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Ass Stretcher 2 & Ass Stretcher 3

Macho Fucker
Planta Rosa Productions  
Movie Series
Ass Stretcher
Alex , Carlos Leon , Claude , Gilo Gonzalez , Hector , Igor , Jerry Stearns , Jiggy Man , Lucas , Luis , Marco , Tausamayo Hernaes , Thomas , Victor Toro
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Ass Stretcher 2 & Ass Stretcher 3

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Macho Fucker's Ass Stretcher Tour de Force

Reviewed by on - 4.0 Out of 5 Stars

Perhaps one of the best marriages ever witnessed is Paul Morris' Treasure Island Media with the Barcelona based sex site In a world where butt boys are simple husks for enormously endowed men, all ecstatic fuckings that end with seeded holes, it is as if the perfect erotic drawings of Tom of Finland have finally come alive on video.

The cast of the Ass Stretcher films appear to be a unique collection of European men as well as black guys from America. Viewers will hear models and the director chatting in a mishmash of Spanish, English and French. First up, let's look at Ass Stretcher 2.

Ass Stretcher 2

The guy that everyone is talking about from these movies is the engaging Igor. He wields his huge cock around like it is his favorite toy. While ramming his dick in butts he looks into the camera and says in a heavy accent, "Like it? You're next!"

Lucas is a nicely tattooed muscle bottom who leisurely steps out of his underwear, climbs atop Igor, and slides down the length of his pole. His butt's ease of accommodation is stunning to watch. After getting slammed in two positions, Lucas deep throats his beautiful cock, which sport a wire thin black cock ring around the base.

Igor sprays a king sized load in the bottom's mouth.

After this, French bottom Claude returns from the first Ass Stretcher movie to put in an encore performance with Treasure Island's own stallion Jerry Stearns (Breading Season. Claude unpacks Stearns' erection out of his jeans like it is a powerful loaded gun. After sucking it, he slides easily into Claude's cavernous hole, taking it tightly to the balls in long scenes of fucking.

Stearns pounds him until he pulls out, jacks out a load and sticks it back inside to fuck Claude until he cums. (One of the rarer sights is to see the bottom actually pleasure himself to cumming.)

Igor and Lucas in Ass Stretcher 2 Watch on MachoFucker or Watch VOD
Igor pounds Lucas in Ass Stretcher 2
Hustlers in Ass Stretcher 2 Watch on MachoFucker or Watch VOD
Marco's Hustlers in Ass Stretcher 2
One of the many joys of the Ass Stretcher movies is that is easily shirks the usual "Paint by Numbers" construction that straight jacket so many porn movies. The next segment begins with the camera showing the door to a hotel room swinging open. A long black erection invites us inside, where the jock strap wearing Marco is already in the midst of taking a huge black guy up his ass.

The segment, titled Marco's Hustlers, is an amazing three-way in which Marco's face beams brightly. He often looks into the camera with the expression that he is totally turned on. The black guys are never credited but they are built like major league football players, splitting Marco open with their huge bananas.

Another wild episode shows the breathless screwing of latin boy Luis by Hector, another white European with a penis the size of an arm. Like Igor, Hector enjoys smoking a cigarette either before the sex or while he gets his dick sucked.

Luis is a small guy, it sometimes looks like Hector's totem pole cock is impaling the poor boy, splitting him in half. But like all the bottoms, Luis takes it with no problem, actually reaching around with his hand to push the top harder into him. Hector leaves his butt dripping in cum.

Jiggy Mann (UK Beef Bangers) is classic Treasure Island. His down turned penis is the size and shape of an elephant's trunk. His black dreadlocks hang down so long they almost reach his ass. But what people react to the most about Mr. Mann is his dominating sex role commanded by his non-stop raunchy mouth that borders on the demeaning.

Thomas is a hot little boy whose ass gets pounded into absolute destruction. Brace yourself.

Happy go lucky Igor returns for the last scene of the movie, lifting the tone up from the punishing frequencies of the previous episode. He face fucks a very sweet looking, muscular black guy named Ruben. Ruben gives the tastiest blowjob of the entire film, which really has instead focused on relentless anal sex.

Pulling down Ruben's underwear for him, Igor goes to town his buns throwing him another spectacular fuck. "I will fuck you!" he exclaims, often pulling his cock completely out and reinserting it. This goes on through numerous positions, all lengthy shots of all out power fucking.

Igor is one of the most impressive sex stars to come along in awhile.

Macho Fuckers Luis and Hector Watch on MachoFucker or Watch VOD
Luis sucks Hector in Ass Stretcher 2

Ass Stretcher No. 3

Fans of the Ass Stretcher series will be delighted to see that the third installment continues with the amount of humongously hung bareback heat, and it includes what are now the familiar faces of insatiable performers. Igor the playful top, Claude the passive megabottom and Jiggy Mann the ruthless boss return for the six scene DVD.

The movie is also a bonanza for fans of interracial sex involving combinations of Black, Latino and White guys. Kudos to Macho Fucker and Treasure Island for shunning racially segregated films.

The movie starts with the impetuous Igor waiting patiently, staff hard, while his new bottom (Carlos) finishes his cigarette. Once finished, he smiles as he lathers lube on Igor's dick and bends over. Igor fucks him so hard you can hear the slapping sounds of their skin over the audible din of some Spanish language television programme.

Carlos keeps his butt perfectly poised for pummeling as he cries out, clutching the pillow.

Some of the Black tops in these movies go incognito, wearing sunglasses and often caps in their scenes. In the second episode, Claude appears to service the massively hung "Killa." Starting by working his soft cock up to rock hard. Wearing cap and dark glasses, Killa silently hammers Claude's amazing fuckhole.

Claude is a rather noisy bottom, squealing like a pig from beginning to end, sometimes taking a break to sniff poppers. Killa curls him all around the bed like a soft pretzel, pounding him until he cums in his mouth, all without uttering a single sound.

After this, Igor is back, this time to hammer a French speaking dark guy named Victor. (Is he Black? Arab?) Igor hammers away in every imaginable position wearing himself out. He ultimately cums by lying down, Victor holding his cock to his lips as spurts of jizz fly out.

Macho Fucker Igor returns to hammer more ass. Next, muscle bottom Lucas returns for his encore performance, this time with a sexy Black guy from Cuba named Alex. Despite the fact that Alex cannot take his eyes off an off camera television set, he's a really hot fucker who pounds the bottom's brains out on a squeaky bed. Plus, the distracted nature of the top actually fits in well with the entire Macho Fucker ambiance.

Alex works up a heavy visible sweat, running down his neck and shoulders by the time he blows an internal cum shot deep inside Lucas' ass.

After this Stearns returns to heap a ton of verbiage and control top fucking onto the blindfolded Gilo. And the movie finishes with a hot pounding of Claude by the returning Alex.

The Ass Stretcher movies are playing right now on the relentlessly hot MachoFucker website.

Ass Stretcher 2 & Ass Stretcher 3 Photos:

Igor and Carlos in Ass Stretcher 3 Watch on MachoFucker or Watch VOD
Igor tops Carlos in Ass Stretcher 3
Alex and Lucas in Ass Stretcher 3 Watch on MachoFucker or Watch VOD
Alex tops Lucas in Ass Stretcher 3
Jerry Stearns tops Gilo Watch on MachoFucker or Watch VOD
Jerry Stearns tops Gilo in Ass Stretcher 3

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