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All Star Studs

mr. Pam Michael Lucas
Lucas Entertainment  
Adam Killian , Brandon Jones , Carsten Anderson , Jesse Jordan , Jessie Colter , Kyle DeAnthony , Matan Shalev , Pierre Fitch ,
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All Star Studs

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Pierre Fitch at the top of his game.

Reviewed by on - 4.0 Out of 5 Stars

It's taken years for Canadian porn star Pierre Fitch to fuck and suck his way from being the adorable, baby-faced bottom in Falcon's Through The Woods to become the dominant, virile man who tops in Michael Lucas' All Star Studs. And although more recently he has retreated to the confines of his own home studio-where he's been making his own porn, it's very nice when he escapes to New York City to film new material.

Fitch's sex scene is only one of the many memorable moments in this video. Beyond Fitch, it also showcases the sexual skills of Lucas Entertainment Exclusive porn star Matan Shalev, who fucks two very wild bottoms in two separate scenes. All Stars hits it out of the park.

Everything begins with what appears to be a beautiful Summer's day in the Big Apple. The city's smells perfume the air, fueling Fitch's immediate desire for romance. The lanky Brandon Jones strolls by, catching his attention. Quickly they are back at an apartment, where they stand half-naked, kissing and touching each other.

Matan Shalev and Jesse JordanWatch Now or
Matan Shalev drills Jesse Jordan
Fitch steps out of his jeans, releasing his stiffening, thick cock which we all know and love. Seeing it dangling there, Jones grabs onto it, stuffing it into his mouth. Fitch is quite aggressive here: He throws Jones onto the couch to worship his body. He presses the back of Jones' head into his crotch. He fucks him voraciously.

All Star Top meets All Star Bottom. It's a great opener. (Take Pierre Fitch's butt and dildo toys for a spin )

Matan Shalev Struts His Stuff

Things stay heated when in the next scene a pair of muscular brunets get naked: Shalev and Kyle DeAnthony. Shalev has been doing porn for Lucas since he started filming in Isreal several years ago. (Israeli Auditions) Right now, he's really hitting his stride.

When Shalev presents his ass to him, DeAnthony locks his lips onto it and never lets go. After this assiduous rimjob, Shalev lays on the bed and awaits. At last, the globes of DeAnthony's butt slowly descend down the Israeli's cock where the two begin a spirited fucking with the bottom firmly bucking in the saddle.

They enjoy a great sex session, although it looks like Shalev's fucking skills might have been too good. While pumping between open legs, DeAnthony's cannot handle any more and hard dick shoots long streams of white jizz across the length of his hirsute body. Still quite aroused, Shalev finishes himself off by adding his own load into the milky mix.

As per usual in a Lucas Entertainment movie, there's always people hooking up on the streets of New York. This time we find Adam Killian, who seems to be fucking everyone nowadays, sinking his claws into blond cherub Carsten Anderson, who we last saw playing a pawn in Trapped in the Game)

Anderson looks kin to Benjamin Bradley, except that he doesn't have to wear as much make-up. Killian holds Anderson's hips high so that he can size up his butthole. What he sees is a puckered, pink bulls-eye target winking back at him, a pulsing invitation to explore more.

It's ready to handle everything Killian has to throw into it. Anderson sits on it riding him at length, followed by Killian turning him through a full series of contortionist positions of ass pounding. In a memorable visual, Killian has the bottom on his stomach ramming him incessantly.

He splits Jesse Jordan apart, wide apart like a ballet dancer. Although we've seen a lot of Killian recently, this scene is quite enjoyable. Coupling him with a pliable, muscular blond like Anderson proves to be a great match. Sweaty and swearing, Killian even cums in Anderson's mouth.

Underwear lovers rejoice! The sight of strawberry blond Jesse Jordan and the returning Shalev manhandling each other in their tight underwear is guaranteed to pop a boner. Their bulge-tugging through their briefs goes on at length, escalating nicely into rowdy foreplay, kissing, sucking and sixty-nining.

Jordan, who later appeared with Pierre Fitch in Game On, is a lithe young man whose beautiful bubble butt takes a heavy pounding. His bottom skills are heightened by the kid's physical demonstrations of his pliable ballet-artist style moves while riding Shalev, and maintaining a huge hard-on.

Jordan shoots a stunning seven spurt money shot while impaled. Whew! Once again, we see in the film an excellent example of when aggressive top man skills are matched perfectly by a supple youth's ample assets.

Who Topped Jesse Colter?

So how's Robert van Damme been doing? Since producing a line of muscleman gay porn videos as Van Damme Productions, and subsequently having a high profile fall-out with his wife, it appeared that he might disappear forever. Fortunately, the swarthy Czech has stepped before the cameras again. Van Damme fans will love his performance -- an rollicking fuck thrown into the perfectly matched muscle bottom Jessie Colter.

Grunting and groaning, Colter takes everything he can throw at him. It's wonderful to watch the bottom's hungry hole swallowing Van Damme's skin torpedo no muss- no fuss, getting fucked in every possible position. The younger Colter, by the way, truly has a body to die for. He's seems to love showing off at least one area of his muscular physique as Van Damme pounds the daylights out of him. He finally bellows out a low-key growl, errupting all over his rocking stomach as the top fucks the cum out of him.

Van Damme finishes by unloading his Colter's open mouth, streaking lots of it across the bottom's trimmed, furry face. Welcome back, Mr. Van Damme!

Do not worry. The DVD title All Star Studs isn't false advertising. Lucas collects a set of hard driving tops and enthusiastic bottoms, pairing them together with the same adroit skills of a sommelier pairing fine wine with a sumptious meal.

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Pierre Fitch and Brandon JonesWatch Now or
Pierre Fitch and Brandon Jones
Robert Van Damme and Jesse CoulterWatch Now or
Robert Van Damme tops Jesse Coulter

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