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American Bears

Paul Barresi
Pacific Sun Entertainment  
David Griffin , Joe Sarge , Kip Casey , Mark Skylar , Matt Jarrod , Nate Pierce , Riddick , Tom Moore , Vinnie Rocko
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American Bears

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Paul Barresi's American Bears

Reviewed by on - 4.0 Out of 5 Stars

It's hard to keep a good bear down - especially one that's true-blue, all-American. Director/producer Paul Barresi returns to one of his most familiar formulas - sexual hijinks in the military - cranking out another tale of what goes on behind the ranks and out of uniform. American Bears features an almost exclusive cast of stocky, mature, hairy men who carry around that extra girth with considerable authority. These bears are in the Navy, apparently on some kind of extended shore leave. Pretty Falcon models these ain't.

Matt Jarrod and David Griffin have so much free time in fact, they can kill some of it with some off-duty special weapons training. On orders, Jarrod drops to his knees and pulls out Griffin's prick, swallowing the thing to the root. You may recall David Griffin from his earlier porn days; currently he's a few pounds heavier plus a few more wrinkles, but still eager in front of the camera. Both of his nipples are pierced with silver rings which his fuck buddy doesn't seen to notice while they get it on. They swap sucks before Griffin crawls into doggy position on a nearby Army cot. Jarrod plunges home with steady, consistent thrusts. The two exchange quite a bit of nasty dialogue while they fuck, then Griffin takes a short break to give Jarrod's backside a good rimming. Turns out the Jarrod did notice those hot nipple piercings - he uses them as a target, unloading across Griffin's chest while Griffin blows on top of his belly.

Joe Sarge and "civilian" Nate Pierce waste no time on pleasantries when they arrive at Pierce's home base for a hook-up. The action is aggressive and extremely nasty from the get-go as these two men jockey for position. Pierce spits directly into Sarge's open mouth before nearly devouring his whole head in a kiss, the two bears groping and pawing one another feverishly.

American Bears snapshot
And if you thought the first couple of bears knew how to spew fuck talk, get a load of these two. Sarge really does have a mouth like a sailor urging Pierce every which way while he's getting head. Sarge's piece is quite a beauty and Pierce is a man who knows how to deep-throat serious dick. Sarge isn't shy about returning the favor and devours Pierce's pole, then eats his very hairy ass.

Both men are spectacularly muscular. Pierce throws Sarge an intense fuck, mounting him from behind then grabbing hold right below the neck for power drilling. Every so often Pierce reaches underneath and gives Sarge's nipples a hearty tug. Pierce is the first to blow cum, all the piercings in his cock jangling wildly while he brings himself off. Sarge follows suit.

With no more than a well-placed grope and a wink, Latin looker Vinnie Rocko manages to get Mark Skyler out of uniform and into his pants. They swap quite a bit of tongue, lobbing wads of spit at one another while kissing, at one point even causing Skyler to literally gag on film. Between kisses, Skyler gives Rocko several open-handed smacks across the face, Rocko urging him on, begging for more.

First Rocko blows his buddy, Skyler leaning back in full uniform to enjoy it. Then Skyler gets on his knees to worship at the feet of a very hairy, sweaty Rocko. Rocko fiddles with his own nipples while getting blown, the camera luxuriating over every course black and grey hair on his chest, tree trunk legs and back.

Before he tops him, Rocko gets Skyler's hole nice and wet with his mouth. When Rocko blows, aiming for Skyler's chest, his juice flies everywhere. Skyler's comically squints to keep man goo from getting into his eyes, but a few dribs and drabs still run down the cheeks of his face.

The final scene finds soldier "Riddick" locked inside an Italian jail, with official Kip Casey berating him in a forced Italian accent. Casey leaves to bring in another American prisoner (Tom Moore), but poor Riddick has other, more pressing issues on his mind. Clutching his stomach and acting like Camille on her deathbed, Riddick drops his trousers and hits the can in the open, bare cell, attempting to take what sounds like a very painful shit.

New cellmate Moore sits a mere two feet away chomping on a cigar, watching Riddick's impending bowel movement with great interest. Nothing cures constipation like a good fuck according to Moore. The two get it going by blowing each other, their reflections captured in a broken mirror on the cell wall. Moore then plugs Riddick's ass with his bear cock, bending him over and pounding his ass. The fuck has quite an intensity, made all the more urgent by Riddick's moans and groans for 'deeper, more, harder'. Moore unloads a tasty load on Riddick's beautiful chest, then helps his cell mate get off.

American Bears plays like your typical Paul Barresi film with many of his familiar signatures. The DVD version of this flick offers a bevy of interesting DVD extras as well. If you're hunting for bear, this one may be worth checking out.

American Bears Photos:

American Bears snapshot
American Bears snapshot

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