on the seat of the chair.

Next, Leonardo Carcia and Antonio Bello walk barechested through a hilly residential neighborhood until they find this building with an extremely messy kitchen. Dirty plates are stacked high. (this set reappears in subsequent scenes as well)

Despite the mess, it serves fine for their spontaneous trick: a hot doggie screw with Bello taking it up the ass from the sexy Carcia, who has a young, looking face with some beard growth on his chin. Carcia as one fine body, nicely photographed from all angles.

Bello seems to be a bit of an inexperienced botttom, gritting his teeth a bit and looking ahead with wide eyes.

After this another cute couple, Darien Leon and Antonio Torres walk the neighborhood seeking a secluded place for sex. They pass a Portuguese-speaking feral cat on the sidewalk and slink into what appears to be a walled, abandoned backyard. Stripping off their shirts, these muscular, bronzed hunks kiss and lick each other's chests.

Broad chested with a big tattoo on his right shoulder, Leon was an amazingly hot bottom in the Brazilian Cum Ons series. He pulls out Torres' cock, which is a Grade A piece of massive meat. (What exactly is in the water in this country anyway?)

When it comes time to screw some bubblebutt, Leon handles all of it easily.

The film next returns to the still empty bar, where Simao Fogaca telephones Ruy Lopez over for a quickie. Fogate appears a little older (trim and sexy 30-something) and his cock is mushroom headed and regular sized, as opposed to the enormous dicks wielded by much of the other cast. Fogate os very sexy as he throws a doggie style screw to Lopez, a bubble butt bottom with a beautiful, large cock.

Dark rivulets of hair run down their legs in plain view as they screw.

Cockworshippers will love the final episode, a handyman fantasy set in the messy kitchen set from earlier. Richard Pene has a leaky roof, which actually drips water throughout the episode. Burly Gomez Aguilar arrives to repair it, causing Pene to drift into a dream fantasy.

Aguillar's cock is the biggest of the entire film, and his balls are truly massive. The uncut monster is as thick as a soda can. Pene sucks on him at length, and ultimately does well taking it up his ass.

When Alexander named this series after bananas, he wasn't kidding.

Bananas from Brazil snapshotWatch Now or Naked Sword
Eating a banana from Brazil

Bananas from Brazil Volume Two

Part two of the series actually takes the actual sexual heat even higher. The guys include some real memorable hunks, all wonderfully equipped, and their sex is hotter.

Llopo de Brito, a brunet with long curly hair looks like he could play in a rock n' roll band. The lightskinned Brazilian gets Manoel Velho up to his apartment, and practically attacks Velho's arm-sized penis directly head-on. He gives arguably the most enthusiastic head in the entire film.

In an interesting note, Velho repeatedly grabs de Brito's long hair with his hands while getting sucked. At one point, Velho twists his hips so his cudgel cock slaps against his friend's face.

de Brito's performance skills truly shine when he swallows this guy's entire cock up his ass, receiving a rather energetic plowing from Velho in several positions, and his multi spurt money shot seems to never end. What an opener!

Adorable Bottom Antonio de Capos

Next, the adorable Alexander Pictures veteran Antonio de Capos shows up at the bar where he gets frisky with Diogo da Syllua. de Sylla is yet another finely chiseled, hung top with a muscular ass, and he drills the delectible de Capos over a couch.

De Capos is always a very hot guy to watch get fucked.

After this, the temperature stays at an even boiling point with the hot flip-flop duet between Felipe Herroro and Rodrigo Jacques. Herroro arrives at that messy kitchen area from the first volume, and seems fraught at what he sees.

Even worse, he finds employee Jacques dozing in the garden downstairs. Herroro insists that the lazy Brazilian suck his dick and give up his ass.

Herroro is a masculine, tattooed guy with dark rivulets of hair on his chest, stomach and nether regions. After watching his top the smooth, boyish Jacques, they switch top/bottom roles culminating in moan filled money shots.

So did I make up for my mistake? asks a grinning Jacques to his freshly fucked boss.

Next, two youthful Brazilian boys find a secluded yard for their sexplay. The black skinned Gaspar Farao wields another long banana, and the well scrubbed Rafael Ferreira gets on his knees to suck. Ferreira takes it doggie style very nicely, and hopefully both models will return in future productions.

The film's last scene is not by any means the least in quality. It introduces one of the most specular finds of the series, Rodrigo Lobo, a young, muscular stud who loves to plow ass. He steals away with the slim Antonio Galluam, first to a bathroom stall and finally to an empty upstairs room.

With clean, shaved pubes, Lobo's cock is a beautiful sight. Galluam sucks him, and ultimately plowing the guy's ass in full thrusts, his balls slapping against the bottom's ass.

For most of these guys, their money shots are average, but never anything wildly splashy. This is a small complaint considering the almost universal array of impressive dick sizes of the models, as well as their sexual capacity.

Watching Bananas from Brazil only inspires peels of joy.

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Bananas from Brazil (Volumes 1, 2 & 3) Photos:

Diogo da Syllua tops Antonio de CaposWatch Now or Naked Sword
Diogo da Syllua tops Antonio de Capos
Llopo de Brito stares at Manoel VelhoWatch Now or Naked Sword
Llopo de Brito stares at Manoel Velho's banana
Rodrigo Lobo fucks Antonio GalluamWatch Now or Naked Sword
Antonio Galluam takes Rodrigo Lobo's banana

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