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Ari's Place

Chad Donovan
Studio 2000  
Andrew Phillips , Ari Bond , Brian Bodine , C.J. Madison , Damon Phoenix , , Marcos Pirelli , , Patrick Ross
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Ari's Place

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Come on down to Ari's Place!

Reviewed by on - 4.0 Out of 5 Stars

Ari's Place is a hot little movie featuring nice performances from a cast that includes several promising Studio 2000 exclusives, such as Brian Bodine and C.J. Madison.

The studio has a long tradition of finding hunky, total trade guys to star in their movies, such as Ace Hanson from their enjoyable Ace's Place. Perhaps Ari's Place is giving a nod to to this classic film's title. Here, the movie's title star, Ari Bond, is a sexy, straight looking guy with Israeli looks - he's hot, but be advised that unlike Ace Hanson or Adam Hart, here he only performs a solo at the movie's end.

However, looking past this and diving straight into the movie's action, there's lots here to really like.

Bond, apparently, is living the American dream. At the film's start he closes on the purchase of a house from realtor Eddie Stone (The Stone Age). Handing him the keys, Bond sets the stage for the entire cast to move in sexual hook-ups through his home, all the while painting the fixtures, repairing the plumbing and upgrading the kitchen.

C.J. Madison and Eddie StoneWatch Now
C.J. Madison kisses
Eddie Stone
First up, Matt Cole (Frisky Fans Interview) puts down some furniture to focus his attention on fellow worker Marcos Pirelli (Bedroom Eyes), a dreamy latino muscle bottom who looks absolutely superb. Cole grabs his ass, and soon his own thick cock is pulled out getting sucked.

In one engaging sequence, Cole eats out Pirelli's butt, his cheeks spread wide.

These two guys enjoy a wild session of sex on the stairs. Cole sinks his giant dick inside Pirelli's ass, who completely swallows the long thrusts. Both guys ooze sexual energy, putting in a performance that alone is worth the price of admission.

After topping him missionary on a convenient day bed, Cole blasts a multi-spurt orgasm over his moving man friend. Pirelli's thick load runs down his own hand.

After this, postal letter carrier Damon Phoenix (Bar Trade) trys to drop off some items specially marked for the new homeowner. Instead, he becomes enthralled with Brian Bodine's package bulging out of his work pants. Bodine remains standing on a ladder as Phoenix undresses him, beginning a long, silky blow-job on Bodine's impressive cock.

Their oral work arguably is the highlight of the scene. But watching Bodine drill the muscular Phoenix from behind does not disappoint. The combination of their body types: tall and lean to shorter and beefy, and especially black to white, clearly shows that Ari's new place is the place to be.

In an impressive finish, Bodine rains a splattery fountain of cum onto his own torso, followed by Phoenix's own hot jets of jism.

Next, one of the more humorous lead-up conversations of the movie starts an engaging sexual encounter in the kitchen. Someone, presumably director Chad Donovan, has coaxed the handsome Andrew Phillips (Try Me On For Size) out of retirement.

Wearing long bangs and a clean cut face, he throws a hot fuck to beefy bottom Patrick Ross. Ross spends his time riding Phillips' big shaft stretched out on the kitchen counter. Phillips finishes by shooting an impressive multi-spurt money shot that arcs up over Ross' hairy stomach and chest.

Eddie Stone Closes A Deal

After this, realtor Stone arrives at Ari's place with some paperwork. He ends up helping plumber C.J. Madison shove his snake into the bathtub drain. During the course of this, Stone gets soaked. At first angry, he becomes highly aroused by Madison.

Madison's body is big and hard, and his cock features a downward bend giving it a very special looking curve. It obviously feels very good on the prostate judging by the look on Stone's face. Stone first prepares him with hot oral sucking. Next, Madison eats Stone's ass.

Madison tops him bent over the sides of the bathtub, followed by Stone wanking out another one of the movie's impressive money shots.

The film ends with Bond strolling down into his living room to put on a solo performance. His eyes look on and he handles his meat in several body positions, at one point showing off the hairy crack of his ass.

Undoubtedly some will enjoy this look at the tradey solo of the film's cover star Ari Bond. Many more will enjoy the four one-on-one sex scenes with a strong, good looking cast in hot sexual situations.

Fans of Matt Cole, who recently retired, should not miss his high energy frolic with Marcos Pirelli.

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Ari's Place Photos:

Aris Place snapshotWatch Now
Matt Cole tops Marcos Perelli
Danny Phoenix bottoms for Brian BodineWatch Now
Danny Phoenix rides Brian Bodine
Brian Bodine fucks Danny PhoenixWatch Now
Danny Phoenix rides Brian Bodine
Ari BondWatch Now
Ari Bond

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