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A+ (Sebastian Bonnet)

Marty Stevens
Bel Ami  
Bolek Polanski , Brandon Manilow , Casper Watts , Colin Reeves , Dano Sulik , Jimmy Larson , Luke Hamill , Sebastian Bonnet , Tobias Hayek , Todd Rosset
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A+ (Sebastian Bonnet)

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Sebastian Bonnet and Dano Sulik end the Personal Trainers series with a bang.

Reviewed by on - 4.0 Out of 5 Stars

Bel Ami tops off its popular Personal Trainers series proudly labelling the movie with the best possible grade: A+. Is it worthy of such high marks? And does that spell the end of Personal Trainers?

We certainly hope it does not betoken the retirements of Dano Sulik or Sebasitian Bonnet, who first appears in A+ brushing his teeth in the lavatory with a morning erection. Obviously, these movies have brought those two models more fan interest and displayed more charming personality then any regular movies would have accomplished.

The film's first trainee is bright-eyed and bushy-tailed Jimmy Larson, who hails from the poorer eastern European country of Slovakia. This guy looks exactly like the doe eyed virgin. He obediently follows his instructions from Bonnet. Watching Larson open up to his anal awakening is engrossing. The scene's sexual intensity is illustrated by Bonnet's wealthy multi spurter cumshot on the boy's buns.

After this comes arguably the movie's high point: a riveting dual training with Sulik and Bonnet putting newcomers Bolek Polanski and Caspar Watts through their paces. Sulik instinctively takes over as the class ringleader.

And both trainers enjoy simultaneously plowing the students in an endless array of memorable visuals. During this, Sulik and Bonnet swap trainees.

Sebastian Bonnet and Jimmy LarsonWatch on BelAmiOnline | Watch VOD

Sebastian Bonnet behind Jimmy Larson

Polanski in particular is a hot little number. The guys all let fly heavy streams of cum, coating Polanski's chest for round one. After their breathless anal training sequence, they all cum, Sulik's being the biggest load. Leave it to the blond to always have to steal the show.

After this comes another rousing one-on-one with Bonnet. This time he has the youthful Todd Rossett, who laps at Bonnet's sweet hole with his pink tongue. They mutally suck each other, finished with the fresh newbie flat on his back getting drilled. Receiving Bonnet's hefty boner seems almost too much for the guy. But he seems to accomodate to him eventually, as Bonnet twists and turns Rossett around like a pretzel.

Little one, as director Marty Stevens calls him, is prime for future episodes.

Training Luke Hamil and Colin Reeves

A+ ends the DVD and the entire series on the highest possible note. Fans of the male penis will love the sequences of full hard-ons, standing tall for the camera. This time, Bonnet is joined by Bel Ami studmuffin Brandon Manilow. The trainees are an incorrigible lot: long haired Tobias Hayek, the fairer Luke Hamill (aka Julian Benet) and curly haired Colin Reeves.

All have beautiful cocks, each a slightly different shape and thickness. Connesouers of the male anatomy will appreciate the distinctions as they sit side to side wagging their erections. All five guys collectively all sport amazing cocks, which all are orally serviced to everyone's delight.

As in previous movies, the scene is very effective because of the directness in how these guys teach each other to suck and fuck. Plus, as always everyone looks like they are having a really good time.

Trainees' rears raised, Bonnet and Manilow have a frank discussion on who to plow. Then the room turns into a cacophany of moaning and moving flesh as Manilow pumps Hayek and Bonnet doggies Reeves. Reeves has an ass and body that should spread out for future films. Not to worry, Hamill gets his hole opened up and thoroughly trained as well. The guys all form memorable pyramid formations with the agility of a college football team's group photo. Director Stevens knows exactly how to capture unforgettable visuals.

It fisishes with a contest as to who shoots the farthest. Bonnet's ultimate ruling, I win, as usual.

Note: Hayek, Hamill and Reeves apparently graduate from their training, appearing in the fantastic Robert Boggs movie Skaterz.

A+ (Sebastian Bonnet) Photos:

Personal Trainers Sebastian Bonnet and Brandom ManilowWatch on BelAmiOnline | Watch VOD
Sebastian Bonnet and Brandon Manilow inspect Tobias Hayek, Luke Hamill and Colin Reeves
Colin Reeves in Personal TrainersWatch on BelAmiOnline | Watch VOD
Tobias Hayek on Sebastian Bonnet, Luke Hamil on Brandon Manilow
Colin Reeves observes from above
Intense Bel Ami Personal Training SessionWatch on BelAmiOnline | Watch VOD
Intense Bel Ami Personal Training

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