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All American Dick

Seymore Dicks
Seymore Dicks Productions  
Adam Young , Alex Christianson , , Dexter Brooke , Eric McClaren , Jarret Fox , Marc Blase , MJ , Talon Towers
Amateurs / First TimersBareback SexTwinks, AmericanDocumentary

All American Dick

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Dexter Brooke Gets the Ball Rolling

Reviewed by on - 4.0 Out of 5 Stars

Seymore Dicks debut movie shines with a talent he would go on to eclipse in his must see movie Erotic Barebacking Dreams. Fans of that second feature will welcome the familiar faces, cocks and asses of Dexter Brooke (Got Fuk'd), Alex Christianson and Eric McLaren, who would all go on to star in that explosive sophomore offering. Younger, but no less horny, they join a host of others and bring their all-American talent to All American Dick.

Dicks begins proceedings by breaking a joke off-screen to College boys Marc Blasé and Dexter Brooke, seated arm in arm in the director's "backyard" (actually a woodland clearing). Dicks is quick to instigate some action, bluntly asking them to pull out their cocks. Still wearing t-shirts and pants, tempting boners jut out from their flies, and they work each others hard-ons, two fresh faces looking up at the lens with guilty grins.
Jarret Fox Three Way Watch Now
Jarret Fox joins boyfriends
MJ & Talon Towers

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Brooke looks the younger of the pair, but he also proves to be the bolder, goading Seymore into giving more direction "Anything you want to see us do Seymore?." "Give him a nice blow job," is the only further direction Brooke needs.

Blasé's shaft is swallowed at once, as Brookes' sensuous lips slide all the way down, and up again, his tongue circling around and around the cockhead, and he sucks hungrily. Blasé follows suit, his hot naked torso revealing a love for tattoos. The pair kiss and jerk some more, stripping off completely now, and getting off on the outdoor location.

"You know what I like even more?" asks Brooke, and a swift dissolve answers his question. Blasé is seated on the log and the bottom finds a seat of his own – Blasé's hard cock, which he works effortlessly with his cute little ass. This is not his first time.

Blasé takes him from behind, Brooke now using the log for leverage as he pokes out his butt for his friend. The action intensifies, with that dreamy ass slapped and rammed as if the tattoo at the base of Brookes' back says “use me hard and deep.”

The top spunks up all over those smooth bent-over cheeks, and he rubs it around with the head of his cock. Brooke is quick to follow, jerking out thick sticky wads onto himself.

Who's Damien Crosse fucking?

Dicks couples buff dark haired Damien Crosse with blonde cropped Alex Christianson in a scene change to an interior living room. Stripped down to their underwear, Christianson wastes no time getting his mouth acquainted with Crosse's long and uncut member. The pair trade out suck jobs, Crosse deep throating Christianson's equally impressive curved manhood.

Talkative sex and slobbering mouths leads to Christianson bending over and spreading that smooth juicy ass to Crosse's rubbered up prick. Ridden hard and deep, then turned onto his back, these boys make a lot of noise as Crosse plunges in and out of Christianson. Christianson finally impales himself from above, really working Crosse with his loosened hole. Turning around, he rains cum over Crosse's face and chest, and Crosse spurts over his own built torso.

Much more in the verbal fray again, the director chats with Brooke from scene one, here swigging beer on the couch with Eric McLaren. Dicks says a straight 19 year old boy with little male-male experience will be joining them, and they should mess around with each other in the meantime. They duly comply, glass longneck bottles soon replaced with hard-ons in their youthful hands.

With McLaren and Brooke down to their underwear, Adam Young enters the front door, and gets sandwiched between the two gay boys on the couch. Dicks chats with him off-camera, and he is given a beer and persuaded to disrobe. McLaren's eager mouth finds this straight boy boner while Brookes works his nipples. When Brookes goes down on him, Young reaches out and finds McLaren's huge piece of meat.

Some more gentle persuasion, and that straight boy smile gets a mouth full of Brooke, his own member receiving gentle oral treatment from McLaren. He's really getting into it now, and he samples his suckee for a while. The oral fest continues as the trio explore every permutation, climaxing in straight guy Young's chest absolutely drenched in cum by his two gay playmates in a very hot moment. To aid Young's own climax McLaren holds a PSP playing choice porn, and the 19 year old jerks off all over his already cum soaked torso.

All American Dicks Bareback Three Way

Dicks treats us to another hot threesome in the final scene of All American Dicks, and provides something a little bit naughtier too – bareback fucking, hinting of the direction he would take in Erotic Barebacking Dreams. MJ and Talon Towers are introduced as a couple who've been together for about a year. MJ, clearly the bottom wears a "Wanna Ride" shirt, and says he's up for just about anything so long as the third party wears a condom when fucking him. Seymore agrees, and the pair make out, already sucking on each other when established porn star Jarrett Fox (The Da Vinci Load) walks into the bedroom and joins the mix.

Jarrett Fox squeezes into a pair of boyfriends. Told that this is the couples' first three way, Fox jumps right in and gets his mouth on Towers sexy brown cock, while Towers continues sucking off his boyfriend. Fox keeps the pair well entertained, and there are some extremely hot close-ups of him devouring MJ's cock. The couple particularly enjoys sharing Fox' huge porn star penis, as they kiss with it between their lips.

Not forgetting MJ's "Wanna Ride?" invitation, his boyfriend fingers and rims him while Fox stuffs a jockstrap in his mouth. At the director's request, Towers enters him raw, and he becomes a spit for the two tops' cocks, deep throating massive Fox and getting a pounding from his bare cocked beau. Fox steps up next, covered prick as requested, and Towers, getting off, asks him "Do you like fucking my boyfriend?" Stretched wide open he takes it hard, deep and long, to exhaustion, and with Fox still inside, his boyfriend shoots reams over his face and into his mouth. Fox and MJ cum on his smooth All American chest.

After a copious compilation of hot cumshots from the movie, Seymore Dicks includes a blooper reel on the DVD, showing the final trio relaxing and having a laugh onset, and a brief onscreen appearance by Dicks himself, handing a massive spray can to MJ as a suggested makeshift dildo. Although not an erotic scene in itself, it shows the relaxed nature of the guys on set, and the enjoyment they all derive from the proceedings. It also illustrates why Dicks is able to shoot such hot footage for his movies – everything is casual, the models are relaxed, paving the way for the hottest of sex, as seen here in All American Dick.

Full scene access, and almost 8 minutes of sensual and sexual stills, are also included in the DVD package.

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Damien Crosse and Alex Christianson Watch Now
Damian Crosse and
Alex Christianson
Dexter Brooke Watch Now
The Not-So-Innocent Dexter Brooke
All American Dicks Three Way Watch Now
Straight boy Adam Young between gay boys Dexter Brooke and Eric McLaren

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