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Lucas Kazan
Lucas Kazan Productions  
David Havien , David Scott , Eric Flower , Giorgio Salieri , Mario Perez , , Max Veneziano , Ricky Martinez , Sasha Byazrov
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Giorgio Salieri finds lust Backstage

Reviewed by on - 4.0 Out of 5 Stars

Filmmaker Lucas Kazan continues his unique approach of combining sensual gay erotica with rich European cultural history in the artful Backstage. In the movie, its characters are filming an X-rated version of the opera La Traviata. Naturally the director (Giorgio Salieri) begins living out the classic opera's story in his own mind.

In the 19th century Italian opera, the main character falls hopelessly in love with someone, who unfortunately only wants to be friends. Here Salieri silently longs for the sleek Sasha Byazrov, however as opposed to most traditional operas, this character does not ultimately fling himself into space, or die of tragic disease just after their epiphany.

Matthias Vannelli and Ricky MartinezWatch Now or
Matthias Vannelli & Ricky Martinez
If you have seen the opera (and everyone should) then watching Backstage is all the more satisfying. But just anyone looking for sensuous mansex from probably the finest assembly of gorgeous models will not be disappointed.

The producers mix some of the actual overture music from La Traviata, which an accompaniment of driving modern electronic beats throughout the sex scenes. The first action scene begins with Mario Perez from Journey to Greece, David Scott and David Havien in a lineup eating each other's perfectly smooth asses. They coil into a triangle so the viewer sees that Scott and Perez wield really thick cocks.

In one beautiful moment, a rockhard Perez takes Havien in his ass while gorging his mouth on Scott own can-sized cock. The three perform on a stage draped in scarlet red curtains, creating a memorable color palette around the humping models. Perez is the standout here. He tops both Scott and Havien, culminating with squirting a king-sized load.

Following the day's shooting, the brooding Salieri leaves the set thinking of his love. There is a nice intermezzo of the picture perfect Byazrov posing around the pool.

Max Veneziano Goes Before The Cameras

The next day they are filming a famous sequence from La Traviata which evolves into a lusty duet between Maximo Italiano Max Veneziano and new bombshell musclebottom Eric Flower. (both independently strut their stuff in Lucas Kazan's Hotel Italia 2) Veneziano fans will notice that he's grown his hair out, making him look completely different. His manrammer cock hasn't changed, however. And he gives Flower a full-power plowing.

This doggie duet finishes with Veneziano coating the bottom's ass with white cum. After watching some of it run down slowly, we are treated to an undershot of Flower's own sweet, creamy release.

After this, Salieri and crew audition newcomer Ricky Martinez from Love and Lust), who turns in an award winning solo performance. Stripping out of his clothes, turns out Martinez has a perfect muscular body, attractive uncut cock and mouthwatering buns. He and the director interact verbally, which is nice.

After squeezing out his juice, he starts stepping back into his jeans (erect). He is propositioned by electrician Matthias Vannelli, a beefy fair Italian with another one of those thick cocks that run rampant on this particular opera set. Even while getting blown, he Vannelli can't keep his grabbing hands off Martinez's cheeks.

Matthias Vannelli's cock is shaped like a can of Red Bull. Vannelli has another one of these cocks shaped like a can of Red Bull. Martinez takes it all in his ass, making for a mind blowing cocktail. Standing in a black-painted bar, the model's features are bathed in jet blue light as they hump. After watching Vannelli's thunderous balls slamming against the latino's smooth skin, he explodes. Martinez delivers a mouthwatering no-hands money shot that slowly runs down his shaft and drips to the floor.

Sasha Byazrov's Love Scene

The final scene starts with Byazrov filming his love scene with Ettore Tosi (in a non-sexual cameo). However Salieri images the entire flip-flop sequence with him in Tosi's place. They perform their sequence of romantic cock-sucking, kissing, groping and screwing on a table.

Salieri bends down to give Byazrov an enthusiastic blowjob, which makes him blow his first money shot. Byazrov reciprocates, which is followed by a lengthy sequence of Salieri topping Byazrov, and vice versa. Watching these beautiful guys perform is captivating. Actually, both models spend most of their screen time in other films bottoming. Watching them top each other is an inspired bit of casting. And they ultimately finish with an even more explosive round of creamy money shots.

How does Backstage conclude? Is real life just like Italian opera? Is Byazrov going to have his epiphany, realizing love for Salieri just before a tragic death? Life rarely ends so conclusively, so most of us just have to continue on with our dreams, passions and quest for intimacy.

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Backstage Photos:

Sasha ByazrovWatch Now or
Sasha Byazrov
BackstageWatch Now or
Sasha Byazrov standing
over Giorgio Salieri
BackstageWatch Now or
Max Veneziano and Eric Flower

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