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Ass Quest, Part 1

Michael Brandon
Raging Stallion Studios  
, Gabriel Sinclair , Justin Christopher , , , Rick Gonzales , Tamas Eszterhazy , Troy Punk
Bathhouse / Sex ClubInterracial SexLatinosSolosHorsehungHunksTattoosFetish: Jock Straps

Ass Quest, Part 1

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Remy Delaine and Carlos Morales go on an ass quest

Reviewed by on - 4.0 Out of 5 Stars

Ass Quest part 1 takes Raging Stallion's Monster Bang dvd series to a new level. The film is based from beginning to end on ass pounding, as did its excellent predecessor Hard as Wood. However, this time director Michael Brandon injects the slightest touch of sensuousness to the wall-to-wall all-sex vehicle, resulting in an intoxicating production of mansex mixed with its truest chemicals.

Like a careful chef, small ingredients turn a dish from good to great. One ingredient Brandon uses here are long lasting camera shots, as opposed to quick cuts and fast editing. The camera just drinks in views of butts swallowing cock, gyrating hips and the models' facial reactions.

Remy Delaine Watch on RagingStallion or Watch VOD
Remy Delaine

Another technique employed here is Brandon takes traditional bottoms like Carlos Morales, Remy Delaine and Owen Hawk and assigns them new work. Not only do they bottom, but they also switch to top. And actually Morales here performs extensively as an exclusive top.

The result is a fantastic easing of the rigid rules of roles that almost all sexfilms assume. This switching around works in the film very naturally, not in a forced or staged way. In fact, by giving them topman roles, Brandon has fully utilized the complete talent skills of his bottoms.

And the viewer will certainly get his money's worth.

Remy Delaine is a smoldering sexpup who starts the film gobbling on a beautiful, thick cock. Eventually the camera reveals its owner is Carlos Morales. Since Morales is typically pegged into bottom roles, watching him expertly screw Delaine is like discovering a lost chapter to a favorite book.

They are joined by Justin Christopher, a strong and silent type Latino with an enormous, beautiful dick. Delaine rides Christopher tool, followed by Morales assplowing the Frenchman with relentless thrusts. Morales finishes, blows a hot load and exits, leaving the others to complete another full round of sex. First, Christopher dogs Delaine, which is followed by Delaine plowing Christopher. In a memorable sequence, Christopher stretches his long frame out over a table, gripping the ends in pleasure with both hands.

This is more than just piggy dungeon sex, but rather a capturing of male sensuality brought about by the highest of lusts.

Justin Christopher goes on an ass quest, hits Remy Delaine. Another element employed throughout the movie is the heavy use of black jockstraps. In a movie devoted by its title to the quest of ass, what better accessory to accentuate the hot butts of the models? More nice thinking.

Rick Gonzales' ass quest

After that memorable ménage comes Rick Gonzales and Gabriel Sinclair in a perfectly executed match-up. Gonzales has done a lot of movies over the past several years, but Ass Quest shows him performing his topman skills better than ever seen before. Gonzales is one of those models who often gets thrown into three ways or orgies, and just never has had a complete opportunity to shine. Well, certainly after seeing this does that become apparent. His cock stands like a full-bore missile, which he expertly deploys into Sinclair's hot ass. Not just a robotic pounding, these two guys move with a groove.

Their sexual episode is all the more satisfying because it is introduced by a thirteen minute appetizer showing the two models with their eyes fixed on each other, masturbating.

Gonzales jacks his cock with his eyes fixed on Sinclair like he's raw meat about to be consumed whole. Meanwhile, Sinclair pushes a buttplug in and out of his ass, fully presenting himself on a plate to the hungary carnivore. The guys slowly masturbate, pose before each other, never touching, and culminates with the release of the first round of loads.

It is a tantalizing opener that makes their sexual one on one even more satisfying.

After this comes a solo by the beefy Troy Punk, which is highlighted by some truly incredible ass shots.

After this, the movie cuts to Morales easing himself into a spread eagle Owen Hawk. Hawk uses a specially constructed table to pin his legs and arms back for perfect insertions. This combination of props and beautiful bodies yields some fantastic camera shots. Hawk augments everything by grunting and thrusting his body into Morales as he propels himself into the bottom's ass.

After this Tamas Eszterhazy drops in from Hungary just in time to bend over and take a full round Hawk's uncut cock up his ass. Hawk's sweet balls slap and bounce as he bangs him. After Hawk releases his cum, he exits, leaving Eszterhazy to hop onto Morales' awaiting erection.

There are no establishing shots, but the movie's set is constructed like a sexclub. The events are paced in a fluid way to actually simulate what hot studs in such a place would do. The musical accompaniment from J.D. Slater is atmospheric, giving an isolated otherworldly feel, much like those places emanate.

But the best element is the absolutely electric performances coaxed out of the models, who are all true world-class sexualists.

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Ass Quest, Part 1 Photos:

Owen Hawk and Carlos Morales Watch on RagingStallion or Watch VOD
Owen Hawk opens for Carlos Morales
Rick Gonzales and Gabriel Sinclair Watch on RagingStallion or Watch VOD
Rick Gonzales pounds Gabriel Sinclair
Carlos Morales, Justin Christopher, Remy Delaine enjoy three way Watch on RagingStallion or Watch VOD
Ass Quest Three Way: Carlos Morales, Justin Christopher, Remy Delaine
Justin Christopher and Remy Delaine Watch on RagingStallion or Watch VOD
Justin Christopher impales Remy Delaine

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