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Assassin (Michael Lucas)

Michael Lucas mr. Pam
Lucas Entertainment  
Adam Killian , Brad Star , , Cliff Jensen , Drew Cutler , Junior Stellano , Michael Lucas , , Steven Daigle , Wilfried Knight
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Assassin (Michael Lucas)

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Michael Lucas Comes Just Before The Kill

Reviewed by on - 4.0 Out of 5 Stars

Michael Lucas is an emotionless, profit-driven, man-killing robot.

At least that is what his critics might say. And this also describes his character in the title role of the major 2011 gay porn movie Assassin. Following a good story from screenwriter Nate MacNamara, the movie begins with an immaculately dressed Lucas quietly peeling through a deck of playing cards. These cards tell him who's number is about to be up.

He hunts them down, shoots them in cold blood and leaves. Things change when he loses his ice cold attitude after meeting Adam Killian, who we're pleased to report gives the porn performance of his career. Who would have thought we would be so impressed with porn star Adam Killian in this movie? He's shown up in everything lately, it seems. After seeing him in many recent movies - from Lucas Entertainment's All Star Studs to watching him Raising the Bar over at Channel 1 - he's become very prolific.

Brad Star and Junior StellanoWatch Now or
Brad Star fucks Junior Stellano
(In the porn business, this kind of frequent casting typically indicates a model who is not only good looking and sexy, but also reliable and shows up to work on time. This is also why Marilyn Monroe didn't make very many movies.) Killian's final scene in the movie with Michael Lucas is fantastic. Their chemistry is visibly obvious, right down to Killian confessing "I love you" while Lucas is fucking him.

Assassin is not as ambitious as some of Lucas' earlier signature films, like Michael Lucas' Gigolo, but it is a nice change from so much of today's paint by numbers loop sex scenes. (We've devolved back to the late 1970s, folks)

Junior Stellano Is Doomed

The Assassin DVD consists of five sex scenes, the first being particularly explosive - in the backroom office of a New York night club, Junior Stellano gets naked with the still completely stunning Brad Star. (Star's career is now so big it even includes the big budget Michael Lucas movie La Dolce Vita.

Junior Stellano is part of the recent wave of muscled, heavily tattooed European porn stars which have been taking up everyone's attention. He had a major role in last year's porn Kings of New York. But for this scene we could not keep out eyes off of Star.

Stellano gives Star a fantastic blowjob. Next they sixty-nine on top of the desk. Then Star rolls on a condom and proceeds to fuck Stellano's ass, who backs up to meet his thrusts. After that, they flip flop. It's a sweaty, moan-filled start. So anyway, apparently Lucas wasn't impressed because shortly afterwards he walks in and pumps Stellano full of lead.

It is here that Lucas and Killian lock eyes. Also, it's worth pointing out that throughout all of this sex and violence, the band playing in the night club led by musician Ari Gold.

Meanwhile, over at another bar, Stellano's enemies celebrate the news that their nemesis has been assassinated. Rafael Alencar uses this as an opportunity to get into the pants of everyone's type blond, Braxton Bond. Bond has enjoyed a good run in movies, starting in the lead role of Jett Black's Falcon movie Dare.

Brad Star and I are going to be fucking the shit out of each other in my office. - Junior Stellano He has a nice tight body and a curved dick. All of this gets completely crushed during his heavy manhandling from Alencar, who takes the opportunity to fuck him enthusiastically over a pool table. This is followed by a lengthy DP sequence with Alencar's snake-like cock and an equally matched dildo. Alencar leaves Bond's hole so wide you could drop dollar coins in there. He cums a huge money shot on the bottom's boots, which he proceeds to lick back up.

Wilfried Knight Is a Crooked Cop

What's next in this cynical tale of sex and crime? Crooked cops led by Wilfried Knight. We also meet detective Steven Daigle finding himself after work at Cliff Jensen's bar seeking a strong cocktail. And the bar is empty of customers. And the crafty Jensen is totally up for getting his police friend drunk on vodka so he can fuck him.

Jenson's a rising star right now in the porn world, and it's easy to see why. He's a sex machine, which Daigle is happy to take for a lengthy spin. After sucking and ass eating, Daigle crouches over the bar and sticks his ass out. Jensen slides in giving him a fine five-star ass fuck, frequently playing with Daigle's loaded pistol in the process. Daigle cums on Jensen's hairy leg, followed by the top unloading thick white cream into the bottom's mouth. Whew! He has a powerful weapon. He charges a million a shot.

After this, we find that detective Wilfried Knight has a finger in the pie, if by pie you mean porn star Drew Cutler. He and Cutler meet behind closed doors where they compare notes on how to cover up the investigation, followed by a rousing man fuck punctuated by lots of kissing, gagging and spit.

Wilfried Knight has made many great porn videos. This time he's shows that he's still on top of things by getting right on top of Mr. Cutler, who proved here to be a bad boy bottom whose really begging for it.

As mentioned earlier, the movie finishes on a surprisingly sensual note, departing from the sweaty, grunting dirty talk scenes making up the earlier scenes of the movie. Killian tracks down the assassin, where they make love in a long, nicely paced sequence that ultimately builds to a volcanic climax.

Watching Assassin is in small part a relief. Michael Lucas shows that he's still willing to create a plot-driven gay porn movie, which nowadays is highly risky. Lucas maintains his lead as one of the porn industry's chief innovators.

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Assassin (Michael Lucas) Photos:

Rafael Alencar and Braxton BondWatch Now or
Rafael Alencar and Braxton Bond
Adam Killian and Michael LucasWatch Now or
Adam Killian loves Michael Lucas
Cliff Jensen fucks Steven DaigleWatch Now or
Cliff Jensen behind Steven Daigle

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