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A Rim With A View

Hands Solo
Not Into Bush Productions  
Antonio York , Brandon James , Gavin Braun , Jack London , Justin , Lee Waters , Raul , Scott Mann
RimmingDaddies / MenFetish: Jock Straps

A Rim With A View

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RimPerfect's Rim Chair offers A Rim with a View

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RimPerfect's Rim Chair offers A Rim with a View

It's about time that ass munching met 21st century technology. I mean, I just love my new iPOD, my PDA, my wireless Internet. The technology front is just exploding with new and exciting possibilities. Well here comes the RimPerfect Rim Chair, marketed as "the Chair for when you care for back there." Who needs a Blackberry when you can sit your 21st century ass right down on a RimPerfect?

Actually, the RimPerfect Rim Chair is little more than a toilet seat with legs, but damned if that thing isn't precision tested for durability. In A Rim with a View, Brandon James invites Lee Walters over for a little ass lickin'; all that's needed to get things going is a pillow underneath the rimmer's head. Wearing a jockstrap, Walters puts his cute little rear right into this clever little device and James goes to town. Oddly enough, Walters does keep his big black boots on, boots which bear an odd resemblance to oversized rain galoshes.

James jacks his very appealing, fat dong while dining, riding that wave of electricity you get when a great-tasting perfect asshole is right against your tongue. James gets a quick ride on the RimPerfect before the two get down to some serious fucking. Walters stands and bends over, James puts it to him with such energy that the muscles in his calves stand at attention.

RimPerfect is also fast becoming the new Tupperware! Throw a RimPerfect Party and watch those babies fly off the shelves! That's exactly what Justin does, setting up a little display area at his local Gay Expo. Antonio York drops by to check out the goods, the least of which is Justin's tender hole. Talk about product demonstration!

Justin may be the most handsome model in the film - red-headed, uncut prick and hot muscular (but not too muscular) frame. The cameraman gets lots of great close ups of York's tongue on Justin's pucker hole. Instead of hopping in the chair, York's hole gets warmed up by a clear plastic dildo molded with a series of ridges. Keeping their jocks on, the two fuck right on the Expo floor, York spraying jizz on himself as Justin pounds away. Justin makes a sale!

Move over Tupperware lady, a new salesgirl is in town.

RimPerfect can even bring that special spark back into a sagging love life. Raul's wish is to lie blindfolded underneath his rim chair and wait in anticipation for some stranger's ass to put itself against his lips. His lover Jack London, sporting a leather jockstrap sneaks in and fulfills that fantasy. This no-frills scene is easy fast-forwardable; neither model is very attractive.

Scott Braun, Scott Mann and Brandon James bring up the rear of the film with a rim-licious threeway, Mann's ass taking the absolute prize for the hottest hole in the entire film. Scott Braun strangely disappears entirely from the scene after a few moments, giving Mann and James unrivaled access to their RimPerfect.

Alas, the RimPerfect Rim Chair doesn't exist (although someone should really market one) but for guys who love the taste of a hot nasty hole, no special gadget is necessary. Open your mouth, stick out your tongue and dive in.

Note: We found the sequel film to be even better! It's worth a look: A Rim with a View 2

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