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Ass Stretcher 4: Caribbean Beat (Planta Rosa Productions)
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W A T C H  Y O U R   F A V O R I T E    P O R N

Ass Stretcher 4: Caribbean Beat

Macho Fucker
Planta Rosa Productions  
Movie Series
Ass Stretcher
Adriano , Cayo , Enigma , Jack , Pablo , Ruff Rider , Zulu
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Ass Stretcher 4: Caribbean Beat

The Ass Stretcher series hits a Caribbean beat

Reviewed by on - 4.0 Out of 5 Stars

The sexual film geniuses at Machofucker.com have released a fourth installment of their Ass Stretcher movie series. How does it measure up in this popular series?

Ass Stretcher 4 may be the best so far, particularly if you like men of color. The DVD is sub-titled Caribbean Special, so the cast appears to be Dominican guys, a tough, attractive set of men with phalluses the size of palm trees.

Way back in 1989, Kristen Bjorn ventured over to film in Hispanola, and the guys here look very much like the big coffee colored men in his classic Caribbean Beat.

In a nice move, these guys were not hired simply for their giant cocks. These studs are fucking hot, often in the detached gay for pay variety, glancing at some equally vicious straight porn playing on a nearby screen, not skipping any beats as they pound the bottom's butt like they would a girl's pussy.

A hat tip should also go to Ass Stretcher 4's star bottom, a small latin number named Cayo. He gets it in three of the episodes, showcasing his amazingly accommodating ass. He's a small guy, where does all that meat and cum go? Watch and find out.

First up, Cayo warms up Pablo, a stone faced Black hunk who sports a dark cap and even darker, thick sunglasses. His thick meat comes wrapped in an equally thick foreskin that bunches up above the head.

He works Pablo's penis up to a full erection, a powerful instrument. Then he spreads wide for Pablo's powerful pounding. The only disappointment is the comparatively small money shot that Pablo shoots on Cayo's leg. After cumming, the top rolls over without a word and goes to sleep. Apparently, Caribbean men aren't too much different from all the others.

Cayo and Pablo in Ass Stretcher 4 Watch on MachoFucker or Watch VOD
Cayo sucks Pablo
The second scene is such a tease. (But a tease in a good way) Enigma is a beefy, muscular giant of a man, first seen standing playing with himself as a cigarette smolders in his left hand. His arms are as big as cannons, and a gold chain dangles down to his perfect pecs.

Where can I get a pair of Macho Fucker sunglasses? Imagine the excitement reading the opening sub-title Enigma fucks Cayo. Cayo seems totally up for it too, but unfortunately he ends up just sucking him off. Now as far as sucking goes, this is is a top flight episode of oral sex.

Watch in awe as Enigma's uncut cock blossoms into a heavy, leaning cudgel. It leans to the left from its top heavy weight, touching his smooth upper leg. His balls are huge.

Cayo gets into his lap, wrapping his lips around it. Enigma uses both of his hands to push Cayo's mouth up and down his dick. Enigma takes his time enjoying his cigarette.

Pretty soon, Enigma erupts a ton of white cum, filling Cayo's mouth and running down his own dick, as his entire body spasms from head to toe. Unquestionably one of the very best oral scenes filmed this year.

After this, the producers let poor Cayo take a well deserved break, and we meet a new bottom named Adriano. He is a bigger guy with fairer skin indicating more Spanish or Portuguese blood. His body is longer and more curved, and his ripe ass looks fantastic. Adriano lives up to all of the high standards invoked so far by Cayo.

Adriano gets a complete work over by Zulu, a sexy black man with a thick baseball bat piece of meat and shaved pubes.

Macho Fucker Rough Rider tops in Ass Stretcher 4 Watch on MachoFucker or Watch VOD
Rough Rider points into Jack
Zulu probes Adriano's hole with several fingers, sizing up his target. The bottom holds his own right leg up at a 90 degree angle into the air, holding it high Zulu gets started. This allows Zulu to literally fuck the Hell out of him, the bottom moans and hisses, urging him on.

The hottest visual shows Adriano on his stomach, ass perched up getting plowed. He grips the bed sheets with both hands, gritting his teeth. Zulu doesn't stop either, blowing his entire orgasm deep inside Adriano without missing a beat. Zulu removes his cock from Adriano's round, melon shaped butt, which soon emits a ton of fresh jizz when it releases muscle pressure.

Both guys just stand idle, exhausted.

Powertop Rough Rider is a Macho Fucker

After this, the movie introduces its hottest top: the Nike cap wearing Ruff Rider, an amazing papi chulo who wields his extraordinarily long dong like a dangerous broadsword. (Mr. Rider performs as Francisco Macedo in Alexander Video's Tommy Lima in Brazil movies.) He wastes little time sinking its length into Jack's ass, who functions almost entirely as a prop for Ruff Rider's amusement. His face is barely seen, instead the camera stays transfixed almost exclusively on Ruff Rider and his fucking dick, pulling it out frequently to wave it around in front of the camera.

By the time we finally get to Jack's face, he's pretty cute! He sucks on Rough Rider's dick as much as possible, who seems most content face fucking him to the point of gagging.

A wonderfully long closing sequence shows Rough Rider giving Jack another anal go around, banging him doggie style. His broadsword literally sings as he carves the bottom through a round circle of positions. Often glancing into the camera while fucking, his expression says "See this? You're next!" He completely dominates Jack, who ends up soaked in the top's sweat and cum.

Can Ass Stretcher 4 keep this momentum? Amazingly, yes. The reason being Ruff Rider closes the film in the two subsequent scenes.

Proudly smiling and strutting, the producers might be saying that Ruff Rider is the end all be all top man macho fucker in porn. Could they be right? He throws just as hot a fuck into Adriano's purt, man butt as he did with Jack earlier.

The DVD box cover photo is harvested from this episode. Adriano could be one of those bottoms who insist on internal cumshots, because he gets away with the same this here. Ruff Rider lays his body on top of Adriano, pumping him slowly, going until he finally mutters something out loud. Then he begins moaning breathlessly, all the time keeping his cock buried inside to his balls.

Rough Rider removes his cock for another unforgettable visual of thick cum running out of a pair of perfect buns.

The film finishes on a stellar note - Cayo gets tag teamed by Rough Rider and the returning Zulu. The bottom's stamina here is awe inspiring, taking the long sequences of relentless fucking with complete ease.

Both power tops expertly finish off both the bottom and the film in a stunning climax.

Without question, Ass Stretcher 4: Caribbean Special is our favorite film in this series to date. Relentless and endowed, there is not a dull moment whatsoever. Nor is there a bad face in the bunch. Rough Rider is a high octane powertop fucker who should explodes on the screen, and the beautiful butt of Adriano is equally incendiary. We only wish that enigmatic Enigma had shown off his own fucking skills.

The Ass Stretcher movies are playing right now on the relentlessly hot MachoFucker website.

Ass Stretcher 4: Caribbean Beat Photos:

Rough Rider and Adriano in Ass Stretcher 4 Watch on MachoFucker or Watch VOD
Rough Rider enters Adriano
Macho Fucker Zulu and Adriano Watch on MachoFucker or Watch VOD
Zulu tops Adriano
Pablo and Cayo in Ass Stretcher 4 Watch on MachoFucker or Watch VOD
Pablo opens Cayo

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