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Army Fuckers

Vlado Iresch
Billy Jay , Daniel Nicolas , Eric Flower , Eric Power , Eric Tell , Joe Donovan , Kamil Fox , Nicolas Santos , Peter Totti , , , Sebastian Stone , Tobias Varez , Tom Nowy
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Army Fuckers

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Robbie Masters falls in love with Sebastian Stone during WW2 Eastern Europe

Reviewed by on - 4.0 Out of 5 Stars

Eurocreme/StudZ Productions gets high marks for taking its movie Army Fuckers and wrapping it with a nice, understandable storyline to supplement the film's hot sex. The time is in the middle of World War Two, when many young guys have left the city for refuge from military conscription, as well as to hide from the homophobic Nazis.

Army Fuckers tells the story of Robbie Masters, who has found escape on a small farm outside of Prague. He falls in love with his assigned roommate, the tall, dark and handsome Nicolas Santos. In a nicely written "come on" situation, Masters makes a gutsy move on Santos in bed. Santos accepts, in fact their one on one sexual encounter couldn't be a better sexual opener to the movie.

Pointing the Howitzers to Billy Jay

Kamil Fox in Army Fuckers Watch Now
Tom Novy and Robert Driveman surround Kamil Fox
Afterwards, we learn that the Nazis pick up Santos the following morning, and everyone on the farm is worried that their entire hide-out could get busted. Farm boss Billy Jay thinks that swarthy Tobias Varez tipped off the Gestapo. Varez insists that he didn't, emphasizing his honesty by throwing a hot fuck to the heavily hung Jay.

Varez doggies Jay over the couch, who wears his black shirt through the entire scene. Varez pulls out a drops a heavy dollop of white seed on Jay's lube stained ass. Then he makes Jay cum, followed by forcing him to promise sex in the future, otherwise he gets reported for harboring fugitives.

After this, Masters discovers Sebastian Stone hiding in the barn from the authorities. Masters ends up convincing the farm bosses to keep Stone, and he gets assigned to bunk with curly brunet Joe Donovan and Daniel Nicolas. Donovan reads aloud from a gay sexual novel, which inspires Stone and Nicolas to imitate what they are hearing read from the book.

After some hot oral foreplay, Donovan and Nicolas take full turns on topping Stone's ass. Nicolas plows him doggie style, followed by Stone riding atop Donovan's rigid cock. Stone gyrates up and down stroking his full erection. He gushes out a fantastic load while impaled. The tops follow with their own hot money shots.

Kamil Fox Distracts the German Army

Meanwhile, the German Wehrmacht has been closing in on the farm, dropping in, interrogating unfamiliar faces in the hopes of uncovering Stone. To throw the German dogs off the trail, Jay tosses them cutie Kamil Fox, one of Eurocreme's powerhouse bottomboys.

Fox's holes get completely ransacked by blond tops Tom Novy and Robert Driveman. Ah, to be the meat in the middle of a Tom Novy/Robert Driveman sandwich. After getting plowed by Novy, Driveman turns Fox around with both hands and arranges him into a missionary position on a convenient table.

Afterwards, it is Eric Flower's turn, giving a nice opportunity to watch the musclebottom (Backstage) strut his top man stuff. Flower looks so good, fellow storm trooper Eric Tell bends over, opens his lube slicked ass, and calls his friend over for some of the same attention. Their hot group session ends with lots of cum eating and gushing, highlighted by Tell's remarkable money shot that covers Flower's smooth chest.

After this some time passes, and Jay's brother (the fair haired Eric Power) enjoys a romantic love affair with handsome brunet Peter Totti (aka Carson Lane and Patton Hall in High Octane's footballers fantasy Score.

Power and Totti enjoy a very hot one-on-one in their bed in which Totti drills Power with his long cock. Power's own dong wags around visibly hard during much of the scene. Their sex frolic ends with two explosive orgasms in which Power squirts into his own mouth turned upside-down while getting fucked, followed by Totti unloads a giant multi-spurter all over his lover, landing in his mouth and seemingly everywhere else.

The film ends with star-crossed lovers Masters and Stone reuniting several years later. Stone escaped from the bad guys, and he is happliy reunited with his true love. They consummate their love with Stone throwing a sensuous screwing to Masters.

Granted, the storyline isn't exactly like that of a Margaret Mitchell epic, but kudos to the producers for investing the time and money into a nice story involving gay sex in the army. To people looking for their porn with a little story and weight, don't miss Army Fuckers.

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Army Fuckers Photos:

Sebastian Stone bottoms in Army FuckersWatch Now
Sebastian Stone sits on Daniel Nicolas
Joe Donovan standing
Eric Powers bottoms in Army FuckersWatch Now
Peter Totti tops
Eric Power
Peter Totti fucks Eric PowerWatch Now
Peter Totti tops Eric Power
Eric Flower fucks Eric TellWatch Now
Eric Flower tops Eric Tell

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