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Bailando Tango

Chad Donovan
Latin Heat Productions  
Juan Pablo , Lucas Fabian , Martin Soto , Max Schutler , Michael Amerika , Oscar Blanco , Pierre , Romario Theazio , Tobias Bianco

Bailando Tango

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Max Scutler dances a sexy tango.

Reviewed by on - 4.0 Out of 5 Stars

Jet Set's anglo emissary to the Latin world, Chad Donovan, starts their new line Latin Heat off with a real bang. It's Bailando Tango! From the boxcover photograph beckons three smiling Argentine studs, their muscular bodies strapped in tight, white underwear.

Delving deeper into the film, these latin men fulfill all promises of hot action. This isn't just another pretty boxcover that's a tease.

Bailando Tango makes very good first impressions. Filmed in wide screen format, the filming is colorful and crisp and there's expert editing. Many productions sent down to film in South America look cheap, rushed and filmed in one overused location. This is not the case with Bailando Tango.

There was certainly no scrimping on the casting. These Buenos Aires boys are very hot. Many folks will recognize Max Schutler, who stands left on the boxcover sticking his ass out. He has appeared in numerous productions for the major California studios making a solid name for himself as an always friendly and accommodating bottom.

Oscar Blanco and Romario TheazioWatch VOD
Oscar Blanco sucks
Romario Theazio
Bailando Tango sports a number of faces less known, such as the beefy Lucas Fabian or the sweet, hung Juan Pablo. The movie begins with Schutler burying his tongue deep inside their muscular asses, probing and smooching at length. After this fantastic rim job opening, the guys take turns topping Schutler who once again puts in a memorable bottomboy performance.

Juan Pablo, with his hairy legs and pubes, gets sloppy seconds on Schutler's ass, topping him missionary on the bed, which Fabian orally feeds him his dick. Fabian shoots a hot money shot too, flying across Schutler's chest in a long, white stream.

Next, two youthful, dark haired Argentineans, Michael Amerika and Pierre, meet on what looks like a rather chilly day at the plaza. They take their burning passions indoors to a very well appointed house, where Pierre gets to suck on Amerika's cock.

Poor Pierre, he looks like this is one of his first times to suck cock, basically just putting his mouth on Amerika's fat head. Things go smoother when he spread his buns and gets rammed by his new friend. Pierre cums a lot while getting fucked.

Next up, grab some more lube because out pops the largest member of the entire case, the unforgettable Romario Theazio. Oscar Blanco, whose bottomed in movies for Alexander (Spanish Playhouse), gets his ass stretched to the absolutely max.

Theazio's penis hangs between his legs like a huge, uncut anaconda. The stone faced, but cute, Theazio sits back, gets sucked and fucks Blanco in an impressive display of sheer ass capacity. Theazio certainly much be coaxed out again one day soon for another film appearance.

The scene ends with a lovely shot of his cock spitting out white cum.

Martin Soto's Bottom Tango

The movie ends with a very handsome finish: Martin Soto (Roman's Holiday) gets is on with total top Tobias Bianco. Soto gives Bianco's dick a long and luscious blowjob. He eats his ass too. But the best moments come when Soto bounces himself up and on in Bianco's lap.

Soto has a very nice looking cock with a unique bend in it. It waves all around in the air while he's doing the "bailando tango."

In a hot finish, Bianco drills Soto standing doggie, occasionally going all out with a kiss to the back to his face. Then, he cums on the bottom's face. Very nice top!

Bailando Tango is an impressive first entry from Jet Set's line filmed in South America. It's also worth noting that director Donovan gets some very pretty shots of the European influenced capital city. The blue and white flag of Argentina flys proudly, welcoming the exciting world of adult movie making onto its shores.

Bailando Tango Photos:

Bailando Tango Three WayWatch VOD
Lucas Fabian, Max Schutler, Juan Pablo
Lucas Fabian fucks Max SchutlerWatch VOD
Lucas Fabian, Max Schutler, Juan Pablo
Martin Soto and Tobias BiancoWatch VOD
Martin Soto tops Tobias Bianco

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