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Alfredo - Please Cum Again

Alex Chaves
OTB Video  
Alfredo , Eduardo , John , Leandro , Ramiro
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Alfredo - Please Cum Again

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Complete with a zippy Alfredo sauce

Reviewed by on - 4.0 Out of 5 Stars

Apparently customers responded to OTB Video's tall, long-snaked Columbian boy Alfredo. The studio has now released an all-Alfredo, all the time DVD, which successfully shows him off in five fun, sperm-filled bareback adventures with his friends. This festive package is aptly titled Alfredo, Please Cum Again.

While OTB is never much on set-up, or depth - no interviews, no Bel Ami-style chit chat or play - director Alex Chaves goes directly to the hearts and minds of fans who just cannot get enough of sweet Latin twinks fucking like rabbits.

Alfredo certainly has a great looking cock, there is no argument from us. Watching him masturbate in glorious wide-screen clarity starts the film off on a great note. Wearing nothing but a black stretch cap, he performs an decent solo. That is until he releases his load in an orgasm that flys long and far, blasting his clean black cap with hot white jizz.

Alfredo, please cum again! And he does.

The first action scene follows: an intense scene of furious rutting between the film's star and a hot little number named Ramiro. (Bareback Cum Party 7: Outdoor Orgasms) He's a fiery kid packed into a small frame. The two furiously suck each other until they get each other off in a first round of oral orgasms.

Alfredo barebacks Leandro Watch on OTB Boyz | Watch VOD
Alfredo tops Leandro
In a hot visual, Ramiro backs his butt down onto Alfredo's mouth, actively enjoying a deep rim job. Then, after long bits of leisurely, playful cum eating, they get to the anal action. Stand back - Alfredo throws him one intense fuck! Ramiro takes every inch of Alfredo's cock, getting split wide open in lots of hot positions.

In a high moment, little Ramiro is balanced atop Alfredo's lap, who slams him with full thrusts from underneath. True grit!

Ramiro cums with that big dick inside him, followed by Alfredo's own pull out, cum on his tummy money shot.

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Eduardo is a Passive Latin Twink

The next scene pairs Alfredo with Eduardo, a passive bottomboy who's popped up several times in OTB movies. (Bareback Cumparty 5: Cumaholics!) Eduardo is a small guy, and his hair, facial features reveal that he may have some Asian or Indian blood in him.

By the end of the scene, he's got a lot of Alfredo sauce in him too. His tight little hole has no problem swallowing his partner's length, whose larger frame easily envelops him. The visual of him getting fucked with his own thick, bending erection sticking up is memorable.

OTB's Alfredo is also a bareback top. Finally, the top shoots on Eduardo's hole, and they use their fingers as well as his still stiff cock to push the cream inside.

After this, Alfredo is seen pawing and smooching the mono named John, who is a completely new face to us. Everything stars in a frenzy of black. Both guys sport styled jet black hair, as they tussle around the bed to remove their black shirts.

Alfredo fucks some ass Watch on OTB Boyz | Watch VOD
Alfredo fucks some ass
John starts sucking on Alfredo's dick. When Alfredo reciprocates, we find that John seems to have completely shaven the hair around his cock and balls! They both cum in each other's mouths.

Once again, Alfredo struts his top skills here, starting with the bareback fucking of John side-saddle. John's ass looks extremely tight, at first taking the top's cock reluctantly. Fortunately for everyone, John's ass relaxes just fine. Alfredo rolls him onto his stomach, where he spends a long time fucking him, often reaching around for kisses on the mouth.

Alfredo finishes him off by pumping John with his ass propped up on a convenient pillow, which ends spectacularly with Alfredo's gooey money shot, followed by post-orgasm fucking.

Please Cum in This Latin Twink

Happily, the movie ends with a truly fantastic scene. The film's star gets to bust the virgin ass of Leandro, a delightful bottomboy with curly locks of hair and a smooth, pale body. Looking for a pleasant bottom who is very easy on the eyes? Look no further. Alfredo needs to look no further either.

The two boys fit together like an interlocking glove, and Leandro arguably has the best ass of anyone in the entire movie. Their fucking and multiple rounds of cumming end the movie on the best possible note.

Who would have known after watching Alfredo bottom in Bareback Cum Party 4: Fun for Four! that he's become such a total powertop?

Literally teaming with tasty twinks, these videos are worth every penny. Bring home the party!

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Alfredo - Please Cum Again Photos:

Alfredo barebacks Eduardo Watch on OTB Boyz | Watch VOD
Alfredo tops Eduardo
Alfredo Please Cum Again! Watch on OTB Boyz | Watch VOD
Alfredo, please cum again!

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