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AMG Resurrection - A New Beginning

Dennis Bell
Athletic Model Guild  
Ben Steffani , Caleb Carter , , Chris Crawford , Dennis Bell , , , Ross Stuart , Timmy Thomas , Wayne Stanley
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AMG Resurrection - A New Beginning

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Bordering between art film and out-and-out porn flick, AMG lives!

Reviewed by on - 4.0 Out of 5 Stars

Bordering between art film and out-and-out porn flick, AMG Resurrection is a muscle worshipper's wet dream. Ross Stuart (Spokes III), an average cutie who's half the size of Jason Adonis (Man of the Year: Jason Adonis), just can't help but take a peek at muscular Adonis as he poses and flexes next door. Director Dennis Bell sets the opening in 1952 in Los Angeles, and not yet able to dial-up video-on-demand on his laptop, Stuart has to flesh out his queer fantasies by peeking through his neighbor's fence where Adonis is fiddling with his posing strap and rehearsing his flex routine.

The resulting film sequence has parts filmed in delicious slow motion, sometimes with two and three superimposed images of Adonis running concurrently. Adonis picks up a garden hose and erotically soaks himself, making his posing strap instantly peek-a-boo. Stuart can't help himself. Jumping the fence and stripping down, he joins Adonis.

Stuart's lean, sculpted frame is nothing to sneeze at, and Adonis, now nude, throws a boner when his neighbor joins him. The two never touch, but masturbate artfully while staring at their respective reflections in a mirror.

Jason Adonia
Jason Adonis

Jason Adonis Fans
Adonis and other muscle Adonises
frolic on
Now 50 years later, Stuart's "grandson" Chad Leigh (Got Fuk'd) comes across his grandpa's hidden stash of old AMG magazines, 8MM films, and even one of Adonis's straps, now a bit stale. Leigh and pal Timmy Thomas (Buckleroos) rifle through the old-style porn, neither one eager to admit how much the vintage black and white images are turning them on.

The boys separate and Leigh decides to screen one of the old film reels, a South American fantasy flick done in the classic AMG style. The film features two gloriously muscular models (Filippo Romano, Ben Steffani) and a mysterious third model.

As the fantasy unfolds, we realize that the third male, bound between two pillars like Fay Wray in King Kong, is Leigh himself. This segment has some existential elements - wild headdresses, liquid chocolate, and leopard skin loincloths. As the scene unfolds, it eventually becomes more and more like hardcore porn, Romano sucking the gooey chocolate from Leigh's stiffie. It ends up being a very traditional threeway, complete with one of Romano's (Detention) trademark rimjobs.

Waking up with Filippo Romano

The scene transitions back to present day, Timmy Thomas and his lover (Filippo Romano) enjoying a mid-morning romp in the kitchen. Thomas is sexually juiced from all the porn he's been drooling over and Romano, well, is just naturally juicy. It's an extended session, including some heated play with some very ripe vegetables, including a fat cucumber which Romano open up his lover with.

They wind up fucking precariously on the kitchen countertop, tiny Thomas bouncing lustily on Romano's lap. Romano carries him around the kitchen, his dick still buried deep in his hole. They land on the worktable where they both finally get off explosively.

What follows is another fantasy sequence, this time between blondes Caleb Carter and Chris Crawford (No Exit), a hot stud now officially retired from the porn biz after a brief stint. The pair of pups do enjoy some traditional sex play, but the highlight is the sex toys they periodically employ, including some menacing anal beads.

Leigh feels compelled to visit his grandfather's empty room one last time, hoping to pick up on its sex vibe. He's brought along Adonis's 50 year-old posing strap, pressing it against his nose and sniffing deeply, hoping to take in the essence of its owner. His fantasies again come to life, Adonis suddenly appearing in the space and welcoming Leigh as a fuck buddy.

As the camera pulls back, we see that they're both wearing posing straps, and the men spend several delicious moments working their way out of them. Adonis abandons his do-me persona long enough to tongue the head of Leigh's nasty uncut cock. Their encounter ends somewhat predictably with Leigh getting topped by his fantasy lover on the bed. Don't miss the closing credits with the models holding placards. It's a cute homage to the AMG of the past.

AMG Resurrection - A New Beginning Photos:

AMG: Ressurection snapshot
Chad Leigh sucks Jason Adonis
AMG: Ressurection snapshot
Jason Adonis sucks Chad Leigh

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