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Hussein's the Arabesque Sheik

Reviewed by on - 4.0 Out of 5 Stars

Raging Stallion Studios combines fertile imagination and talent for its 2006 blockbuster release Arabesque, a two disc set with over four 1/2 half hours of video. The film tips its hat at the beginning to director Jean Daniel Cadinot, but the homage does not go so far to recreate the famed Frenchman's classics such as Harem or Sex Oasis. rabesque draws more on silent Hollywood's interpretation's of Arabia with magic carpets and wild costumes.

In fact the film's outstanding videography includes actual clips from Rudolph Valentino's 1921 The Sheik with clever cuts and transitions into the movie's own ornate sets.

Hussein and Francois Sagat Watch on RagingStallion or Watch VOD
Hussein kisses Francois Sagat
It is an all-sex, no-story movie that will surely go down in the annals of moviemaking. The star of the film, and a presence in half of its one dozen sexual episodes is Hussein Mirage), a brawny Turk of extremely hairy proportions. The hard pounding top has hammered his way into many hearts already, and after these numerous sexcapades, he is sure to snag many more fans.

Hussein plays The Sheik in the film.

On the other hand, these models were almost too hairy for us. But then, if you like your movies populated with beasts, turn right here. The first episode presents Hussein throwing a royal plowing to tattooed (and the least hirsute castmember) Colin West. Both men are expert sexualists, who know exactly how to top and bottom.

After this, MSR refugee Joey Milano spreads his legs for a cute newcomer named Sarib. After Sarib screws Milano, Hussein immediately swoops in for a royal hammering of the newcomer. Moving together, their crotches are so hairy, had this been filmed in a dry desert climate, static electricity would have caused an intense fire.

And if by this point fans still want to see more of Hussein, the fourth episode shows him banging a shaved headed hispanic named J.C.

The Sheik's Son: Remy Delaine

After this things become nicely more varied with the introduction of the Sheik's son, Remy Delaine, who is one of Raging Stallion's most impressive finds of the year. Cory Koons throws his legs up to him, in what was our favorite scene of the movie.

The Sheik keeps in his reliable stable of tops the indefatigable Manuel Torres (Hot Properties), who marks the middle of the film with a nice solo. After releasing his money shot, he repairs to solitude amongst the belly dancers until the film's final three part sex conclusion. This gives time for another interesting new face, Dario Grenada to take his turn between Proud Bottom Koons's legs.

Then, another high point: porn star Francois Sagat (Manifesto) is taken to pasture by Hussein. This French dish can take just about anything doled out to him. His body is an incredible wonder, from the top of his tattoed head to his beautiful cock and amazing edible butt. Just as this duo finishes, son of the Sheik Delaine, takes the hot cock of Ivan Andros.

Andros has obviously come full circle from muscle bottom to hard driving top.

The movie, as mentioned earlier, ends with a group sex scene divided into three segments. Starting with all four, they separate so that Torres screws Sagat, as Hussein takes his turn on Milano.

Arabesque Disc 2: Francois Sagat Interview

Raging Stallion's second disc includes an entertaining 30 minute visit from Tim and Roma's visit to the Arabesque set. This is a nice breath of fresh air, and an interesting insight into the filmmakers, particularly Chris Ward, who typically steps out of the way in the Behind the Scenes coverage. Another behind the scenes segment chronicles the filming of one of the film's scenes.

Taurus's interview for Francois Sagat in French is interesting, as is the 25 minute Cable TV segment with Remy Delaine.

Arabesque has received accolades as well as enough GayVN award nominations to weigh down a magic carpet. I must admit, I wished to see more variance, and just a little less hair.

I must also confess that I cannot find enough interest in Hussein to sustain all three and a half hours of the movie. But people's tastes vary wildly.

Let me take this opportunity to award my own personal nod to best film for 2005 to Raging Stallion's Passport to Paradise, which presented everything with more fiery sizzle, and perceptible passion. Either way, this studio clearly is one of the most innovative and masterful in the business.

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Arabesque Photos:

Manuel Torres fucks Francois Sagat Watch on RagingStallion or Watch VOD
Manuel Torres behind Francois Sagat
Hussein fucks Colin West Watch on RagingStallion or Watch VOD
Hussein behind Colin West
Dario Grenada fucks Cory Koons Watch on RagingStallion or Watch VOD
Dario Grenada plows Cory Koons

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