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The American Lover

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Alan Bueno , Alex Santos , Bruno Meneguel , Guilherme Maja , Gustavo Souza , Iago Matra , Igor Dos Santos ,

The American Lover

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Rafael Alancar bottoms - appears in two hot scenes

Reviewed by on - 4.0 Out of 5 Stars

From the boiling cauldron of South America comes The American Lover, a delightfully strong movie showing the best from Brazil. The hottest thing Brazil has going for it right now is the tall and lanky stud Rafael Alencar. Alencar's bedroom eyes and sweet face are perfectly matched by an arm of an uncut cock, plus a fine, muscular body. Many are already with Alencar's great work in Studio 2000 movies.

However, in every Studio 2000 movie we have reviewed, Alencar is an exclusive top. Here, he bottoms. We always knew that he could take it like a pro. The American Lover delivers the final visual proof. The results will set your screen ablaze.

The plot is goofy: Alencar hires a private investigator (Bruno Meneguel) to find a hot guy that he saw once. Meneguel is an adorable guy who the viewer must wait until the last scene to view his incredible assets. After giving Meneguel his instructions, Alencar takes delivery of his take-out lunch.

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Deliveryman Igor Dos Santos brings his food right to the door, and his own thick meat right on inside Alencar. The quiet star seems to possess all the usual ravenous latin appetites. The stocky Dos Santos has appeared in numerous other Pietro films (Brazilian Hard Hats). In this he has his nipple pierced, and he looks even sexier. His dick is just a thick. These two guys rim each other with a passion.

This is the powerful weapon which impales Alencar for his on-screen deflowering. The first moments of a doggie standing Alencar taking the length of this cock to the hilt is unforgettable. After lots of this, the two switch sides, and Alencar sinks his own huge salami into Dos Santos. It is the pounding of the bubble butts. They finish with Dos Santos back in the saddle giving it to a leg-up Alencar on the couch. The lengthy scene also displays plenty of passion, kissing and heat as well. Alencar's huge erection spits out white cream while his ass continues getting pounded. It is important to start a movie with a strong first scene, and this one is a fireball.

The second scene is probably the movie's weakest link. Meneguel tried to question some male dancers for information, but they are much more interested in their own self-pleasure to bother with an interview. The guys, Gustavo Souza and Guilherme Maja (on the boxcover for some odd reason) are wrapped up in some dick sucking when they are joined by hung topman Alex Santos.

The three all take turns sucking each other, and then the three all tangle up in a ball while both Souza and Maja get slammed by Santos' thick rod. The three switch positions, and for awhile Souza screws Maja. Santos is kind of tradey, but he shoots a nice load.

Days pass. Meneguel unsuccessfully searches around for this mysterious man. Meanwhile Alencar's roommate (Iago Mata) brings home a hot guy that he thinks could be the one. He isn't, but that doesn't stop Mata from getting him out of his clothes for a hot love session. The guy (Alan Bueno) is a very cute, smooth bottomboy who lustily likes to suck dick as much as he likes dick in his ass.

Matra wastes little time getting inside this smooth ass. He licks it, pokes his fingers inside, and ultimately pushes his hard-on in all the way. There is a great camera shot of Bueno's face as he gets used to his dick inside him. After some doggie action, the energetic Bueno sits his lithe body down on the seated Matra. More doggie action culminated in the bottom spraying out a fountain of cum right out of hot dick.

By the final scene, poor Meneguel has learned nothing, except for some lengthy meanderings around parked Brazilian parade floats. He does to deliver the bad news to Alencar, finding his employer playing with himself in the bathtub. Alencar gets the private investigator into the water, jeans and all, as they lock into a passionate kiss.

Alencar stiffens into gigantic form, and proceeds to tackle Meneguel's beautiful body. He appears to have some difficulty taking Alencar in his mouth, but fortunately little problem with it up his ass. The bottom's ass forms a perfect double cheeked shape before Alencar. He gives him a passionate, lusty screwing in and around the watery bathtub.

Director Pietro does a fine job at capturing every close angle, and many different positions of the duet. Plus, the two talk to each other in Portuguese throughout.

Both of these guys are hot enough to make viewers want to go see more of their respective movies.

Alencar is definitely star material, and it is refreshing to see him in making movies in his native country. Hopefully in additional films not only will we see more of his dick of death, but also his most-agreeable ass as well. Alencar seems to be a silent shooter. He releases his ample load quietly on Meneguel, who quickly follows suit with arcing jets of his own. Their creamy finishes are also noteworthy.

If you are looking for a noteworthy Brazilian film, look at The American Lover. The highlight is the casting of Rafael Alencar, who burns up his two scenes. The cast includes a number of very sexy models, and, importantly, well photographed oral and anal action that captures these energetic performers.

A choice DVD.

The American Lover Photos:

Rafael Alancar fucks Bruno MeneguelWatch Now
Rafael Alancar behind Bruno Meneguel
Rafael Alancer and Bruno MeneguelWatch Now
Rafael Alancer shoots onto Bruno Meneguel

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