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A Rim with a View 2

Hands Solo
Not Into Bush Productions  
Ben Damon , Brad Benton , Doug Sheppard , Kyle Aames , Mark Cirriano , Mark Slade , Nick Mazzaro , Park Wiley , Scott Wilde , Ted Hunter , Tony La Rocco
Kink / SextoysUniformsRimmingHunksFetish: Jock Straps

A Rim with a View 2

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Brad Benton finds a Rim with a View

Reviewed by on - 4.0 Out of 5 Stars

The RimPerfect Rim Chair may be the strangest invention to come along since The Clapper. Basically a plastic toilet seat with legs, its the fashionable must-have for the rimming enthusiast. Right behind A Rim with A View comes number two in the series, simply titled A Rim With A View 2, where a bevy of booty-licious boys find new and interesting ways to use their own RimPerfect contraption.

After a titillating recap of all the scenes from the first flick, director Hands Solo tosses us right into the sequel, his opening featuring porn star Brad Benton (Pig Trough) and Park Wiley (Face Ryders). Benton, a model who just gets cuter and cuter with each successive film, seems to take the lead here, with Wiley trailing close behind. While scouting a new location for their next porn shoot (a not-so-clever ruse to get these two undressed and fucking) they stumble across a vacant RimPerfect and immediately put it to good use.

Benton is the first to plop himself in the chair, Wiley stretched out full length beneath him. Benton keeps his yellow jockstrap on, pressing his exposed hole firmly against Wileys upturned face. The close-up shots of the actual rimming are some of the best Ive come across, definitely in-your-face and graphic.

The lads eventually graduate to other forms of sexual gratification including Benton topping his buddy, but the highlight here is the rimming. Keep an eye out for the moment when Benton whips out a double-headed dildo.

Taking a seat in A Rim with a View 2Watch VOD
Tony LaRocco takes a
seat over Mark Cirrano
Director Hands Solo thankfully has the good sense to maneuver Mark Slade (At Large), the former straight porn model, into the RimPerfect with muscular Nick Mazzaro (Delinquents) squarely underneath. Slades hole is delightfully blonde and fuzzy, and Mazzaros bronze skin tone makes for a nice contrast. Again, the camera gets extraordinarily close to the rimming, closer than seems possible. After giving the RimPerfect a thorough test drive, Slade works Mazzaros hole over with a thin, Lucite dildo before topping him.

The RimPerfect Rim Chair may be the last thing youd ever expect to get as a wedding gift, but newlyweds Mark Cirriano (Subway Gang Bang) and Tony La Rocco are absolutely elated when they find one in their honeymoon suite. The gift wrapping immediately gets tossed on the floor so that La Rocco can take a seat on his new husbands face.

Like the Slade/Mazzaro pairing, its a sensual mix of a dark-haired stud, probably Italian (La Rocco) paired with a fair-skinned hottie. It would have been nice to have seen Cirriano take a spin on the RimPerfect, but moments after LaRocco vacates the chair, the pair is off to the shower for some very wet sex. Theres some excellent snapshots of Cirrianos dangerous looking uncut hose first fucking then spraying juice all over La Roccos lower back. La Roccos messy cumshot is also not to be missed.

Kyle Aames Three-Way

A threeway with Kyle Aames (Field of Creams), Scott Wilde, and Ben Damon rounds out A Rim With A View 2. Theres a bit of tongue-in-cheek humor before they get down to the nasty business of eating ass, the models preparing one anothers holes with a fictional product called Sphincterine (think Listerine, but for your shitter). Theres not a hairy one in the bunch all three are lean, pale, and smooth, with day-glo jockstraps to boot.

The RimPerfect is not the only toy used here. Wilde hauls out a penis pump and pumps himself into a frenzy while Damon sucks Aames. The rimming isnt as prominently featured here. This scene seems more about other kinds of toys than the RimPerfect itself. Twinky Kyle Aames, the slightest and palest of the trio makes a most unlikely top, slamming his pretty prick into Damon while Damon busies himself blowing Wilde. They eventually make a fuck chain where Wilde, too, can get something up his ass.

In many ways, Rim With A View 2 is stronger than the first flick and the models are certainly more appealing. The rimming in the first two segments is ferocious, and Brad Benton arguably turns in the finest performance with Mark Slade coming in a close second.

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A Rim with a View 2 Photos:

Brad Benton and Park WileyWatch VOD
Brad Benton and Park Wiley
Mark Cirrano and Tony La RoccoWatch VOD
Mark Cirrano behind Tony La Rocco
Kyle Aames and Ben DamonWatch VOD
Kyle Aames takes a seat
atop Ben Damon
Nick Mazzaro and Mark SladeWatch VOD
Nick Mazzaro and Mark Slade

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