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Amazonia Capture

Dennis Bell
Athletic Model Guild  
Alex Tentor , Danny Roddick , J.J. Furtado , Joao Gabriel , Leandro Caruso , Leandro Pitanga , Lucas Ramiro , Oliver Lima , Peterson Correira , Ricardo Onca , Roger Carneiro , Will Castelo
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Amazonia Capture

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Danny Roddick loses himself deep in the Amazon jungle.

Reviewed by on - 4.0 Out of 5 Stars

The rhythmic beating of drums. The imposing tribal paint. The animal snarl on latino Ricardo Onca's face. All of these aspects during the menu sequence of Amazonia Capture show that this AMG Brazil release is not only exotically themed, but moreso off the beaten track from your regular gay porn releases.

Without warning we are thrust into the clearing in a South American rain forest, and a completely naked, captured, and scared Danny Roddick (Brotherhood) has his hands crudely tied above his smooth white boy torso onto a bamboo branch by the decorated and dark skinned chief Onca, at once domineering and primal. The credits roll as Roddick struggles in vain. Onca inspects his prize, a grunting primitive with his face and chest decorated, adornments on head, neck and arms, and his cock crudely wrapped up in a cloth-and-string sheath, which springs and bounces to life as his pale pray writhes beneath him.

Amazonia snapshot

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Onca slaps Roddick hard around the face with his covered weapon before pulling the sheath off and whacking Roddick hard with his dark and meaty shaft. He forces his tasty thickness between Roddick's lips, and shoves it inside his warm mouth.

Soon Roddick is sucking on that huge uncut monster like a pro, and Onca continues to slap him around and manhandle him, all the while grunting and speaking in foreign bestial tongue. He finally spurts out a gusher of an orgasm all down one side of his white boy's face, and Roddick is left still tied to the bamboo, thick globs of cum hanging off his cheek and chin.

Tribal subordinates of Onca - curly haired Rick Ferraz and Renzo Castelli - are collecting water from a stream for their chief. The darkest of the pair, Renzo, is soon on his knees with dusty toned Castelli's huge trunk of a cock jammed deep in his mouth. Sucking the shaft on all fours, Ferraz gets other ideas, and he hops on Castelli's massive prick, lets it squeeze up inside his tight hole, and starts riding away.

He bounces up and down on it for some time, but his ass never quite gets that mammoth cock all the way in... Until, that is, Castelli bends him over against a tree trunk and starts pummeling him from behind, giving Ferraz a hard and thorough fucking.

Castelli stands astride his tribe mate, spewing strings of jizz down onto Ferraz' prick and abdomen. Ferraz responds with an ample climax of his own, leaving a creamy white puddle near his pubes.

Now we rejoin Roddick whose still tied up but about to get a lucky break. That break comes in the form of lean and handsome tribe member Leandro Caruso who unties Roddick and leads him to a clearing. Submissive Roddick lets Caruso clean up his blood, and he doesn't struggle when his savior leans in for a slow and sensual kiss.

When Roddick asks for his arms to be unbound, Caruso shakes his head no, instead revealing a hard dark suckable treat for Roddick to suck on. Roddick really works to have his hands untied, deep throating that horsehung cock, and in an extremely hot sequence his tongue gently moves around and around Caruso's uncut offering, his pale mouth hanging innocently open in submissive hopefulness. It truly is a picture, and highly erotic.

Caruso finally lets his hands free, but turns him around and bends the boy over for an assfull of cock. Roddick loves every moment and offers up his smooth hole like a sacrifice to his new friend - wide and deep.

And after a well deserved and intense plugging, Roddick's rod (sorry!) is rock hard, and -in one of the most original cum shots in gay porn - he coats a bunch of unripe bananas with his seed. Caruso now spurts explosively - it's like this guy never stops cumming - all the way up Roddicks back and onto those pale willing asscheeks. And all the while the rain pours down around them in perhaps the hottest scene of the movie.

Spent of jism, compassionate Caruso hands Roddick a map, and points him in the direction of his escape.

As a naked Danny makes his escape he chances upon two South American soldiers and watches them from a safe distance. Smoldering with masculinity Rick Montoro has his king sized cock stuffed into a crudely made glory hole - it's cut through a tree trunk in another highly original moment of Amazonia Capture. The lucky soldier on the other end of his prick is Yago Mendoca, a beret wearing comrade, kneeling down in another moment of service.

He sucks and licks Montoro's exposed head through the makeshift opening and man it's a hot moment. When he pulls it free and offers Mendoca the whole length we see it for what it really is - an absolutely HUGE piece of equipment, extremely long, and bent in a sexy arc. Unsurprisingly, voyeur Roddick's own penis positively spasms with excitement from the nearly bushes. Trust me everyone will want to see how this goes down.

Mendoca continues his noisy suck job, using a hand to work what his throat can't take. Lost in the moment the duo hardly notice fellow soldier - crew cut and tattooed Regis Rodrigues - stashing his knife near the still-hidden Roddick, and stripping the shirt off Mendoca's back. He feeds Mendoca his own ample cock while Montoro pulls down his army pants and goes down on the submissive soldier.

Rodrigues wastes no time in getting inside Mendoca's eager hole, and he utters some sexy South American phrases to his bottom, whose spread legs cling to his muscely neck. Montoro meanwhile works his hugeness in and out of Mendoca's well deserving mouth.

But we all want to see Montoro's monster up that hole, and thankfully director Bell obliges, with little goateed Mendoca becoming a human spit - sucking on Rodrigues stiff pole while his ass gets inches and inches of manmeat from Montoro.

The trio now stand proud, each working their shafts to a climactic ejaculation, while Roddick does the same from his hideaway. The viewer is treated to four powerfully tasty cumshots as this powerfully erotic scene comes to a close.

Roddick, armed with Rodrigues machete and again running from the tribe, takes an onscreen piss before coming across a mysterious phallus shaped object on rope and ponders its existence. Here, the viewer becomes privy to the objects nature by way of a flashback - we return to chief Onca taunting a fresh face - a captive smooth white boy played by Alex Tentor.

Onca wears the object as a sheath, standing over Tentor who is tied and laid out on a leafy altar. Onca holds a gourd filled with liquid that he forces Tentor to drink. He uses tribal paints to decorate the now hallucinating Tentor, and removes his bullhornesque sheath to reveal that hugely thick and uncut cock of his, already fully erect.

Tentor is forcefed with it, and then untied. Eyes closed in a sexual trance he works his tongue around and inside Onca's foreskinned cockhead, sucking and nibbling on it with a passion.

In his hallucinatory state he imagines the chief without tribe paint, as he strokes his own jutting hard-on.

Onca lays him on his side and really ASSAULTS his ass with a deep fast violent fucking as we would expect from the brutal chief. Tentor moans in pleasure and pain. Fucking him doggie, Onca pulls out and stands dominantly above the boy, jerking himself until Tentor gets his cock juice all over him. Tentor follows suit spooging all over himself.

Our freed hero Roddick now stumbles to the shore of this forest, and the closing credits roll as the solitary figure stands with chance of escape, leaving the audience to ponder Roddick's fate, which is picked up in the companion piece to this film entitled Amazonia Escape.

AMGBrasil have put together a lusciously shot film in Amazonia Capture, combining an array of sexy models (with some TRULY mansize appendages) with a hot story line and some unique set-ups, that really add to the eroticism of the on-screen sex. This all makes Amazonia Capture a trip to the jungle that is supremely satisfying and tantalizingly fresh. Bravo Brasil!!!

The DVD includes some sweet action and solo photos of the models, a unique director's commentary which includes members of the cast (including Roddick), original trailers for Amazonia Capture AND another 25 minutes of hard-on inducing previews that play like mini-movies - Piroca, Sarado, Paraiso, Pecado, Suruba:Tropicas, Fazenda, Suruba:Bronze, Gemeos and Deluge.

Amazonia Capture Photos:

Amazonia snapshot
Amazonia snapshot

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