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Are You Being Serviced?

Andy O'Neill , , Harry Louis , , Kurt Rogers , Lucas Knowles , , Mitch Collins , Neil Bryant , Pedro Santana , Ross Hurston , Tyson Mac
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Are You Being Serviced?

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Harry Louis' up and under power fuck gives glass bottom boats a run for their money.

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First of all - great title! Maybe after watching this, everyone should catch up on watching the many funny seasons of the Britcom Are You Being Served?. And it is with this nudge, nudge, wink, wink that the English gay porn site UK Naked Men offers up a DVD collection of eight videos that are all truly stunning.

There has been a noticeable amount of very high quality material coming out of the United Kingdom, and Are You Being Serviced? is no exception. (Follow the friskynews blog category British Guys) Some of the models' names should be familiar to North American audiences, such as Dean Monroe and Ross Hurston. We'll tell you up front, if you've not familiarized yourself with European tops like Harry Louis or Matt Hughes, get ready. You are about to take find out.

Pedro Santana and Kurt Rogers [Watch on UKnakedMen]
Pedro Santana Services the Chauffer
Tumblr: Kurt Rogers and Pedro Santana
In the first scene, Hughes stars in "The Milkman Delivers in Pints," although in this guy's case it's more like yards. Hughes is hung like a donkey. He's also a clever milkman, who ducks in through the front door so that the waiting Hurston can immediately get his hands and mouth around his huge cock.

The resulting all-oral opener is so intense, you'll not even realize that there's no anal action. In an amazing visual, Hurston completely swallows this long sword effortlessly. The masculine stud is a true sexual powerhouse, which explains why Hot House Entertainment has been so fond of his services. (Paging Dr. Finger) Following this, Hurston leads Hughes into side room by his third leg.

Here Hurston continues with his masterful blow-job. He worships Hughes phallus until it spews milk all over his chest. The film immediately slides into the next scene in which a stunning hunk named Kurt Rogers (pictured on the DVD boxcover) gets to ram the ass of Pedro Santana.

Rogers wields another one of the movie's remarkable cocks. It's ten inches long, extremely fat with a marked sharp bend to the left. As before, Santana displays truly remarkable oral skills. Rogers likes to push friend's head down to the base of his dick with both hands. In fact, with his determined, hard driving physicality, we wonder if this guy also doesn't perform in heterosexual porn.

Rogers teases us endlessly with a long sequence of fingering the bottom's hole and rubbing his uncut dick all over it. Finally, he slides it in. Whilst fucking, viewers will also notice the top's very pronounced "Speedo" tan line.

He's a true fuck machine, who completely wears out Santana's lucky asshole. The bottom cums all over himself while riding in his lap. Rogers cums when he's ready - fucking him for awhile some more until pulling out to douse the bottom's stomach with man juice.

Next comes what it arguably the hottest scene of the film, a three way head up by the ravishingly handsome Harry Louis, who get assaulted sitting in an office desk chair by Jorge Ballantinos. Ballentinos turns into a power bottom, inhaling Louis' beautiful, thick cock up his ass. They are joined by the equally lusty Mitch Collins, who also gives up his hungry butt for Louis' hammer. The guys' fucking standing on a second level, plexiglas floor makes this also one of the more innovative sets providing a whole array of great views.

This is the earliest work we've seen the handsome Louis in, who has continued on to become one of UKNakedMen's biggest porn stars. Watching him sexually annihilate his two chums explains why. When you see him in action once, you will be coming back for more.

Next comes the disc's second all-oral episode. Not as riveting as the earlier Hurston/Hughes Milkman scene, here we find Neil Bryant offering his love to a young looking Andy O'Neill, who subsequently has gone on to appear in a number of movies for Michael Lucas. (Paris Playboys)

It's not a bad show, and O'Neill looks really cute. But this scene is the weakest of the lot. Not to worry, coming up next is a world class British sexual powerhouse ( and occasional recording artist), Dean Monroe.

After making a number of movies for Falcon and other US studios, Monroe retreated back to London where we didn't hear much from him for awhile. I did film a few videos here and there, including an electric episode seen here with UK Naked Men. After checking into his hotel, he ends up seducing the hotel steward Lucas Knowles for a full helping of room service.

Knowles looks more tightly scrubbed here compared to the scruffier look he sports in Jet Set movies like Screwed. He also shows off his fine fucking skills on the happily moaning Monroe, whose as pliable as ever. Watching him twist the goateed bottom through every imaginable position is arguably the highlight of the entire DVD. Taking his time, Knowles wields his uncut phallus like a powerful pistol. When he's done fucking Monroe, he stands up, still between him, pats his dick on the tip signaling he's ready to cum. He rains it down all over him, who soon erupts with his own hot mess.

Lucas Knowles and Dean Monroe [Watch on UKnakedMen]
Dean Monroe services the steward (Lucas Knowles)

The Postman Rings Ross Hurston

The DVD ends by returning the Hurston's lair, who lays in wait for his next public servant to fly into his web. Now, it's the postman who finds the horned-up Hurston, playing with his stiffie through his lime green underwear. The postman is played by Tyson Mac, a frisky British lad from Rude Boiz 9: Fit Fuckers.

He's a perfect foil to the frenzied Hurston, who breathlessly sucks his dick, followed by hopping atop his cock for an energetic ride. Tyson fucks the squirming Hurston in a seemingly endless procession of twisted positions culminating with him raining down huge gusher of cum all over the moaning bottom. This guy sure knows how to get serviced.

Hurston's sexual sparkplug performance is one of many fine moments viewers will watch in this great video collection.

The DVD includes a large number of enticing trailers of UKNakedMen videos, all quite good.

Are You Being Serviced? Photos:

Harry Louis looks up [Watch on UKnakedMen]
Harry Louis looks up from Jorge Ballantinos
Harry Louis fucks Jorge Ballantinos [Watch on UKnakedMen]
Mitch Collins, Jorge Ballantinos and Harry Louis
Tyson Mac fucks Ross Hurston [Watch on UKnakedMen]
Ross Hurston services the postman (Tyson Mac)

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