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Authentic Adventure

Hans Peter Hagen
Cazzo Films  
Andre , Henning , Jens Hammer , , Marc , Rainer , Thom Barron
FistingMen of Germany / BerlinKink / SextoysMilitaryDaddies / MenTattoos

Authentic Adventure

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Thom Barron's Raunchy Adventure

Reviewed by on - 4.0 Out of 5 Stars

Authentic Adventure stands as one of Cazzo Films' most overwhelming, riveting productions. With this, Jorg Andreas and the Cazzo team take an often repeated study of the sexual thrills generated by the dangers of life under siege.

The movie starts with two opposing teams preparing for battle. The uniforms are suited-up. The black combat boots are laced. Paintball guns are loaded.

The skinhead buddies exchange some passionate kisses, and then the battle begins.

The first captured player is the mega-blond Thom Barron (Berlin Sex Life). Ambushed in a deserted warehouse by opponent Rainer Wagner, who wears an eerie oversized gas mask. Barron is quickly stripped and thrown into a bathtub.

The tub stands in the center of a vast space, isolated. Wagner's rubber gloved hands are soon all over him. The sequence then continues with Wagner whipping out a long, black strap-on dildo. Attached to his waist, Wagner uses the black object to give a standing screw to Barron's butt.

This carnal energy combined with haunting visuals pull the viewer ever deeper in a surreal world of bizarre sexual excess.

In the next scene, Barron sees Henning Pink, a lean, dark-haired man heading for a caged office. Here the wild-looking Pink keeps his slave, Jens Hammer (Casting Couch). In no time, Pink gets Barron to slam his big dick into Hammer's gaping mouth.

Then Barron viciously drives his meat into Hammer's other hungry hole. Both of their money shots are copious.

Leroy Lellek in Authentic Adventure Watch on ClubCazzo or Watch VOD
Leroy Lellek
Next, the action moves into a filthy men's room where a goateed brunet with a mohawk (Marc) and skinhead Leroy Lellek (A Night at Bruno's) chain another tattooed skinhead (Andre) to a bench. Andre is helpless, legs in the air.

To a din of heavy breathing and moans, the three move through a gamut of golden showers and heavy fisting. The trio finish by shooting a set of big money shots. Andre shoots him while being fisted. Marc fires his big load as he fixates on the sloppy ass that he has just fisted.

Jens Hammer Turns the Tables

In the next scene, Hammer turns the tables on Barron by slamming a hot ass-pounding to the blond on an iron army cot. This noisy coupling is probably the high point of the film. Their pent-up rage combined with wild passion demonstrates why these two guys have become such admired stars.

Back in the john, Andre is strung up to a ceiling pipe. Barron is blindfolded with his big arms chained behind his back. In this bondage, Barron must listen to Marc screw his buddy in numerous positions.

At one point, they are on the filthy floor in missionary position while Andre has a choke hold on Marc.

Blindfolded Thom Barron

Back at the office, the indefatigable Hammer performs a solo, jacking off and shooting onto Marc's black combat boot. Then before the viewer can take all that in, the scene shifts to the bathroom where Andre and the blindfolded Barron start having sex.

In contrast to the rough sex earlier, theirs is much slower and passionate. The exchange blowjobs and Andre (a strict bottom until now) tops Barron over a grimy sink. They both come almost simultaneously, and the camera pans to Marc, who has been watching.

He promptly separates them. The finale of the movie occurs when Lellek helps Andre escape the men's room. Uniting with Barron, they exact revenge upon Marc. The scene goes to a pit where the models wrestle in a pool of slimy mud. This sequence is clearly on the most visually memorable events in porn.

Ultimately, Barron slams Marc's face down into the ooze. Smeared with filth, Barron slams into Marc's ass full bore, finishing by firing a big load onto the bottom's ass.

The spectators also drop their own loads at this point. One by one, they leave the defeated Marc flat on his back, his body caked in mud. All alone, he brings himself off in one of the most memorable masturbation scene in porn history.

Authentic Adventure is probably not for everyone. However, on the notes that it hits, it resonates with a loud triumph, taking the viewer to the edge, exploring visions never before put to film.

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Authentic Adventure

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