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Alpine Sex Party

Robert Boggs
Bloc Hardcore  
Adam Kubick , David Jelinek , Dennis Read , Genadij Prokov , Jan Kral , Jan Lendl , Joe Donovan , Ladislav Bohar , Leo Cooper , Mark Zebro
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Alpine Sex Party

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Leo Cooper's Wild Alpine Sex Party

Reviewed by on - 4.0 Out of 5 Stars

Director Robert Boggs brings yet another first class, must-see Czech boy frolic, this time returning to one of his favorite situations, young guys getting frisky while vacationing at a ski lodge. Apparently the land of the Habsburgs today is a paradise of winter chalets and cute, uncut guys having sex everywhere.

Alpine Sex Party, true to many of Boggs' films, contains lots of bang for the buck. Here, viewers are treated to seven complete scenes of sex. And like an overflowing cornucopia, there isn't a bad apple in the bunch. Folks who buy the DVD also get a great behind the scenes reel. Boggs always takes the trouble to create these. They rarely are available when watching the film VOD online.

Ladislav BoharWatch Now
Muscle bottom Ladislav Bohar
Fans of Czech porn will very much enjoy seeing the models and listening to their interviews. And what is even more delightful, almost all of them appear even more adorable in candid situations.

The film begins with porn star Robbie Masters starting his vacation with a morning bathe and shaving. "The early bird catches the worm!" he exclaims to the just awakening movie newcomer David Jelinek, who he joins back in bed for a tasty breakfast.

They wrestle around in bed, which leads to both guys getting morning wood. Jelinek has a hot cock, which Masters sucks on before he sits down on it. Masters looks the star riding atop Jelinek's joystick, easily squirting out a torrent of jizz over his own cute belly.

Masters then kisses Jelinek while jacking him off.

All this makes them almost miss the rest of their friends hitting the slopes for skiing. Everyone ultimately finds each other, and they enjoy several ski runs and some beers together.

Dennis Read Wants Some

Curly brunets Jan Kral and Genadij Prokov peel away and return to their hotel for some heated one on one fun. Prokov, who performs as Sancho Sun in bareback movies for eBoys and Raw Entry Club, throws a hot screw to Kral, whose facial expressions reveal that he not particularly used to getting fucked.

Bent over, he clings to the couch as Prokov pounds him from behind, sometimes slapping the ass cheeks of his cute youthful friend. After one round, they are interrupted by Dennis Reed from Bareback Hazing, who gives up his blond ass to the top for an even hotter anal sequence than the first. In a hot sequence, the guys switch so that Kral gets tops Reed as well.

Reed pop a hot money shot while riding Kral's cock.

After this, jock stud Joe Donovan and lean blond Jan Lendl enjoy an impromptu sex session in the changing room, taking the film up to one of its highest moments. In a surprise move, the manly Donovan turns his ass around to get plowed by long-dicked Lendl with full thrusts.

They finish by firing out big money shots, Lendl's geyser leaves his friend covered in cum.

After this comes a relatively brief scene bringing Masters and Prokov back for encore performances. Both guys look great and enjoy lots of sucking. However, they draw the line there, leaving an anal encounter for another day.

Mark Zebro continues the sex party

Things heat right up again when Mark Zebro, Donovan and the bald headed Ladislav Bohar return to their room after a long day on the slopes. While Bohar takes a shower, Zebro and Donovan get randy on the bed. Zebro has the biggest dick of the entire cast, and he's always a great top.

Zebro and Donovan go through almost their own scene of sex, when Bohar returns, catalyzing an entirely additional hot round. Bohar starts kissing his friend as Zebro pounds him. Bohar essentially is looking at a sign of what he is about to get: his own muscular ass reamed by Zebro.

Bohar is a fantastic bottom. His round buns practically inhale dick. Donovan keeps Bohar's mouth busy as Zebro stuffs his other end.

This fantastic three way finishes with Donovan getting his turn on Bohar, ultimately squirting a big load on the bottom's ass.

Next, David Jelinek meets Jan Lendl in the bathroom. Removing Lendl's Calvin Klein underwear, Jelinek bends over the tiled tub, taking every inch of Landl's mammoth member.

The image of these two slim white boys fucking is one of the film's high points. They stand face to face and blow their loads.

Naked Bowling

Alpine Sex Party ends on a great note. Zebro has corralled his buddy Bohar, along with box cover boy Leo Cooper for a racy game of bowling. (Note: Zebro has only just gotten back from last year's loads o' fun Bareback Bowling Bonanza)

Some beer drinking and losing rounds get the boys stripped down to their underwear. The result has Bohar down on his knees worshipping their stiff cocks. Their hot episode features the muscle bottom getting stuffed by both of his friends.

Cooper looks really cute here as well. The conclusion shows his opening up to Zebro's big cock, showing off the model's hot versatility.

As mentioned earlier, Boggs includes a very nicely done extra titled Meet the Boys. The guys answer questions about their interests and life, interspersed with snippets from their sex scenes in the movie. This format is similar to the director's popular series with Czech models called Tales.

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Alpine Sex Party Photos:

Joe Donovan and Mark ZebroWatch Now
Joe Donovan gazes at Mark Zebro
Leo Cooper fucks Ladislav BoharWatch Now
Leo Cooper behind Ladislav Bohar,
Mark Zebro standing
Jan Lendl fucks Joe DonovanWatch Now
Joe Donovan and Jan Lendl

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