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Argentine Assets 1 and 2

Alexander Pictures  
Carlos M_orales (II) , Diego Vicente , Javier Martin , Jose Pene , Juan Romero , Nicolas Garrido , Pedro Blanca , Rodrigo Sanz , Salvador Lozano , Sasha Borov , Thomas Vega , Xavier Alonso , Ximen Sanchez
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Argentine Assets 1 and 2

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Alexander Pictures Seizes the Rest of Argentina's Assets

Reviewed by on - 4.0 Out of 5 Stars

Brazilian porn has become more well known recently for its hot guys and steamy scenes, but what about their Spanish speaking neighbors next door? Our favorite South American guerilla director Alexander presents two new DVD's that causes the viewer to wonder why we haven't seen more of these guys. Coming from the land of hyperinflation and bank crises, the title Argentine Assets could indicate a film about hardcore economics, but instead it is about hardcore sex. And it may not be generally known, but guys from Argentina have great butts and beautiful dicks.

These raven-haired beauties sport nice bodies, many with unshaven balls and asses. Both movies feature the same mix of good looking performers, and there is lots of footage showing them walking around town, some talking and looking pretty. On camera, they turn in good sexual performances, always capped with big blasts of creamy spooge, especially the last scene on Disc 2.

Volume One

Argentine Assets Salvador Lozano tops
Thomas Vega
Two youthful guys, Pedro Blanca and Rodrigo Sanz meet each other on the street during a gay rights parade. The event inspires them to express their sexuality with a riveting round of anal intercourse. (Hooking up also seems to be the main event of similar events over in Brazil as seen in Sex Parade)

After making out in bed, they produce two impressive erections from their underwear. The smaller Blanca ends up taking dick up his ass. Sanz pounds him hard. Blanca blows his load with the top going, and Sanz still keeps himself fully inserted as the bottom comes down in the post-orgasm afterglow.

The next episode shows Salvador Lozano and Thomas Vega going to a shopping mall where they purchase some Mr. Bubble for their tubble. Returning to the bathroom they step out of their clothes. Instead of getting in the bathwater to test their new purchase, they cannot keep their hands off each other. Vega, who has his blond streaks in his hair, presents his ass, and Lozano happily obliges.

Following this we meet three cute locals - Javier Martin, Sasha Borov and Diego Vicente. Martin buys a porno mag, but his buddies persuade him to join them at their place for some real time frolic. Martin looks great bottoming for both of his friends. Vicente (on the boxcover) is cute, and once out of his clothes appears to be thin as a rail. A big cock hangs between his legs though. Borov (no relation to the Bjorn model named Borov) has a lot of dark black hair in his nether region.

The final action scene begins with two more attractive guys, Xavier Alonso and Juan Romero, visiting a war memorial. This patriotic act inspired them to adjourn to the bedroom. Feeling frisky, they decide to run their passions up the flagpole, and spurt some creamy salutes. The action is slower here, they make out more. However it is not long before Alonso has Romero pinned to the mattress with his heels in the air.

They are cute and hot to watch. Romero blows a long steam of jizz up his entire body while getting plugged, and Alonso soon follows with his own copious load.

As a coda, there is a solo with sultry brunet Carlos Morales (no relation here to the muscular megastar). Morales shaves and showers, and ultimately leans back on the tub to play with his hefty uncut tool. The seventeen minute solo is highlighted by some nice dickplay and money shot. Morales is on the boxcover of the second part of this series, which makes for a nice transition onto the next DVD.

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Javier Martin sucks Diego Vicente (l) and Sasha Borov (r)

Argentine Assets Volume Two

The second volume of Argentine Assets essentially presents many of the same models, plus some exciting additional ones, doing it in many of the same venues. The DVD first reintroduces up to studmuffin Javier Martin, who is walking a park area with buddy Jose Pene. Pene is a broad shouldered, nicely muscled stud. A real hottie!

Little wonder Martin is rock hard once they land in bed. Pene throws Martin a hot session of ass pounding. Pene wields a long, thick cock that hooks around to the left! This sexual episode is scorching hot from beginning to end, fully realized by these two particularly memorable models.

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Jose Pene tops Javier Martin
The next scene returns to more models for welcome encores, the hairy Diego Vicente and the smooth bottomboy Juan Romero. Vicente bangs Romero hard in the bathroom. The top shoots a big load of white cream on Romero's back, and in a loving gesture towels it off. Having seen these two before, we do not cover new sexual ground here, but the are both a pleasure to watch. Romero in particular has an adorable smile. Director Alexander has them spend some time in various stages of dress.

A hat tip to him for a consistently sharp eye on nice clothes for these models.

Argentine Carlos Morales Enjoys Fellow Student & Teacher

Next, Carlos Morales (the solo boy from earlier) and friend Felipe Pietro sit on the stairs lamenting how they have not studied for class. Their teacher (Nicolas Garrido) strolls by, and they quickly establish a solution that mutually solves all problems - a steamy three-way. The curly haired professor gets a full-bore ass plowing from Morales, whose balls hang low slapping when he thrusts.

Garrido sucks Pietro's cock until is becomes the size of a Red Bull can, whereupon the sits down on it. The dark brunets Pietro and Morales appear tradey here (that is like straight boys screwing) - and actually this will probably turn many of the viewers on even more.

For the final action scene shows Sasha Borov and Ximan Sanchez walking through a nice shopping district (Buenos Ares is called the Paris of South America, you know), but the two end up in bed. Sanchez has sexy black hair and looks which betray Italian ancestry. They take turns wrapping their lips around each other's hefty hard-ons. Borov, as in his appearance in part one, struts his topman skills on Sanchez's sweet fleshy ass. As a great endcap, Borov pulls out to fire a marathon fountain of jizz consisting of eight thick jetstreams.

Who would have known that skinny dude had it in him? All in all, the Argentine Assets set is a great pair of DVDs. Director Alexander does a great job at casting fresh, cute models, and watching them is a pleasure. This is a nice departure, since the movie features the guys in Argentina, as opposed to the typical Brazil.

We recommend this set, as well as last year's highly arousing Brazilians Do It Better five-part blockbuster.

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Argentine Assets 1 and 2 Photos:

Argentine Assets snapshotWatch VOD
Ximan Sanchez opens wide for Sasha Borov
Argentine Assets snapshot
Jose Pene
Argentine Assets snapshot
Carlos Morales
Argentine Assets snapshot
Javier Martin

Diego Vicente

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