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Antton Harri: The Beginning (Tribal Pulse Productions)
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W A T C H  Y O U R   F A V O R I T E    P O R N

Antton Harri: The Beginning

Marcel Bruckman
Tribal Pulse Productions  
Antton Harri , Bruno Din , , Jack Van Dean , Jae Scala , Julian Meinel , Kevin Bloomquist , Lorenz Popkov , Olaf Schneider , Rick Sandersson , Sven Dickson
Euro-Muscle GuysKink / SextoysCum Eating

Antton Harri: The Beginning

Antton Harri Gets His Modest Start in Porn

Reviewed by on - 4.0 Out of 5 Stars

Fans of smooth, brunet musclehunks with a thick European accent will fall for this Basque bombshell, Antton Harri. This lengthy, seven sex-scene movie is heavy on the self-promotion side, but since this is porn that probably okay. Furthermore, Antton Harri is great fun to watch.

Harri begins the film, aptly titled Antton Harri: The Beginning, by seeking out a porn studio that he can explore his artistic talents, as well as hang out with a fun bunch of guys. He finds what he is looking for at Man's Art Studios. Although this is a German production house, the studio employees and the models all speak the Queen's English.

In this mix are other models from Germany and France, making this a very nice European flair.

Antton Harri Seeks a Studio That Fits His Artistic Needs

Harri walks into the studio where he meets the owner, Jack Van Dean. He shows Harri around the studio and soon gets him shirtless and posing. Harri is a horny boy, and clearly knows the benefits of sleeping one's way to the top.

He sweet talks Dean into smooching on the couch. Harri has very nice pecs and a very big, bubble ass that calls out for attention. In many ways, Harri looks like a close brother to popular Italian pornstar Fillipo Romano. [They could lead an incredible Brothers Should Do It-style film]

While sucking Van Dean, casting director Dean Monroe (Black Balled 5: Starfucker) shows up. Dean informs his co-worker that Harri sucks really good cock. Monroe is more interested in lathering Harri's smooth round ass with his tongue. Then Harri lifts up Monroe's legs and throws him a hot topping on the couch.

Antton Harri Antton Harri
Harri, Monroe and Dean all lean together rubbing each other as they cum. Monroe shoots out two orgasms. It appears that Harri has pleased the staff and made the cut.

Next, German guys Sven Dickson (aka Anton Dickson) and Julien Meinel are decorating the studio, but spontaneously begin tearing each others' clothes off. Shirt off and cock out, they are kissing and sucking. During this, one of the studio directors, Rick Sandersson, let's one of the new model applicants (Bruno Din) in.

Sandersson has a hot, compact body and Din is a tall, hung stud who turns out to be a real sexual dynamo. Seeing what's going on, Din is quickly on his knees, sucking Sandersson erection while jacking off his own. Meanwhile the bald Meinel is slurping on Dickson.

They move to a common table where Sandersson can work over Din's giant cock, and the blond Dickson really gets down to working over Meinel.

The scene is set, and Din and Dickson gets their hot butts worked over anally by the other two. This double couple fourgy is one of the film's high points, culminating in Din swallowing Sandersson hot load down his throat while getting rammed from behind by Meinel.

Sandersson must have delicious ball juice, because Din drinks it all. Din also cums a big load without touching himself, just as he's getting plowed. These guys are wonderful to watch.

Let's also not omit hot hot a bottomboy the Germanic blond Dickson is. He knows just how to arch his back, or throw his legs up for Meinel. His face is a mask of full rapture throughout.

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Antton Harri
An All-Out Butt-Plug Screentest

The next scene slows down the pace, but not the sexual heat. The studio is holding dildo screentests, as Monroe films Antton Harri riding his beautiful ass up and down on one. During this, two other models arrive for their dildo screentest. Harri keeps working it, while the other two go over to the other side of the room to undress and insert the butttoys.

At one point, Harri is stroking his cock watching the other two work their own holes over. After a bit, Harri raises his hips to reveal that he's had a buttplug stuffed inside him the entire time. Then Monroe goes over and urges the two new models up to climaxing.

After this is another rousing scene - this time Julien Meinel helps Dean Monroe setup for a shoot, which morphs into a full humping session. Meinel is a hot top, as seen earlier. Here he works over Monroe's hairy crack well, after lots of dick sucking, sixty-nineing and rimming. Monroe shoots while still getting impaled by Meinel.

The last scene shows director Sandersson and Harri arm-in-arm on the couch. They talk about how well Harri seems to do for the studio's needs, and they start kissing. After more long shots of Harri's gorgeous bootie, he gets a hot stream of Sandersson's spooge shot onto his face. He grins from ear to ear.

After this comes another rollicking group scene in the studio. This movie just keeps going on and on, rolling out the scenes. Here, a handsome tall blond named Olaf Schneider gets enwrapped in bottomboy Sven Dickson's alluring mouth, body and butt.

During this, Bruno Din shows up again for more sex with the indefatigable top Julien Meinel, and another guy.

Schneider rams Dickson over a table. This bottom knows some perfect body positioning. Aspiring bottoms should all study him. Meanwhile, Din gets his hot musclehole stretched. At the end, their big uncut dicks let the sperm fly. Schenider shoots his into Dickson's smiling mouth.

In the final scene, Harri and Monroe are playing around on the studio floor. They suck each other, and start playing with their muscular holes. After some fingering, the two simultaneously utilize a double headed dildo.

After forming that most-special connection with the device, three studio models materialize above them, including Sandersson and Din. Din tops Monroe while the other stand over him to unleash their orgasms. Of course, he gets to taste some of the drops.

Entitled The Beginning, apparently this is a mere prologue to a series of sexcapdes for the muscular Harri. Always smiling, good natured and horny, he'll hopefully get along well, and put out more hot movies.

Note: Best of luck getting your hands on this DVD, as the distributor Tribal Pulse has since vanished while never bothering to license the VOD rights to Maleflixx, who still runs most of the studio's library. The film is all the more autobiographical because of its depiction of the start of what became a notable film and modeling career.

Antton Harri: The Beginning Photos:

Sven Dickson and Olaf Schneider Sven Dickson (Anton Dickson) arches his body for Olaf Schneider
Bruno Din in Antton Harri The Beginning Bruno Din gets his load banged out of him; Julien Meinel left

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