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Ass Cruisin'

Chris Steele
Jet Set Men  
Aaron James , Dakota Rivers , , , Riley Burke , Rocco , ,
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Ass Cruisin'

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Aaron James Goes Ass Cruisin'

Reviewed by on - 4.0 Out of 5 Stars

In the new film Ass Cruisin', Jet Set's creative force Chris Steele returns to his favorite pastime: butt-watching. The movie is a showpiece for the studio's exclusive model Aaron James, who spends the entire film relentlessly picking up cute guys off the streets of West Hollywood, supplying his buddies with hot ass to screw in their pleasure palace homes.

James' fans will enjoy him in all the scenes, earning his wage pay admirably by topping and bottoming depending on his on-screen partner, as well as performing long sessions of dirty talk with his partners. His topping of porn star Jesse Santana at the film's end is certainly one of the high points of the year in skin cinema.

Speaking of Santana, Ass Cruisin' is the model's swan song for Jet Set, whose exclusive contract ended with this movie. Santana has sure come a long way, baby. In his career, he has moved from passive bottom to confident top. He scores two great scenes in this movie.

Aaron James and Riley BurkeWatch Now
Aaron James worships Riley Burke
In the current Jet Set style, the guys all are straight acting, dude next door hotties, who all love spending their idle afternoon tricking up a storm.

To start, James cruises down Santa Monica boulevard in a sporty American convertible where he coaxes Santana into his car for some fun. James brings Santana back to his place. It turns out that James is procuring for his buddy Rod Daily, a handsome, dark haired guy who recently has been performing over at Studio 2000. (Bar Trade)

James and Daily proceed to administer a complete grade A inspection on Santana's bubble butt. James glosses up Santana's ripe hole using a bottle of Uze lube (a well positioned product placement initiative)

Santana stays face down, ass up while the guys implant a small butt plug. Daily follows up by sucking on the bottom's hard cock. After performing in lots of films recently, Santana still claims the Butt of The Year Award.

James exits to go find more trouble, while Santana and Daily proceed to screw each other in an exciting display of high sexual versatility. Wearing only his tight black shirt, Daily rams Santana's ass long and hard. Santana then decides that it is time to return the favor.

With the help of that ever-present Uze lube, Santana takes his own turn inside Daily, actually putting in a very enthusiastic top man performance. Santana's thrusts hammering down into Daily are some of the hottest visuals of the film.

Daily dumps a humongous money shot all over his belly while getting fucked. He easily jacks out Santana's own hot load by the grip of his own hand.

Wolf Hudson's massive ass rimming

For the next episode, bad boy Wolf Hudson enjoys the ass rimming of a lifetime, thanks to James' skilled tongue. Their quick trick turns into one of Hudson's best on screen performances.

In a quiet area along the side of a house, the two get naked. Hudson returns the favor by giving James a very tasty blowjob. In the heat of the moment, Hudson persuades James to take his dick.

Bent over on his fours, James moans loudly to Hudson's thrusts. Hudson throws him a hot fuck, looking very hot with his black tank top pulled back behind his head. Then James climbs on top of Hudson's cock, bucking up and down furiously until he cums, another forced hand job given by his partner.

In the afterglow of their orgasms, James smiles and winks to the camera.

The star of Ass Cruisin' continues his street activities without skipping a beat. He persuades ChaosMen star Rocco into his convertible, even giving him the keys to let him drive. What confidence!

Aaron James orders Rocco to shoot cum all over his ass. Back at James' place, he proceeds to talk the the shy, girl lovin' Rocco through a very hot episode. James orders him to strip to his boxers, and show him his ass. After some posing, Rocco releases his long, snaking cock for the camera.

James and Rocco sit just several feet apart, never touching. Rocco clearly gets turned on to the fact that he's arousing James, not to mention the audience.

Finally James orders Rocco to beat off and shoot his cum all over his ass. Rocco leaves him squirming, naked on the floor, wallowing in it.

After this, James is back in his cruise mobile. He brings Jason White from Just Add Water home to Dakota Rivers, a bottle blond stud who loves getting serviced. James once again goes through his rap of commands, spending lots of time burying his face and tongue up far into White's hairy hole.

In a hot visual sequence, White lays on his back while Rivers holds the bottom half of his body up in the air with both arms, fucking him.

Aaron James gets some ass for himself

As soon as James is finished enabling Rivers to fully penetrate White, he leaves to "go get some ass for himself."

He meats sunglasses wearing Riley Burke as he crosses an intersection. Back at home, James immediately strips Burke down in the kitchen. (Yes, the same kitchen getting renovated in Code Violators)

James proceeds to give one more of his highly enthusiastically rimjobs in the movie. At this point, Santana appears in the doorway wearing nothing but a towel, announcing that he is still horny. Soon he's sliding his cock up inside Burke, topping him missionary. James next uses this opportunity to pound the daylights out of Santana. The sight of Santana spread wide, left leg raised high with James screwing him from behind makes a picture perfect snapshot.

All three guys enjoy a round of enthusiastic sex ending the film on the highest possible note. And James makes all his successful scoring look incredibly easy. All in a day's work!

Ass Cruisin' takes itself with a refreshing seriousness. It is not just a throw away title, like so many porn movies today. The movie casts its insatiable star out on a quest of butt-themed cruising, underscored by huge amounts of cheeky rimming and hard anal action.

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Ass Cruisin' Photos:

Aaron James bottomsWatch Now
Aaron James bottoms for Wolf Hudson
Wolf Hudson and Aaron JamesWatch Now
Wolf Hudson tops Aaron James
Dakota Rivers tops Jason WhiteWatch Now
Dakota Rivers tops Jason White
Dakota Rivers and Jason WhiteWatch Now
Dakota Rivers tops Jason White

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