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Aqua Club

Pacific Sun Entertainment  
Adam Kubick , Alexander Marino , , Franco De Lorme , Keith Hansel , Miles Rudolpho , Paul Worth , Skylar Rolland , Stephen Biggar , Tony Buxton
Bathhouse / Sex ClubCzech BoysOutdoor Sex

Aqua Club

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Adam Kubick leads the steamy Aqua Club

Reviewed by on - 4.0 Out of 5 Stars

Pacific Sun exercises its distributing muscle to bring forth more gushing action from the Czech Porn Waterfall. This studio has spilled forth fine Euromuscle Hungarian flicks for years, and now they have reached into the bottomless Czech bag with Aqua Club, a wonderful wet and wild romp starring ten smooth sex pups.

The models chit chat and giggle in their native tongue throughout the film. However, there are no subtitles, nor any story except the placement of all scenes inside an immaculately adorned bathhouse. Jammed with six great action scenes, the guys move from using their native tongues verbally, into some non verbal communication that everyone understands.

Appearing in two scenes, and billed as the star, is the smiling devil Adam Kubick (boxcoverboy). With the ass of a bottom, and the energetic dick of a top, he is a feisty screen presence. He, along with many of the same models, also appear in the equally arousing Suite Service from Tribal Pulse.

Robbie Masters and Jay RenfroWatch VOD
Alistair Vogel tastes
Adam Kubick
For the opening shot, Kubick and his buddies head into the Aqua Club, where they get into their underwear and play pool. After the game, they separate. The first action sequence is a sauna coupling, where Kubick is sweatin' up a storm until he spys Franco de Lorme showering off. Separated by a glass wall, both guys stiffen up. De Lorme saunters over to thump his dick on the glass. Kubick responds by pressing his own lips on the other side. Naturally this thinnest of barriers cannot keep these two apart.

De Lorme enters the sauna, so thing can really heat up. This guy has a set of low hanging balls, and a nice, uncut cock. However, beyond some nice mutual cocksucking, this piece of equipment is left to hang and bounce around as De Lorme's ass becomes the main focus.

Kubick is a hot little top. De Lorme bends over the wooden benches, as Kubick humps him from behind double-time. They grunt out happy pleasurable moans. Then the film's star squirts out long gushes of white seed, which starts licking up. To finish, de Lorme turns around and jacks off his own money shot. Meanwhile, things heat up around the pool table. Brunet beauties Skylar Roland and Tony Buxton (Joseph Ther) get out of their underwear, and put their cocks in their mouths. Both of their dicks stiffen into good-looking uncut erections.

Buxton continues his tradition of humping hot Czechboy butts in all of the movies that he graces. Cutie Roland lays back, legs-up on the pool table. Hanging off the side, Buxton shoves it in. Afterwards, Roland is turned around stomach-down for more ball slapping from behind.

The two tanned hunks stand side to side, kissing each other, as they release their money shots. Roland is the first to fire, an impressive 6 spurter that goes directly up Buxton's side. Then Buxton shoots his own hefty juice onto the bottomboy's shoulder.

Next is an interesting sequence of Paul Worth (Tad Harrison), Alexander Marino (Aston Marten) and Stephen Biggar horsing around the cavernous pool area of the club. The cave waterfalls are interesting to watch, through their own frolic. The three end up at a whirlpool where the muscular Worth starts showing off his big hard-on in the water.

Once the action starts, it becomes a fine showcase for the musclebeauty Worth. Worth and Biggar end up making an Alexander Marino sandwich in the tub. After some enticing shots of Worth's big uncut prick sliding up and down Marino's smooth buns, he shoves it in and goes to town. Then Bigger gets his own turn, but this sequence is really dominated by Worth's huge dick as Marino sucks on it while getting plowed.

Out of this firehose shoots a giant gob of cum, which sprays up Marino's face and hair. Worth licks his own jizz off. Biggar shoots his load on the bottom's shoulder. Then Marino stands up out of the whirling water and shoots.

For the fifth scene, it is sex on the stairs! Butch bottom Miles Rudolpho passes Keith Hansel on the staircase. They brush against each other, stop, and whip off their towels revealing their hardons. Rudolpho gets on his knees to suck the military-cut, straight acting Hansel.

Then Hansel gives him a thorough pounding doggie style. Both models are hot looking, broad shouldered, muscleguys. Perhaps this is a training for work in other muscleguy films by these budding actors? Hansel never stops rapping in czech as he screws the butt up Rudolpho, who moans and jacks his own dick throughout. Just before we think Hansel is total trade, the scene cuts to the top blowing a standing Rudolpho, who cums on his partner's chest. Then Hansel remains squatting to spew his own tasty-looking money shot.

Robbie Masters gets frisky with Jay Renfro

The final two scenes start with a close up of Adam Kubick's bedroom eyes. He is back in the sauna with the streaked blond Alistair Vogel (Jay Renfro / Brock Wilder / Jeremy Strong). They adjourn to the same whirlpool from earlier for cooling off. Here they stand naked and start kissing. Kubick's dick stiffens really quickly, so naturally Vogel gets on his knees to give him head. In a voyeur role, Marino, from earlier, hops in an adjacent tub to watch their action. The grinning Kubick takes over Vogel's ass with his boyish, energetic dick. Vogel hangs over the whirlpool moaning and smiling as Kubick pleasures his behind. There are lots of close-up, upward shots of Kubick's balls slapping against the butt.

Naturally the handsome Marino gets worked up easily, and jacks himself to the show. This is a nice opportunity to get another look at Marino, who probably wishes he were in Vogel's place. Vogel pops out a hot money shot that runs down Kubick's abs. Kubick and Marino follow with their own. After a brief kiss, Vogel walks off.

As a coda, there is scene where Vogel and Marino adjourn to a bedroom. Here Vogel's hole is lavished with more well-deserved attention. First with a dildo, and then by Marino, who pushes Vogel's limber legs way back to his upper torso. By this time, the sound of sex attracts the attention of Kubick, who saunters in with his dick hard.

This rocket makes a fine prop for Vogel's open mouth as Marino continues pumping away. Then, they turn the bottom around, and Kubick gets a second crack at Vogel's hot, sloppy ass. Kubick and Marino kiss as Vogel rocks between them. In a memorable finale, Vogel turns his ass up while on his back and shoots into his own mouth. Then the two tops hose down the bottom's chest with lots of white hot manseed. The three kiss and look into the camera smiling.

Aqua Club is a fine maiden voyage into the trove of movies churning out of the Czech Republic today. The director does a fine job at photographing and choreographing the fun times at the local bathhouse. A tasty DVD.

Aqua Club Photos:

Aqua Club snapshotWatch VOD
Stephen Biggar, Alexander Marino with their tongues around Paul Worth
Jay Renfro and Robbie MastersWatch VOD
Alistair Vogel / Jay Renfro bottoms for Adam Kubick / Robbie Masters

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