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A Young Mans World

Kevin Clarke
Delta Productions  
Adam Bristol , Antonio Madiera , Ashton Ryan , Barry Knight , Court Logan , Dave Parker , Derrick Stanton , Jace Hughes , , Jonathan Prescott , Justin Roxx , Kevin Clarke , Trent Sebastian , Zach Rhodes
Twinks, American

A Young Mans World

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Antonio Madiera knows it's A Young Man's World

Reviewed by on - 4.0 Out of 5 Stars

Some people prefer blondes. Others prefer redheads. And others are totally into young guys. If young guys rule your world, you'll understand the simple message of the top-notch 2000 film A Young Man's World. Before getting into the scene by scene breakdown it is worth noting that Delta Productions went all out in this release to make the best-looking production possible.

The movie was shot using high-end Sony high definition video cameras. This means that if you wish to watch porn that takes full advantage of a new High-Definition television sets, this is a great choice. After every money shot in the film, it is repeated in slow-motion, and it appears better than any typical slow motion shot because the video frame rate is so high.

The movie also sports a full-fledged stereo audio track, it's own music score by Rock Hard, and even a very interesting Director's Comments track that runs simultaneously on Audio Track 2 (on the DVD).

With that out of the way, this movie in short could be summed up as an homage to youth. It starts with several older guys, who happen to be the film's producers, celebrating a birthday party. With the young models standing around them, they blow out the candles, and the boys go off to frolic in the pool.

Each scene opens with speculation by the older guys about the young men. The set-ups are cute, and often funny.

Joe Landon in A Young Mans WorldWatch Now
Joe Landon
The sexual actors in the movie are all in their late teens or early twenties. They explode with youthful exuberance. Additionally, throughout the film, director Kevin Clarke makes it a point to shoot each model wearing an arousing set of tight underwear, or in some cases silky boxers.

A Young Man's World for Court Logan

In the first scene, Trent Sebastian and Court Logan (The American Way 2: Lust) play the piano together. In the flash of light, they end up naked outside on the backyard lawn. Court Logan is always a favorite with his all-American boyish looks, and a brow topped with curly hair. But it is the tall Trent Sebastian who commands the scene. He has a beautiful round ass, and a cock that is a perfect size which will take him very far in life.

Before the anal sequence begins, the camera takes a moment to film Logan's hole winking at the camera. This technique is used with several other models throughout the movie.

Logan's face displays intense pleasure while getting it. He holds his legs up, giving Sebastian the proper angle to make his thrusts. Both guys squeeze out nice gobs of goo.

Next, coverboy blonde Adam Bristol jogs over to Justin Roxx's house for some sexual thrills. Roxx must live the Life of Reilly. After lounging around an opulent pool area all day, this young blonde shows up and begins kissing, sucking and rimming him. Roxx is a five-star find. Standing tall at six foot 2 inches, he has short hair, a beautiful smile, and a beautiful ass. Roxx appears to be extremely limber as well. Bristol at first tops Roxx in a pool chair. During this time, Roxx's feet are pushed back all the way to his ears.

The action really heats up with Roxx takes the helm. Bristol looks much more at home taking it up the ass, and he gets banged full tilt in many positions. As mentioned earlier, the camera's high definition captures every frame of their money shot, both at regular speed and in slow motion.

Next, the skinny dyed-blonde Jonathan Prescott picks up studly latino Antonio Madiera, and takes him back to his bedroom. Madiera is one macho boy-top. He's got a baby face, a very nice dick and a tongue ring. After he and Prescott orally service each other, Zach Rhodes shows up to deliver a pizza.

He also provides some needed anal services to the pair. Madiera knows how to use his equipment, and showing the natural attraction, he gazes into the eyes of his partners. First he pumps Rhodes, and then Prescott. The three-way scene is completed by great money shots. Prescott's is an astounding one that flies across the bodies of the other two.

Boyfriends Ashton Ryan and Jayce Hughes Share Their World

The next scene includes real-time lovers Ashton Ryan and Jayce Hughes. The scene moves gradually, building from romance to sex. They have fun one-on-one boating around the lake. They then let their passion explode indoors with lots of kissing and sucking. Finally Ryan screws Hughes with the bottom-boy sitting on top. There is great footage of Hughes' round ass as it's plowed by Ryan.

Hughes also is a loud moaner. The stereo soundtrack clearly captured Hughes' moans and groans of pleasure. After they shoot, the all-American looking dreamboys conclude their time by holding hands and watching the sun quietly set lakeside.

Director Kevin Clarke's Wet Comeuppance

In the final scene, Kevin Clarke, one of the older men at the film's beginning, and the director, gets roaring drunk. He comes onto a showering Adam Bristol. Bristol totally rejects Clarke's brutish advance, pushing him into the pool. Clarke then passes out poolside, vindictively fantasizing a scene where Bristol gets worked over well by some real men.

Bristol is carried into a room by leather clad Joe Landon and Dave Parker. Landon and Parker are also real time lovers, and watching them take on the cherubic Bristol is a sight. Landon looks slightly older, more handsome and more toned then in his famous debut film Joe's Big Adventure. Bristol remains obedient as the two make him lick them, suck them, and poke around his holes with their fingers.

Bristol spends lots of time working on Landon's extremely long cock. He can only get half of it in his young mouth. Fortunately, he has no trouble swallowing it all the way up his ass. Bristol grinds himself up and down on it, as Landon lays back. Bristol's hard erection bounces around in full sight the entire time, and he even jacks himself off while still impaled.

Landon and Parker shoot their loads on Bristol's face.

A Young Man's World fulfills anyone's desire to see the finest of the finest young men. Shot in high definition, it looks great. The DVD's photo gallery includes over 200 stills lasting a full ten minutes. There's never been a better case made that it's a young man's world.

A Young Mans World Photos:

Jace Hughes and Ashton Ryan Watch Now
Jace Hughes below Ashton Ryan
Antonio Madiera and Zach Rhodes and Jonathan Prescott Watch Now
Jonathan Prescott
under Zach Rhodes and Antonio Madiera

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