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At Your Service (Kent North)

Steven Scarborough
Hot House Entertainment   HH032
Alex Collack , , Duke Michaels , Jason Ridge , , , , , Thom Barron
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At Your Service (Kent North)

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Matt Cole and Jason Ridge check into this hotel that is renowned for giving crowning customer service.

Reviewed by on - 4.0 Out of 5 Stars

I imagine that if you're running a swanky resort and want to hire a humpy manservant to see to your guests' every need, Hot House Exclusive Kent North would rise to the top of the applicant list.

At Collingwood Manor, Mr. North is equipped to do much more than turn down the bed and dust the knickknacks. At Your Service is a wonderful vehicle for North. Director Scarborough encourages this sex pistol to shift into overdrive, surpassing his other performances in flicks like The Missing and Twisted.

Jason Ridge and Matt Cole - who's probably the most exciting thing to happen to gay porn in 2006 - have come to Collingwood Manor for a little romantic R&R. Seconds after their suitcases hit the shag carpeting, these two are hotly making love on the queen-sized bed. Thankfully Steven Scarborough has the good sense to put his camera as close to Mr. Cole's pretty hole as possible, diving in particularly close while Ridge is sensually rimming his lover.

Ridge and Cole are well-matched; both are versatile, at the same time aggressive and pliant, depending on the mood. Although both are bottoms here, Cole outshines Ridge as a bottom, every bit the circuit boy in heat, urging Ridge to really fuck him good.

Dillon Brody at Your ServiceWatch on or VOD
Dillon Brody
Thom Barron, Nick Piston and Kent NorthWatch on or VOD
Thom Barron, Nick Piston
and Kent North
There really isn't another scene like this first one in At Your Service. Everything else that follows has a nastier, sex-piggier vibe. Take for example the poolside escapades of Robert Van Damme, Thom Barron, and Alex Collack (Communion). Playing lovers, Van Damme and Barron are always looking for a third, and a fresh-from-the-pool stud like Collack fits the bill. Gorgeously filmed (as is most everything Scarborough does), this threeway is the kind of muscle explosion viewers expect from Hot House. But the spice here really is Van Damme's performance.

Imagine sitting on the sofa next to a nude Arpad Miklos. With each successful gay porn flick he makes (check him out in The Hunted) he seems to get sluttier and sluttier. At one point, he does his best to cram both Collack's and Barron's pricks into his greedy mouth simultaneously, making for a riveting visual.

Nick Piston joins Kent North

Right on the heels of this threeway is another, this one featuring a repeat performance from Barron. He's joined by tattooed bad boy Nick Piston from Hard as Wood and the man of the hour, Kent North. When North learns that his guests aren't getting the kind of service they expected, he quite literally bends over backwards to correct the problem. The highlight of this encounter comes when North submits to a double penetration. Given Barron's girth and Piston's length, North's asshole gets a healthy workout.

And talk about sexual tension Imagine sitting on the sofa next to a nude Arpad Miklos (Bootstrap), the European stud hinting at a midday wank. This is the situation Duke Michaels finds himself in. The temperature in the room percolates incredibly slowly - that is until the boys run out of lube.

But that's exactly why room service was invented. North arrives with a new supply of lube and is summarily ravaged by his two guests. Miklos turns in another glorious performance, as does North. Michaels, although sexy, seems to be the odd man out, muscular but with a slightly goofy face and demeanor.

The finale is really an exercise in anal acrobatics. As he's tidying up, North runs across a bevy of used sex toys by the pool. Rather than pack them away, he strips down and hauls out a vat of Crisco for a little self-love. The dildos get bigger and bigger, but North doesn't bat an eye, letting his butt swallow each one in succession until he blows an enthusiastic load.

The best thing about this particular vignette may be North's body. He's in top form, his massive muscles rigid with the effort as he abuses his own chute. And indeed it is Kent North that makes At Your Service a must see film.

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At Your Service (Kent North) Photos:

Matt Cole fucks Jason RidgeWatch on or VOD
Matt Cole plows Jason Ridge
Nick Piston, Thom Barron, Kent NorthWatch on or VOD
Nick Piston, Thom Barron, Kent North (below)
Robert van Damme, Alex Collack, Nick PistonWatch on or VOD
Robert van Damme, Alex Collack, Nick Piston
Kent North in At Your ServiceWatch on or VOD
Kent North is at your service

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