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American Porn Star

Matthew Moore
Jet Set Men  
Alec Powers , Ben Campezi , Derec Lang , , Ken Scott , Lorenzo Vargas , Rico Suave , Tag Eriksson , Vince Taylor
SolosDocumentaryHunksParody / Spoof

American Porn Star

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Jason Sechrest seeks America's next porn star

Reviewed by on - 4.0 Out of 5 Stars

American Porn Star is a fun take-off of the famous mainstream television reality show American Idol. Not only are there five sex scenes, but also a good amount of stage parody and goofy acting from the cast. The movie host, Jason Sechrest, a California porn industry gadfly, has recently drawn the well-publicized ire of American Idol host Ryan Seacrest (note the slightly different surname spellings).

In the United States, the freedom of speech laws protect adult companies, or anyone, to stage parodies like this, so the end result was a lot of additional publicity for both parties. So what's under all the legal fuss and drama? It is all of Jet Set's big gun models, who give it their all in sexy performances, and it is difficult to pick out who should get top honors.

Tag Eriksson in American Porn StarWatch Now
Tag Eriksson
The setting is a televised talent contest, and host Sechrest trots out the contestants. The three judge panel is just as hunky.

They are Tag Eriksson, latin stallion Lorenzo Vargas and, in a fun surprise, joining them in the judging is veteran model Alec Powers. Although veteran could be construed here as negative, it is not. After several years of retirement, Powers looks like he could grace the cover of GQ.

The first contestants are Jason Adonis, who sports a new hairstyle, and Rico Suave (Sins of the Father), an adorable chulito.

Yummyboy Suave turns out to be a really hot bottom. Adonis sports nary a hair in his nether region, so when he doggies Suave, the shaved skin shines out. The sex inspires Judge Eriksson to strip and walk over the the contestants and join in.

Ever wanted to see Jason Adonis and Tag Eriksson smooch? Watching these two superstuds share a hot piece of latin ass makes for a great opening, causing the viewer to wonder if the whole contest has not for all practical purposes ended right there. The scene finishes with Eriksson and Adonis simultaneously cumming on Suave, who shortly thereafter shocks everyone with his own high-flying guyser.

For the next scene, Jet Set model Vince Taylor strolls out for a solo. Taylor, who performed a solo in The Hole, does not venture into new territory here. However, this guy has a body to die for. And he puts on a very good show before a mirror and the three-judge panel. When he cums, he milks it out of his dick forming a big white pool on his skin.

For the next competition, judge Lorenzo Vargas decides to personally test musclemodel Derec Lang (Warehouse of Sex). In a new style of foreplay, they take turns hosing each other down with ample quantities of syrup and whipped cream. This body-caked syrup behaviour also appeared in some old Vincent Price horror movies, but to different results. Here they coat each other and eat it off.

After this Lang throws an energetic screw into a doggie style Vargas. Congratulations to Jet Set for pulling together some hot latin musclebottoms for their movie! Lang grins while he pounds away on Vargas' coffee smooth butt. Maybe the best way to win a competition is to show that you are having fun.

Vargas' money shot is big and gooey.

The Ben Campezzi / Alec Powers Porn Star Match

Next Judge Alec Powers steps out of retirement to put contestant Ben Campezzi through the paces. Campezzi, who subsequently moved to very comfortable digs with Blue Blake Productions (Muscle Penitentiary), begins the scene blindfolded and chained. Both suck each others' uncut cocks.

The blond Powers screws Campezzi missionary. The scene highlight has the brunet sprawled ass up, with his smooth rump and thighs fully displayed, truly making the rest of the panel wonder who really should get the contest's honors.

The movie's final episode pits judge Eriksson with luscious boytoy Ken Scott. Their duet is hot as well, particularly because Eriksson puts on a good show. Scott is cute, functioning as a lathe to Eriksson's pounding uncut tool.

To finish, Eriksson rips off the condom and shoots a juicy one. However Scott seems to be confused and doesn't deliver a money shot, which more or less cut him out of the competition. The movie concludes with a quick recap and selecting the winner. All in all, American Porn Star is a fun spoof, nicely cast with the finest musclemen from the Jet Set armory.

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American Porn Star Photos:

Vince Taylor Watch Now
Vince Taylor
Derec Lang
Lorenzo Vargas receives Derec Lang
Jason Adonis sucks Rico Suave
Jason Adonis sucks Rico Suave

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