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Another Mans Pleasure

Steven Scarborough
Hot House Entertainment   HH023
Alex Stone , Doug Forbes , Doug Perry , Mick Nichols , Peter Bishop , Reece Kennedy , Rick Drake , Stephan Bertoli , Steve Marks
HunksDaddies / Men

Another Mans Pleasure

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Mike Nichols finds Another Man's Pleasure

Reviewed by on - 4.0 Out of 5 Stars

Like Hot House's On the Mark before it, Another Man's Pleasure is a simple loop film glued together with interviews of the performers. The result is another high energy Hot House film from Steven Scarborough, in which two of the movie's scenes are truly atomic.

The film opens with Doug Perry and an Australian newcomer named Reece Kennedy (who is the boxcover boy). The two trade blowjobs before Perry decides to explore Kennedy down-under. He tops the Aussie and delivers a first-class money shot.

The second scene features the first film of Mike Nichols (Big River from Falcon Studios), who is billed as Mick Nichols in the credits. Nichols is a tall, raven-haired stud, who wields an endowment that certainly will go down in the annals of size history. If he was a Scarborough discovery, it was a good one, because after this he did a long series of movies, many of which revolve around the topics of massive penis size.

Here Nichols begins by throwing a log on the fire, but it is not long before he has produced his own log. With a captivating intensity and haunting eyes, he handles his meat with a focused and clear knowledge of how to handle himself.

When blond Peter Bishop wanders in wearing nothing but longjohns, Nichols begins a tantalizing tease that results in Bishop sitting on his face. After some spanking, rimming and intense fingering, Nichols delivers a powerhouse fuck to the receptive Bishop.

Mike Nichols throws another log on the fire. In the third scene, handsome Doug Forbes from The Road to Hopeful is paired with another Aussie, Rick Drake. It is a nice scene, but unfortunately after the previous Nichols / Bishop pairing, it's a tough act to follow.

Steve Marks finds Another Man's Pleasure

The final scene however is a scorcher. Steven Marks engages in a torrid three-way with Alex Stone and Stephen Bertoli. Beginning with the performers simply huddled together kissing, Marks, who wears his baseball cap turned backwards, takes control with his enormous sexual energy.

He licks Bertoli's rug of chest hair, and then lets the other two service him on both sides. Stone spends most of this scene with his tongue lost somewhere up Marks' ass. Soon Marks tops Stone and bottoms for Bertoli. Remaining the centerpiece throughout, he makes this the apex of the film.

Another Man's Pleasure is not as complicated or ambitious as other porn, but it delivers with mannish guys possessing boundless sexual energy.

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Another Mans Pleasure Photos:

Reece Kennedy fucks Doug PerryWatch on - Watch VOD
Reece Kennedy tops Doug Perry
Another Mans Pleasure three-wayWatch on - Watch VOD
Stephen Bertoli, Steven Marks and Alex Stone
Stephen Bertoli, Steven Marks and Alex StoneWatch on - Watch VOD
Stephen Bertoli, Steven Marks and Alex Stone
Peter Bishop and Mike NicholsWatch on - Watch VOD
Peter Bishop and Mike Nichols

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