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A World of Men

Kristen Bjorn
Kristen Bjorn (Sarava Productions)  
Adriano Marquez , Akos Matyas , Alexei Gromoff , Attila Sipos , , Jeno Benedek , Joao Pauzao , Jose Gonzalez , Joszef Polgar , Kalman Faludi , Laszlo Garai , Mark Anthony , Sasha Borov , Steve Sax , Tony Tarango
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A World of Men

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Reviewed by on - 4.0 Out of 5 Stars

Adriano Marquez leads A World of Men

Five scenes. Five countries. A world of men.

Many people remember Kristen Bjorn's classic movie A World of Men from it's first scene, which is the on-screen hardcore introduction of superbottom-star Carlos Morales. However, all the scenes are just as rich in innovative ideas, beautiful guys, splashy orgasms and never ending sex.

Scene one starts on the beaches of Puerto Rico, where Carlos Morales and Tony Tarango (Gangsters at Large) are playing ball with Adriano Marquez. Marquez has somehow been lured into the game by the pair, so his girlfriend (Conchita Rivera) waits impatiently away on the motorbike.

Marquez's neckchains are flailing in the way, so he gives them to Tarango for safekeeping. After the game, he notices that he forgot his jewelry, so he goes up to their apartment to retreive the valuables.

Carlos Morales Carlos Morales
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Upstairs, Morales and Tarango are more interested in seducing him, which they do with twenty dollar bills. Morales goes down on Marquez, sucking him. Morales' raised backside spurs Tarango to eat it out, and then stick his dick inside the comfortable-looking cavern, giving him a loud, pounding hammering. Tarango showers his back with a rain of spooge.

After they all blow a round of loads, Marquez is guided to the living room. They put him on his fours as he objects: ¡Coolo, no! ¡Coolo no!

Their tongue relax him a bit. Then Tarango gets to start screwing the hot virgin ass. Just then, Marquez's girlfriend walks in,who is clearly startled. Everything ends with her watching one of the hottest latin sex triumvirates ever filmed.

The second scene goes to Miami, where horny hungarian Akos Matyas appears on the floating boat of Mark Anthony and Steve Sax. Anthony tells us in an interview-style sequence to the camera, that Matayas only wanted the two guys to screw him over and over and over.

Both Anthony and Sax are extremely sexy guys. They have fine bodies at peak perfection, so it is no wonder that Matyas would seek such action. He sucks them and gets topped many times. At the high point of the sequence they are standing in a pool as Matyas is screwed by Sax, who ultimately explodes at the end with a gushing climax.

The third scene shows Jose Gonzalez playing on his computer and falling asleep. He dreams of hyper-hung Joao Pauzao appearing before him ready for a full round of sexual fantasy. This is probably Pauzao's first screen appearance. He looks boyishly young and skinny here, but his dick even then possessed a mammoth thick proportion.

Actually both Pauzao and Gonzalez have beautiful dicks, and Bjorn makes great use of filming them in all positions. Gonzalez does an admirable job taking every bit of Pauzao's meat up his rear. In the final sequence, Pauzao humps him so hard, he finally pulls his dick out with the condom full of his sperm.

Pauzao turns it over so the white cream washes onto the bottom's back.

The next scene is a hot three way with Attlia Sipos, Kalman Faludi and Sasha Borov (Anchor Hotel). Sipos and Faludi go from playing pool to getting Borov out of his pants. Borov is a beautiful young man with a superfine ass. Sipos gets him bent over and taking it in no time.

Sipos plays the indefatigable top who goes through countless orgasms while working the other two's butts. Faludi is another fine specimen who looks hot getting fucked.

In the final climactic scene, Alexei Gromoff (Comrades in Arms) cruises along the railroad tracks, where he spys Laslo Garai going into a building. He gets involved in a five way with Jeno Benedek, Jozsef Polgar, Garai as well as briefly with Akos Matayas (his second scene in the movie).

The result is more or less an all out sexual explosion, with Gromoff as the seaman centerpiece. At first the shy Gromoff wants to leave. However the guys succeed in undressing him, and then sucking him off to climax. Then they all make Gromoff suck their dicks. Then they all gush cum all over his body. Then they go through another round of chain sucking, which leads to more ropes of jizz.

Gromoff's beautiful legs and thighs are raised high to full view, as he gets plugged by Benedek. They all shoot another round of money shots. Benedek then gets his own round ass plugged by Polgar, finished by more cumloads.

Bjorn brings us not only a world of men, but also a boatload of orgasms. This expert film is a cornucopia of male flesh on view. Look and see.

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Jeno Benedek, Jozsef Polgar, Alexei Gromoff, Laszlo Garai
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The erect Joao Pauzao nibbles on Jose Gonzalez

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