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An American In Prague

George Duroy
Bel Ami  
Adam Jannin , Chance , Dominik Filla , Gerard Kilian , Janos Fekete , Johan Paulik , Karl Tenner , Nikolas Vernant , Sascha Fetisov , Sergei Grigoriev
Czech BoysGogo Boys / StrippersVoyeurism

An American In Prague

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Johan Paulik: Welcome to Prague, American

Reviewed by on - 4.0 Out of 5 Stars

Okay, if Star Wars and Dune were worthy enough to get Director's Cuts, then why not An American In Prague?

This classic Bel Ami film shows the remarkable Chance on his visit to Prague. A buoyant blond shimmering with sexual delights, the film is designed to showcase his fine talents. The power of the film comes from his co-star, the porn star Johan Paulik whose effervescent attitude melts the screen with infectious charm. He reveals more here by narrating the movie in his own English. He describes his lighthearted lark about four days when Duroy was out of town, leaving Paulik in charge to pick up the American at the airport.

Paulik's job is to get to know him and entertain the blond until the director returns. The movie immediately gets down to basics by showing Paulik's gyrating ass, obviously humping some lucky guy in a big double bed. He screws the daylights out of Dominik Filla. A large mirror over the bed is cleverly used to bring to angles to this scene. Paulik divides his time between focusing on the youth and on watching himself in the mirror. His rutting energy is awe inspiring, delivering two splashy money shots amidst a whirlwind of kissing.

Gerard Kilian and Johan PaulikWatch on BelAmiOnline
Gerard Kilian and Johan Paulik
After this, there is a lengthy get acquainted sequence between Paulik and Chance from meeting at the airport to a perky dialogue in English at Paulik's apartment. They break into a flurry of adolescent horseplay in which they videotape each other stripping. Here we get our first opportunity to inspect the American: he is blond, baby-faced and carries pendulous balls and a fine horsecock. By the time the scene ends, Paulik has completely serviced him. Chance stands as trade here, which slowly melts as the movie continues. However, it is a sharp contrast to the enthusiastic versatility displayed by his Czech counterparts.

At the public swimming pool, the two observe the other Czech boys. They briefly meet two eurohunks, brunet Sergei Grigoriev and blond Karl Tenner, who sneak off for a quickie in one of the dressing rooms. Tenner masterfully drills Grigoriev in a standing position without ever removing the swim trunks. Tenner, who went on to appear in a number of Falcon movies, is a muscular hunk with an enticing gap-toothed smile. Their rousing scene is brief, but a fine starter for the film.

That night, Paulik tells Chance about a friend, Gerard Kilian, who lives across the hall bringing home tricks every night.

He's an exhibitionist, I'm a voyeur -- we're perfect neighbors, Paulik explains.

Then Kilian brings home Janos Fekete, his trick of the night. They begin their sexplay in the stairwell, which Paulik and Chance observe from above. Well lit and photographed, their scene is white hot. The two go into each other like wild animals. They strip naked and the hall, and suck their hard cocks. After they adjourn to the apartment, the other two observe and videotape their action.

They perform a great show. After sucking and rimming Fekete, Kilian swings into a high voltage screwing that drains the viewer. Kilian with his hairless butt and hairy legs, is as sensational a top here as he is a bottom in Souvenirs. They finish with near simultaneous money shots.

Johan Paulik and Chance's night at the Prague disco

The centerpiece of the movie takes place when Paulik takes Chance out on the town, and they end up at a local gay bar. There, Paulik slips away from Chance to have sex with one of the strippers, Adam Jannin. Director Duroy films them in a series of dazzling double images using the mirrors on the room's walls. Chance soon joins them, where the other two go into overtime to service him. The scene nicely shows two buddies having a hot time with a cute trick.

Following this is a brief session with a soldier (Nicholas Vernant) and a waiter (Sascha Fetisov) in which the military man bottoms on a bar in a public tavern. It is pretty pro forma, which hurtles us to the movie's smashing conclusion, the mating ritual of the Czech star and the Yankee newcomer.

Back in Paulik's large double bed, Chance at first plays hard to get, even teasing the Euro-twink. Why should I fuck you if you want me to? he says. They suck each other. Their anal action explodes as Paulik here demands a sound thrashing. Chance performs a skilled drilling, driving Paulik in a sexual frenzy, and has become a classic scene in its own right.

An American in Prague has proven to be one of Bel Ami's most popular films. It is made magical by its uninhibited sexual energy, eye opening cast and the directorial hand of George Duroy. The musical scoring is upbeat and the Prague location shots are all interesting to the American viewer.

An American in Prague, Disc 2

The DVD includes a second disc that sets the standard for director's cuts. It includes more then two and a half hours of sex. The first scene is a solo session with Chance. The second is an unedited version of Chance's striptease. Next is an unedited sequence of Paulik and Chance horsing around in bed. The final is a famously lost pairing with Chance and Ion Davidov. They all include supporting documentary footage that makes it all even more interesting.
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An American In Prague Photos:

Johan Paulik fucks Dominik FillaWatch on BelAmiOnline
Johan Paulik tops Dominik Filla
Chance fucks Johan PaulikWatch on BelAmiOnline
Chance tops Johan Paulik

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