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Almost Caught & Too Young to Care

Frank Parker
Factory Studios  
Adrian , Billy Bowers , Dillon , Enzio , , Vince Stallion
Interracial SexTwinks, AmericanCum EatingTattoos

Almost Caught & Too Young to Care

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Pete Ross' first porn, almost caught, doesn't care

Reviewed by on - 4.0 Out of 5 Stars

There is a lot to like about Factory Video's flick Almost Caught & Too Young to Care. Coverboy discovery Pete Ross is a boyish smooth blond twink that will make viewers ecstatic. Ross has a natural screen presence, complimented by evil grins and heavy moaning. His virgin outing is captured well, and it's always good to cast guys who look like they are having a fun time.

All six of the models in the film are guys who really look like they'd be discovered having some hot dangerously-public sex just, out of sight. The film's premise for all three action scenes is simply two guys hooking up spontaneously in a place where someone can walk in unsuspecting.

Ross and co-worker Enzio are stacking boxes at work when they succumb to their inner lusts. Ross obviously wants it, and Enzio wants to screw his tight little butt to the wall. Ross gets on his knees, and lifts down his buddy's underwear. A fat uncut cock rises out. (as seen on the boxcover)

Billy Bowers Billy Bowers chows down
on Adrian
Enzio proceeds to stuff this beautiful piece into Ross' hungry mouth. The two move through some great oral work here. Both guys keep their shirts on, and their pants pulled to their ankles. They adjourn to a more private side area for the actual plugging.

In no time, Ross is spread out on his stomach across a big table, and Enzio is thrusting inside him. Here Enzio has disrobed, but in a nice touch, the blonde bottom keeps his tight blue shirt on.

Gimme that big dick, he moans.

Enzio is a hot latino top. He clearly loves to plow whiteboy ass. Ross gets screwed all over this work area. This includes on the floor, over the table, on his back, and more. Scene one is a fabulous interracial butt-pounding. Enzio shoots his gushing money shot all over Ross' face, who sucks the shaft during the afterglow.

Scene two begins with deliveryman Vince Stallion dropping off a shipment. Tattooed Dillon is the only guy at the destination's office to take the delivery. And he takes delivery -- right up his hot hole. Stallion is a bossy brunet top, a regular in Factory Videos, who gives an energetic blowjob to the standing Dillon.

Dillon has lots of body hair, and tatts. His dick is big too; the perfect guy to watch get fucked. Stallion gives it to him bent right over the delivery van's back end. He slaps and pounds hard. Their bodies shake, and they moan and groan with pleasure. These two are regular looking guys you might find just around the corner having fun.

At one point, the two crawl inside the back of the van, and Stallion gives Dillon a heavy pounding on his stomach. They van sways back and forth from the thrusting. After all this, he pulls out and shoots. Dillion follows suit by creaming on his friend's shoulder.

The final scene of the movie stars Billy Bowers and Adrian, who are alone in a laundry room washing their clothes. Once they have started their respective washes, Adrian fingers Bowers over to suck his hefty cock. Jutting out through the zipper of his pants, Adrian gets a slow bj from Bowers.

Bowers has done a number of Factory films, as well as some hot cum-eating work in stuff like NYCum. He appears to be an enthusiastic little pig. The tall and broad shouldered Adrian takes the boy on nicely. After trading blowjobs, they get on the floor and sixty-nine.

Adrian bends Bowers over, and reaches into a convenient hamper for lube and condoms. Apparently this little washateria is a favorite spot for tricking.

Bowers is a hot guy to watch take it up the ass. Adrian screws him standing doggie, and then with Bowers lying on his back. The washer and dryer hums merrily throughout, and so do their moans. There are good closeups of Adrian's tight balls pushing up to Bowers' asscheeks.

After he sucks off Adrian and eats his cum, he sits on the floor and jacks off by himself.

Some describe Factory movies are no frills frolic. However they cast hot and horny guys. They also edit and produce their movies as good or even better then many other studios. The signature music from J.D. Slater also gives the movie a distinct sexual aura. At the end of the day, they implement a unique, arousing formula that sets them apart from other in a very good way.

The DVD extras include nifty actor biographies, and ten minutes of footage from scenes two and three. (not bloopers, but actual action that just didn't make the final cut) The slideshow has a lot of hot pics.

Factory Studios looks like a nice operation, run by some talented and fun guys. All in all, a nice alternative to the big studios.

Almost Caught & Too Young to Care Photos:

Almost Caught and Too Young to Care snapshot Pete Ross sits on Enzio

Almost Caught and Too Young to Care snapshot Vince Stallion gives it to Dillon

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