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Ass Stretcher 5 & Ass Stretcher 6 (Planta Rosa Productions)
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W A T C H  Y O U R   F A V O R I T E    P O R N

Ass Stretcher 5 & Ass Stretcher 6

Macho Fucker
Planta Rosa Productions  
Movie Series
Ass Stretcher
Alex , Angelo (II) , Ben , Gilo , Igor , Jermaine , Jorge , Kid Chocolate , Leon , Marco , Nick , Peto , Quawn , Ruben , Santiago , Seth , Tarik , The Champ
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Ass Stretcher 5 & Ass Stretcher 6

Love is in the air at MachoFucker

Reviewed by on - 4.0 Out of 5 Stars

Love is in the air once again at the filming studios of Macho Fucker, and Treasure Island Media is thrilled to bring it all to us in beautiful, oozing wide-screen color. Recent years have made the Ass Stretcher series one of porn's most recognized and popular. The success of this series is not that everything is filmed bareback. It's success is in the spectacular depictions of tops with giant cocks relentlessly hammering the open butts of squirming bottoms.

Several years ago, Raging Stallion Studios released a line of movies which successfully captured this technique - the Monster Bang series. When Michael Brandon led Monster Bang, they were the kings of this Grand Ass Slam genre. However, Brandon is no longer with Raging Stallion, and Treasure Island's Ass Stretcher line has firmly eclipsed them at the summit of this mountain. Let's first take in Ass Stretcher 5.

Ass Stretcher 5

Ass Stretcher 5 brings back the top Igor, photographed on the boxcover. Thanks to the Ass Stretcher series has become an international fuck machine sensation. There are also other enjoyable return performances sprinkled through-out, such as the towering Black stud Alex from Ass Stretcher 3, and more. Other returning themes include models wearing dark sunglasses, blindfolds and caps.

The actions starts off with a bald Black man named Kid Chocolate, who pounds his uncut, thick tool into the sumptuous boybutt of Gilo, a seemingly bottomless little bottom who first appeared in Ass Stretcher 3. Considering that in his first show he was split apart by Treasure Island's popular stallion Jerry Stearns, seeing this leads us to conclude that Gilo's special appetite for gigantic Black men knows no bounds.

Gilo hangs onto the side of the couch, his face transfixed off into a higher plane of existence while Kid Chocolate hammers away. Gilo's small little butt gets pushed and pulled in all directions like a latex balloon. A perfect set of opposites, their coupling is a perfect start to the film.

Gilo and Kid Chocolate in Ass Stretcher 5 Watch on MachoFucker or Watch VOD
Gilo sucks Kid Chocolate
As mentioned earlier, Alex returns. He looks overjoyed to be returning to show the world his favorite toy, the happy snake that lives between his legs. When he's not bouncing it around, it's slithering in and out of Leon's various holes. Leon looks at it longingly, bending down to suck it. Alex places his hands behind Leon's head and face-fucks him.

Finally the time comes for some serious ass collision. Alex places the bottom on his stomach, and hammers away at ramming speed. Leon's enthusiasm is obvious by his own hard cock sticking out from under a pillow throughout the fuck scene.

If anyone wants to take lessons his how to fuck ass, watch Alex's show. The only slightly odd thing here is that the top keeps his mouth open most of the time, and he's very interested in whatever lurid entertainment seems to be playing on a nearby television. Could we maybe get a peek at what it is? Alex pulls out suddenly to show the camera a direct-on money shot, and sticking it back inside a bit afterwards. But when he's done, he's done.

Alex reappears immediately for the next episode. (I guess he really wasn't done) This time he sinks his manhammer into the sweet ass of Gilo, the fuck toy from scene one. So far, both models have been our favorites for Ass Stretcher 5, so it's a nice surprise to see them form their own more perfect union together. Alex pounds away as Gilo squirms all over this same lucky couch which has been the setting for the movie's scenes. Alex fucks him, and presents his creamy money shot the exact same way as in the previous episode.

Next comes another intense scene, this time between two light-skinned Spaniards: the horse hung Santiago and the cock hound Marco. There will be a lot of bottoms out there who will swoon over Santiago. He's masculine, strong and totally in control. He's a total toro.

Marco seems happy getting banged in just about any position which the top twists him into. At length, there is a great shot of Marco with one foot raised up on a table balancing himself on his other foot while Santiago fucks him doggie. They end up finishing on the Macho Fucker sex couch.

Immediately afterwards the movie cuts to the grinning Igor pounding his meat into Nick's ass. No foreplay. No setup. He's thrusting away while the bottom hangs on for dear life. Igor does his usual interactions with the camera - waving the cameraman closer into the action, muttering words out loud and basically showing off.

Their highlight is a gripping sequence showing Igor drilling the bottom flat on his back. It's amazing watching what all Nick's ass can take. Igor cums by shooting into the bottom's mouth.

The movie ends with two new guys - A muscular top named Tarik, and a submissive bottom named Ruben. Tarik has a big and thick one, which he waves around and shows off frequently in the midst of power fucking the bottom's ass.

Santiago and Marco in Ass Stretcher 5 Watch on MachoFucker or Watch VOD
Santiago drills Marco

Ass Stretcher 6

Ass Stretcher 6 actually takes the heat of the fifth installment and cranks it up several notches. Igor reappears for this first episode to show off his cock some more, throwing a nice opening fuck into Ben, who bent over the now famous "Macho Fucker couch" gets drilled with his cut open shorts hanging off of his torso the entire session.

The next episode, Raw Barcelona is a very hot exchange between two Catalonian studs: the long and thick Peto, who fucks the hell out of a muscular bottom named Jorge. (These are porn stars Peto Coast and Jorge Ballantinos, who seperately turn in hot sex in Eric's Raw Fuck Tapes #4. Peto actually does what most of the Ass Stretcher tops avoid, intersperse his hard fucking in with occasional passionate kissing and tactile touching. Perhaps this particular pair of models are real time lovers.

After fucking him, Peto shoots a hot load of white cum into the bottom's mouth.

After this, we're back to the humongous Black guys. The Champ is a tall and thin guy whose huge thick cock is crowned at the base by a pair of tightly clutched balls. He throws the entire length into the ass of Marco, who we know from watching in the fifth DVD that he can take all manner of dick inside him with astonishing ease.

Repeated hammering with The Champ's giant pole produces easy going smiles from his face. The Camp finally pulls out, shows the camera his money shot and stick it back inside.

After this we move to a new set where both models appear to be English-speaking. Seth is billed as a cute frat boy who seems slightly shy at the black man in front of him waving his dick around in the air. Qwan seems very easy going, and he loves fucking young white boys. He lubes up the bottom's butt, opens it up and climbs right on.

Qwan fucks him long and hard in lots of hot positions. He ultimately jacks off, cumming all over himself, which Seth licks off.

Next up comes a hot Domincan couple, Angelo and Jermaine. Neither of these two appeared in the steamy Ass Stretcher 4: Caribbean Beat, however they both appear to be very sexy Blatinos.

Angelo, a total show off with spider web tattoos along both arms, his back and chest, puts bottomboy Jermaine through a dizzying array of hard fucking positions. Angelo is a slap-your-ass, demanding top, which sometimes seems to take Jermaine off-guard, but he complies.

These two fuck all over a large bed in a bedroom that has been draped in large white sheets. Angelo fucks him, cums, reinserts and heads to the shower, his dick still fully hard where he exclaims, "Hasta la vista, baby!"

Ass Stretcher 6 reaches its conclusion with top man favorite Alex showing up to ram apart Ben's black hole. He fucks him until he leaves his very creamy. He lays dawn catching his breath, happily exhausted. Viewers of these unceasing, seemingly indefatigable macho fuckers should feel the same way.

The Ass Stretcher movies are playing right now on the relentlessly hot MachoFucker website.

Ass Stretcher 5 & Ass Stretcher 6 Photos:

Macho Fucker Igor fucks in Ass Stretcher 5 Watch on MachoFucker or Watch VOD
Igor tops Nick
Angel and Jermaine in Ass Stretcher 6 Watch on MachoFucker or Watch VOD
Angel tops Jermaine
Ben and Alex in Ass Stretcher 6 Watch on MachoFucker or Watch VOD
Ben sucks Alex
Peto and Jorge in Ass Stretcher 6 Watch on MachoFucker or Watch VOD
Peto tops Jorge

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