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Asses Full of Cum

Ben Baird
SX Video  
Diego Cruz , Dorian Black , , Jeremy Black , Leo Rivera , , Michael Kadin , , Nathan Woods
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Asses Full of Cum

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Miguel Temon leaves asses full of cum.

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Kings of needle-pointed titles for their superb line of raw and sexy movies, SX Video have returned with the aptly named Asses Full Of Cum, a 90 plus minute bareback romp with a host of regular SX Video faces as well as some hot newcummers in four scenes that range from two ways to five ways. And as the title of the movie suggests the four models selected as the bottoms are positively overflowing with man juice by the time the action is over.

Making sure to start big and getting straight into some hardcore action we find the sex starved Latino bottom Diego Cruz (Raw from SX Video), already naked and spread out on the bed, with four studly models encircling him.

Surrounding this cock slut are the cutely handsome and abundantly hung top Miguel Temon (Straight Men Fuck and Suck as Miguel Teman), inked black skinhead hottie Leo Rivera, the slender dark-haired Dorian Black and the Adonis-like visage of Michael Kadin (Monster Cocks 2) who is first to slip his member in Cruz' willing mouth while the other guys spank his bare ass and play with his hole.

Diego Cruz gets his ass full of cumWatch on or Watch Now
Diego Cruz bottoms for Miguel Temon, Leo Rivera, Michael Kadin, and Dorian Black

Cruz moves around lustfully and sucks on Temon while the bulging headed cock of Black slides snuggly inside Cruz' back passage and gets his raw hole nice and loose with a relentless deep pounding.

I wanna get fucked by Miguel Timon! Cruz already sounds wet in there when Temon slips inside in one eyewatering movement from tip to balls, and this is only cock number two. The guys continue to take it in turns till Cruz has had every one of their bare cocks deep inside his hole. While Cruz takes Kadin in his ass and sucks on Rivera like his cock is the tastiest lollipop he's ever tried, Black acts like and all around fluffer, using his hunger for cock to keep all the guys nice and hard for Cruz' willing hole.

Cruz gets twenty minutes of absolutely relentless brutal fucking before the tops are ready to cum.

And staying true to the title of the movie one by one the guys squirt their seed on Cruz well screwed mancunt, using their cocks to fuck it all deep inside his shute so that by the time Rivera starts going at him again it starts oozing out down Rivera's shaft. Black is the last to give him a load and the intense close up shows just how nasty and wet his asshole is... Cruz is so fucking horny his fat as fuck cockhead shoots reams of cum all over himself while the tops surround him from above and wave their still hard cocks in his face.

Next we have the rather intense coupling of debut fresh faced bottom Vincent Drake, and his initiator into raw sex, the tattooed and always up for it Mr. Luke Cross from Cum In My Hole Boss!. Drake, although anally a vigin is no stranger to cocksucking it seems, taking to it like a duck to water, getting Cross rock hard and moaning like he's in 7th heaven.

The duo share an extended sixty-nine session that really gets Drake going and Cross makes sure his ass is nice and hungry by giving him an intense rim job. Drake spreads his legs and impales himself on Cross who is on the couch below him ready to get in there nice and deep, and the resulting explosive shagging shows you don't need five guys in a scene for it to be fucking hot.

Cross fucks him every way he can think of, sweaty, pounding, noisy sex, and when Drake has jizzed all over himself Cross seeds his hole, then has his bottom friend suck his cock clean.

Jeremy Blair gets double fucked

Black is back in the next scene, macking on "Rob Lowe" double Jeremy Blair. Temon joins in with his beautifully think dark uncut meat which bottom boy Blair slurps on eagerly.

He has a nice smooth ass begging to be fucked, and Black gets to lubing it up, using his fingers to work the hole open for their pleasure. Temon says "stop messing around, fuck him" and with that Black stuffs his uncovered cock deep inside Blair's boyish butt. With a cock in each end Blair is spanked, fucked and absolutely used, his ass and face both flushed red from the sweet abuse of these tops.

Temon's cock only stretches him wider and deeper, and after a few trade offs he's taking it all the way up to the balls. Blair's legs are thrown back over his head and the tops bounce in and out of his ass like they're riding a trampoline. Temon mutters hot little dirty commands and phrases throughout that only add to the intensity of the scene.

And when Black is getting close he revs up his thrusts like crazy, pulling out to unleash a tidal wave of spunk all over, then inside, Blair's well abused hole. Temon's orgasm is no less impressive – thick wads of cum flying all over Blair's ass, and then violently puashed up into him with Temon's cockhead. Black gets so excited he re-enters Blair and quite literally fucks the cum out of him.

Nathan Woods fills Ian Jay full of cum

The final scene has blond barebacker Ian Jay put though his paces with the gargantuan snake that's between the legs of hot black skinhead newcomer top Nathan Woods. Thank god Jay is a pro, because that thing is absolutely fucking huge but goddamn if he doesn't get is all the way down his throat a few times (it's really got to be seen to be believed).

Jay admits he might not be able to take it all in his ass, but that doesn't stop Woods from bending him over and giving his closely shaved ass a good tonguing. He works Jay open with his fingers for some time, and then starts rubbing his ebony cock around his hole, finally positioning it for entry and pushing inside, proving if anyone can take it, Ian Jay can.

Woods is kind to him though, probably well aware what his meat is capable of, and he's pretty gentle at first, having him lay on his front on the bed, but soon he's riding Jay like the pussy boy he is, only pausing to give his mouth another taste before upending him, making him sit on his cock in both directions until Jay's hole has been taken to it lengthy limits.

Woods bends his bottom over the bed and shoots a nice wet load all over his back, re-entering Jay to make sure his ass is full of cum, and it absolutely is...

Asses Full Of Cum is another fine what it says on the tin depraved release from SX Video. Fans of their movies will certainly be happy with the new faces, asses and cocks of these models being enjoyed by such porn gods as Temon and Kadin. And as for that mouth and eye watering final "foot long" scene, no self respecting size fetishist should pass this one by. The DVD has scene access, a generous helping of 10 hardcore trailers and the erotic peddling of sex toys from many cast favorites. Don't be surprised to see more Asses Full Of Cum quite soon...

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Asses Full of Cum Photos:

Luke Cross barebacks Vincent DrakeWatch on or Watch Now
Vincent Drake rides Luke Cross
Nathan Woods barebacks Ian JayWatch on or Watch Now
Ian Jay rides Nathan Woods
Miguel Temon leaves asses full of cumWatch on or Watch Now
Miguel Temon, Jeremy Blair, Dorian Black

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