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At Large

Tony Alizzi
MSR Videos   MSR 37
Brady Martin , , Dave Nelson , Jon Galt , Lasagna Buttafucco , Marc West , Mark Slade , Matt Bradshaw , Patrick Allen , Rachel , Scott Davis , Steve Cassidy , Steve O'Donnell , Steve ODonnell
Prison / JailHairy GuysDaddies / Men

At Large

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Steve O'Donnell's in Prison

Reviewed by on - 4.0 Out of 5 Stars

From the makers of the sensational Manhattan Sex Party, comes a tale of horned-up men in prison. The sex is rough, tough and vigorous. Most of the actors have messy hair and a few days beard-growth, an interesting change from the well-scrubbed pretty boy look that dominates much of gay porn.

MSR Videos have a certain vision, and At Large is no exception. The formula of men having animalistic sex ("Men Are Pigs" announces the company motto) works very well for them.

The film immediately begins with prisoner Steve O'Donnell (Grease Guns 2) getting it from hung topman Matt Bradshaw (Take One: Guys Like Us). After sucking the guard, O'Donnell is bent over a desk and roughly split up the middle. "Open that hole up," commands Bradshaw. O'Donnell looks pretty tight, but the sexfilm veteran looks great and we know he can take it.

After their money shots, the scene changes to O'Donnell conferring with two other prisoners - and Patrick Allen - about breaking out of the prison in several days. A pessimistic Allen wishes them luck, do it without me because I'm not stupid.

Later Allen is grabbed by Brady Martin, who prys information about "O'Donnell's breakout" out of him. Then he pushes Allen to his knees to suck his dick. Allen sucks it obediently, and they are soon joined by fellow prisoner Scott Davis. Davis shoots long spurts of cum into Allen's hair and face.

Jon Galt is At LargeWatch VOD
Who is Jon Galt?
Next two "trannies" are taken through the jail facility. The girls, who aren't doing the best drag, but it's funny, are escorted by the prison guards. The prisoners take notice, whoop and holler, calling them names. One of the ladies runs up to the prison bars and dramatically exclaims, "You men are pigs!"


After lights-out, lovers Damien Ford and Jon Galt take refuge in each other in their prison cell. Both guys are beefy, muscular and hairy. In one of the film's high points, they flip-flop on each other twice. Ford ram Galt, then Galt plows Ford. Ford then goes for some more of Galt's meaty butt. These guys have some hot sex.

Taking Revenge on Prison Guard Steve Cassidy

After this, it is the moment of the breakout. Prisoners O'Donnell, Dave Nelson, Marc West and Mark Slade stop prison guard Steve Cassidy in a weak moment. Cassidy always taunts the prisoners, calling them names, and giving them a generally miserable time. The prisoners grab Cassidy and hold him over a table.

They proceed to revenge on Cassidy with rough sex to a chorus of dirty name calling.

O'Donnell tops him bent over the table. Dave Nelson (Crash of the Titans) slams him some more while the other prisoners take turns on Cassidy's ass and mouth. They shout at him, spitting in the guard's face. After they all shoot on his face, they bind him up with duct tape to the table.

The prisoners then escape out the metal jail door to freedom.

At Large is replete with lots of very aggressive sex. Perhaps this is a take-off on HBO's series OZ, which some feel is just as erotic. This finished combination will cause trouble with getting through this movie in one sitting.

Watch this movie, and see for yourself what you think. You can rent and watch this film right now online. Just click on the WATCH NOW buttons on this page.

At Large Photos:

Patrick Allen in At LargeWatch VOD
Patrick Allen, center
The prisoners in At LargeWatch VOD
The Prisoners
Matt Bradshaw and Steve O'DonnellWatch VOD Steve O'Donnell and Matt BradshawWatch VOD
Steve O'Donnel services Matt Bradshow

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