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Ashton's Eleven

R. Brown
Eon Films  
Ashton Ryan , Damien King , JD Price , Jeremy Kirk , Shane Stone ,
OrgyTwinks, AmericanParody / Spoof

Ashton's Eleven

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Reviewed by on - 4.0 Out of 5 Stars

Cutie Ashton Ryan makes a welcome come-back in Ashton's Eleven, a five sex-scene frolic that is cast with a set of fresh-faced twink models all of whom are easy on the eyes. Waving away the current trend of plotless twink flicks, EON Films has done nicely differenciating itself from competitors with an amusing script that is an obvious send up of the popular Hollywood Ocean's Eleven movies.

The film begins with Ryan driving through Glittery-Gulch downtown Las Vegas right by the Four Queens. But they are all apparently all down on Paradise, as usual, so he continues driving on. The story starts with Ryan checking into a well-appointed hotel room for eleven nights.

While entering his hotel room, he is accosted by brunet Shane Stone (Twink 3). Apparently Ryan has a reputation for theft and stealing, and others seek to employ his skills to rob a casino. Ryan makes it clear how he stands on this by screwing Stone on the bed. After some hot cocksucking, they enjoy doggie-style anal action. Stone is a bottom who can throw his legs into a 180 degree wingspan pattern.

They finish with Ryan shooting his creamy load onto Stone's face. Once finished, the deception continues as Stone phones his friends so they can advance their conspiracy.

Jeremy Kirk and Tyler Mason (Dicks of Hazzard) can't even finish their dastardly preparations without getting frisky on the floor. Both models here are new faces who perform their sexual duet like dynamite. Dishwater blond Kirk has a nice fact cock and big, bouncy balls that slap all over Mason's lithe, little body. Mason is a small-framed, energetic bottom, who lights up the screen whenever his ass gets drilled.

Ashton Ryan behind Chad PhoenixWatch Now
Ashton Ryan behind Chad Phoenix
They screw in several positions until Mason jacks out a bunch of bottomboy cum, while Kirk just hammers away. Kirk then follows-up with his own creamy orgasm.

Old chum Chad Phoenix (Shane's Addiction) meets Ryan later, who in mere seconds starts sucking his cock. Ryan then proceeds to screw his brains out in an overstuffed chair. The blond Phoenix is a cutie bent over taking cock from behind. He verbally urges Ryan to hit him harder until he comes a multi-spurt orgasm all over the upholstery.

Tyler Mason leads the heist

The rest of the film involves a plot to steal $50 million from the Venetian, which is told nicely and involves some nice on-location shooting around several recognizable Vegas casinos. Phoenix and Mason return to distract security guard Damian King from his duties. After a full round of dick-sucking, they knock King unconscious and find the time for a hot one-on-one in the surveillance office.

Do Ashton Ryan and friends get the money? Phoenix is allowed to strut his top-man skills here with his ample cock, and Mason happily wields his bulbous bottom for the opportunity. Mason sticks his smooth buns out so Phoenix can douse it with a torrent of spooge.

The heist is a success, and the seven guys return to their headquarters for a celebratory orgy. As in previous scenes, Mason gets a cock up his ass, and he immediately lights up with electric energy, this time bouncing around on Ashton Ryan's cock. Phoenix takes Stone's ass out for a spin, as Kirk comes back for a topping of handsome blond J.D. Price. Beyond this point, the guys try out several additional combinations which is one of the reasons this particular on-screen orgy is successful. Blondie Price gets the Copious Cumshot Award of the group.

More Sex:
Tyler Mason shows that
You Love Jack
These boys are real handfuls
Ashton's Eleven is full of cute boys all eager to turn in enthusiastic sexual performances. They should also be complimented for the stamina to carry a story with dialogue. Not as sappy as twink video's like American Way: Lust, it's fun to watch and arousing from beginning to end. The viewer will be left wanting to see even more returns of Ashton Ryan, as well as his youthful, spunky friends.

Ashton's Eleven Photos:

Ashton Ryan behind J.D. PriceWatch Now
Ashton Ryan grinds into J.D. Price
The Ashton's Eleven OrgyWatch Now
The Ashton's Eleven Orgy Finale

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