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Argentine Tangle

Marco Antonio Marco Antonio
All Worlds Video
Javier Duran, Vladimir Stopar, Erick OBrian, Nicolas Medrano, Maximiliano Paz, Emanuel Aldao, Fernando Costa, Mariano Ramirez, Adrian Valdez, Enzo Pettoruti, Alan Montanaro, Marcos Saint-Germain

Great discovery of the gorgeous brunet Javier Duran


Argentine Tangle

Reviewed by on - 4.0 Out of 5 Stars

Javier Duran's Argentine Tangle

Film star Marco Antonio went behind the camera to create several movies in the late nineties. Argentine Tangle from All Worlds, was Marco Antonio's first effort. It stands out clearly because of the discovery of the adorable Javier Duran, who went on to appear in a number of movies.

In this film, Javier Duran still is just-discovered virgin territory. He is slim, lanky and more boyish than macho. Duran narrates the film, and performs with sexual gusto in two of the film's scenes.

Filmed on location in Buenos Ares, Argentina, the locations are interesting and the sexplay is, admittedly a little uneven. However, Duran's presence make his scenes the film's highest points. In his first scene, Duran watches the pony-tailed Marcos Saint-Germain go at it with Enzo Pettoruti. After watching for a bit, the naked Duran saunters into the room with his trademark beautiful uncut cock pointing straight upward.

Naturally this lovely piece of equipment finds its way into Saint-Germain's mouth. He eagerly works on Duran's large, yet perfectly manageable meat. While pumping away at Saint-Germain's face, we get several shots of Duran's perfect bubblebutt.

During this, Pettoruti pounds away on the artist's backside.

Javier Duran watches guys fucking

In the movie's final scene, Duran watches Fernando Costa top Mariano Ramirez, when he is torn away by Emmanuel Aldao. The two go at it in a country kitchen, where they kiss passionately and grope each other. Aldao gives Duran head, and then Duran gives the first of a long line of great onscreen ass-poundings to lucky bottoms throughout the Americas. Argentine Tangle clearly showed that Javier Duran is a natural for film.

The other scenes are nice. Two couples (Adrian Valdez and Vladimir Stopar, and Erik OBrien and Alan Montanaro) start in the same living room, but separate to complete their anal action. In another scene businessman Maximiliano Pax picks up Nicolar Mendrano and take him to his modern-looking apartment, where he bottoms for him.

A nice latin film, Argentine Tangle is dominated by bombshell discovery Javier Duran. This film typically sells at a big discount off its regular price, so for anyone, the price should be right.

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