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Back In The Saddle

Michael Lucas
Lucas Entertainment  
, Damian Klein , Joey Amor , Logan Reed , Marcelo Reeves , Michael Lucas , Roberto Vista , Sean Stevins , Tom Jenkins
HunksMen of New York City

Back In The Saddle

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Michael Lucas' Romantic Directoral Debut

Reviewed by on - 4.0 Out of 5 Stars

In his directoral debut, sultry Russian Michael Lucas is a confused soul who leaves his stable relationship with Roberto Vista for the ore free-wheeling, exciting life in New York City. Interestingly, it is these themes of restlessness and sexual infidelity that Lucas ends up returning to over and over in his career as a director.

Back In The Saddle goes heavy on the romance, touching and kissing - particularly with the shots of Vista and Lucas. At the film's beginning, they have a nicely photographed oral sex scene shot in a shimmering swimming pool with a waterfall.

Still, Lucas decides to jet. He ends up at his ex-boyfriend's apartment, who let's him stay until he can get on his feet. The ex, a cute bottom named Joey Amor, is happily hitched to Brazillian studmuffin Marcelo Reeves. After Lucas leaves, the couple immediately goes into a sex scene on the couch ending up with Amor getting plugged by the uncut Brazilian.

Lucas stops by a clothing boutique, where he receives crowning customer service from the masculine sex machine Logan Reed. First he blows Luces's long, uncut rod, and then Reed provides top-notch customer service by bottoming without complaint, taking Lucas, who has quite a large kudgel.

Despite the new city and easy tricks,Lucas misses his boy at home in the country, Roberto Vista.

Next up, super-hot Carlos Morales hooks-up with skinny hispanic Damian Klein at a music store. Morales, who is a super-bottom nowadays, gets his turn to play topman - he stuffs Klein with his thick, cut cock.

Michael's Mike Vista Flashback

Meanwhile, Lucas's mind keeps wandering back to Vista. He remembers one of their outdoor encounters where the two make love in the countryside. After much kissing and sucking, Lucas tops Vista's happy ass. A very sexy bottom, Vista is extremely limber, shown when Lucas pushes the boy's feet back to the shoulders.

Walking along the streets of New York, Lucas hears the sounds of sex from one of the flats. Inside, he discovers two smiling blonds, who invite him inside for a three-way. This hot, final scene is capped by all three gushing their loads everywhere. Sean Stevens gets a hot mouthful of Tom Jenkins's juice, that looks very tasty.

After this trip, Lucas realizes that returning home to Vista is his true calling. Apparantly, there is something incredible about getting in Roberto Vista's saddle.

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Michael Lucas & Logan Reed

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