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Bad Influence

Liam Cole
Treasure Island Media  
Adam King , Ander Sanchez , Arthur Ambro , Bandit , Brent South , Carl Jacobs , Cristian Torrent , Eddie Black , Felix , Jason Stormme , Mark O'Neal , Peter , Ralph , Terry , Tommy Haine
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Bad Influence

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Eddie Black is a bad influence on Tommy Haine.

Reviewed by on - 4.0 Out of 5 Stars

It takes a special kind of individual to make a movie for Treasure Island Media. Treasure Island movies are notorious not only for being raw porn, but they also must contain heavy doses of performance art. (The performance often being crazy set-ups for high-frequency fucking, load-taking and whatever other perverse pleasures can be imagined.) For this reason, the company seems to have discovered a true kindred spirit across the Atlantic living in England by the name of Liam Cole. And he's a real piece of work.

His first movie for the studio, Bad Influence, is a raw and real crazy quilt of man sex containing nine vivid, cum swapping sex scenes. All are neatly book ended with interesting Gonzo camerawork, spontaneous commentary from the director and models.

"I like the cum in me for as long as possible."

Carl Jacobs makes this announcement to the camera as Eddie Black showers, one of the striking new stars in Bad Influence. Black seethes with sleazy energy. The fair featured bottom is a perfect match to the brunet sex pig. They go at it point for point in the opening scene. Raucous, hard thrusts are met by euphoric receivership.

Their coupling is sweetened by an obvious nonchalant, "this is just a trick" attitude towards each other. How many times, and with how many other guys have these two hooked up for the exact same fun? It's fun to just mentally think of a tally.

Black's money shot is as perfect a near internal cumshot as possible. And we sincerely hope this is not the last we get to see of Jacobs' beautiful cum hole in action.

Eddie Black fucks Carl JacobsWatch on Naked Sword or Watch VOD
Eddie Black's a bad influence on Carl Jacobs
Next comes what is probably the most talked about scene of the film - eighteen year old Tommy Haine is put under hypnosis to the soothing voice of director Cole (the entire procedure is on the DVD bonus track. The boy gets a full plate of depraved suggestions, hence the source of the movie title - Bad Influence)

Within minutes, little Tommy is getting his teenage butthole banged and bred by two big daddy-types, dark-haired Christian Torrent and the mononamed Felix. Haine, whose head is shaved bald like a character from the science fiction movie THX-1138, is sandwiched and fully ravaged by these two men. They both fill his round, perky boy butt with their slick seed. Getting through this entire scene in one sitting is extremely difficult. (Friskynews Blog: Tommy Haine Hypnotized into Bareback Frenzy)

After this, Black returns for his second hook-up of the movie, a cute, hirsute bottom named Adam King. (We will see lots more of King later in the film). Here, Black serves a more than adequate warm up for the insatiable bottom. King's eyes soar into a dreamy, misty cloud as Black buries his big bone balls deep in his ass.

Black cums, shooting most of his load into King, and afterwards, unlike most bottoms in this film, he cums himself.

The next scene is labeled with the rather less electric title Ralph Blows Peter. Yes, this scene is all-oral, but do not be mislead - Ralph is one truly amazing cocksucker. Cute and young, and with long bangs, he ends up coaxing three loads of tasty cum into his hungry mouth. Not only is Ralph a walking blow-job machine, but his perky ass begs to be eaten. (It begs to be fucked as well, but we do not get to see that)

Peter gets to root around his heavenly cheeks for several joyful minutes before his own suckfest. Peter blows his third load in the shower as Ralph attempts to wash himself.

Next, überbottom Carl Jacobs returns for a great encore performance. This time he is matched with an older guy with reddish-blond hair and giant, fat cock (Mark O'Neil). Wearing a black jock strap, Jacobs happily sit right down on it.

London Bareback Sex PartyWatch on Naked Sword or Watch VOD
London Bareback Sex Party
Their hotel room is littered with assorted bottles of orange juice, water and poppers. It's a true sex den.

We next meet Freddy, a half Swedish, half German guy who lays back relaxed describing himself and some of his hot sexual experiences. We see scenes of him getting fucked and guys having an orgasm inside him. It jumps back and forth with hot imagery. Afterwards, he gets pissed on.

London Bareback Sex Party

After this is the London Bareback Sex Party, where a new collection of hard guys get their turn at breeding the returning teen, Tommy Haine. A series of tops, Brent South (UK Beef Bangers), Bandit, Terry and others start fucking him. AFter several loads, Haine has to take a time-out.

There is no problem though. Bottom Adam King (from earlier) is more than happy to take up the slack. Pig bottom King turns in an exuberant performance as the party's gangbang bottom taking multiple loads both orally and anally.

The orgy scene is hot not only because of the sex and the guys, but also because director Cole captures the realistic look and setting of a good sex party, right down to the piles of clothes tossed up against the wall.

The movie ends with Black returning for his third appearance, and he is just as enthralling to watch as the first two times. Here, we get to see his bottoming skills in action, as he gets royally hammered by Brent South. After a bit, they flip-flop with Black screwing him whilst wearing his PA.

Hypnotizing an eighteen year old for bareback sex with older men. Wild sex parties. Intense, casual one-on-one hook-ups. Piggy blow-jobs. Bad Influence not only lives up to its name, but is a signature showpiece in the Treasure Island's gilded repertoire. These depictions are exactly why the studio continues to be shunned by the mainstream, whilst rejoiced by legions of fans.

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Bad Influence Photos:

Eddie Black barebackWatch on Naked Sword or Watch VOD
Eddie Black peers down
Bad Influence cumshotWatch on Naked Sword or Watch VOD
Ralph blasts Peter
Bad Influence on Tommy HaineWatch on Naked Sword or Watch VOD
Just a bad influence on Tommy Haine

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