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Andels Story 2: The Running of the Bulls

Wim Hof
All Worlds Video  
Andel , El Greco , Jirka Kalvoda , Libor Taborsky , Martin Pravda , Milan Dabelsky , Mylan Forman , Pavel Dubcek , Pavel Holub , Pavel Korsakov , Tabor Shindler
Czech Boys

Andels Story 2: The Running of the Bulls

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This is one hot story

Reviewed by on - 4.0 Out of 5 Stars

Czech porn star Andel is one hot, twinkie bottom. Watch some really hot Czech guys have beautifully choreographed sex in and around Barcelona, Spain. They all look adorable in their Running Of The Bulls-Spaniard uniforms.

Wim Hof and his camera just drink in these Czech boys. The scenes are slow-paced, yet steady and edited with detail. All this goes to creating a four-hour movie that is worth every penny. Andel's Story 2 also includes favorites Martin Pravda and Pavel Dubcek, who are really sexy tops.

Andel's fans will want to see him when he visits California to Take One for the Team.

Andels Story 2: The Running of the Bulls Photos:

Andel from Andel's Story 2 Andel's Impressive Backside

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